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  1. Sirius094


    It lasted longer that I expected
  2. Sirius094


    We already know the answer nothing.
  3. Disgusting... totally unprofessional and disrespectful towards her fans. It's definitely a money grab, and just because of this it's a new level of desperation, because she needs to sell unlimited signed copies in order to boost her album sales, but she is also doing it signing with only 1 letter or even a scribble. From bad to worse. Scammy Gaga hits again
  4. Sirius094


    Alice: 32 Rain On Me: 46 Fun Tonight: 14 Chromatica II: 10 911: 54 Plastic Doll: 12 Sour Candy: 40 Enigma: 42 Replay: 40 Sine From Above: 16 1000 Doves: 24
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    Alice: 30 Rain On Me: 46 Fun Tonight: 16 Chromatica II: 10 911: 54 Plastic Doll: 12 Sour Candy: 38 Enigma: 42 Replay: 42 Sine From Above: 16 1000 Doves: 24
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    Same Joanne is actually her weakest album
  7. Sirius094


    The girl shoud learn how to make a lyric video
  8. Sirius094

    Celeb News

    I bet Babylon (haus labs version) will be the next single it would be a genius move, the sales wouldn't be affected by the album already released
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  10. Stupid love is great. I only dislike the video
  11. Sirius094

    Celeb News

    Yikes, I can't believe nobody told her that she can't go out with this look. totally unflattering. How can she allow herself to present herself in this way?
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    Plastic Doll Enigma Free Woman
  13. Sirius094


    Alice vs. Aura Stupid Love vs. Venus Rain On Me vs. G.U.Y. Free Woman vs. Sexxx Dreams Fun Tonight vs. Jewels N' Drugs 911 vs. MANiCURE Plastic Doll vs. ARTPOP Sour Candy vs. Swine Enigma vs. Donatella Replay vs. Fashion! Sine From Above vs. Mary Jane Holland 1000 Doves vs. Dope Babylon vs. Gypsy Love Me Right vs. Applause Chromatica won her best album
  14. Sirius094


    Swish swish bish, another #1 in the basket ...ops, wrong song I listened sour candy too much