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  1. KeshasFansRose

    2 days out from guessing the Album release date
  2. KeshasFansRose

    I don't see her?
  3. I hate her but then I love how she lives in her own little delusional world and doesn't give a shit what people think
  4. Thought she was wearing her dressing gown in the first pic. Poor Jessie, confused about her sexuality and what she's wearing
  5. KeshasFansRose

    Idk if this is the delusional stan, hallucinating from the Kesha drought, but maybe this is a good sign? I mean would she need her labels (Dr Luke's) permission to do this?
  6. KeshasFansRose

    So Louie apparently posted this pic... She needs an intervention New photo of Kesha, Louie and Pebe pic.twitter.com/mfkxBqOP8v — KE⚡️HA (@KeshasFansRose) August 3, 2015
  7. KeshasFansRose

    No, she probably just likes their assortment of property magazines for inflight entertainment, seeing as selling one of her houses is the most exciting thing she's done all year
  8. KeshasFansRose

    The good sis just prefers to spend her time riding her bike, getting her nails done, and going to LAX airport but never really going anywhere
  9. KeshasFansRose

    Did Kesha forget to press "Buy Now" on hers?
  10. KeshasFansRose

    Maybe she'll read the DM and then type in the URL? Beaver Nation are coming
  11. Discuss. Is this some sort of joke or is trying to throw shade? Petty imo As if @KatyPerry has followed "SluttyTaylorSwift" on Instagram ? pic.twitter.com/jH9mjDaasM — KE⚡️HA (@KeshasFansRose) August 3, 2015
  12. KeshasFansRose

    I could justify removing her section if she was doing nothing out of plain laziness but her situation is out her hands and she can't legally release anything so I don't see why her section should be removed.
  13. KeshasFansRose

    September 16
  14. A Tracklist has been posted to Twitter by an account claiming to have info on artists (think @/InsideTheStudio). I'd take this all with a pinch of salt as some are saying the account is the Cher Lloyd fan who trolled us all a few months ago to promote "Sorry I'm Late" https://twitter.com/musicsrebellion/status/626145877959254016
  15. KeshasFansRose

    It was going to be the 4th single, remember the sticker on the cover of the album basically had the singles and in what order. I'm guessing it was scrapped though because of C'Mon and Crazy Kids underperformaning. A video was also apparently shot for supernatural. There's a still from it somewhere online. It was similar to Taylor's Style video with the images being overlayed onto her
  16. KeshasFansRose

    You finished?
  17. KeshasFansRose

    Because Taylor is simply more likeable to the GP. Nicki comes across as one of the most obnoxious, vile artists currently, IMO
  18. KeshasFansRose

    When she gets bored of her 17299 other careers
  19. KeshasFansRose

    No it should've gone: 1 - Last Goodbye 2 - Thinking of You 3 - Only Wanna Dance With You 4 - Supernatural (released around Halloween) 5 - Die Young 6 - Love Into The Light (as a send off to the era/ bonus single just because the era did so well)
  20. KeshasFansRose

    Kesha is pretty diverse considering her lack of creative control, especially since we've only had two full length albums. Her unreleased catalogue further shows this
  21. KeshasFansRose

    This is so so good! I hope we get something quite dark but also feel good. As though it's documented her struggles. Twitter: @Keshasuxx ermmmm
  22. KeshasFansRose

    I honestly hope she signs to Capitol Records. Not Katy's biggest fan but you can't not admit they promote her well! Capitol seem interested in Kesha, so fingers crossed. Either way, I want her to be promoted a lot! Like everywhere you go her new songs or something related to her is being promoted, whether it be new music, clothing, jewellery, fragrances, movies, TV ads etc.
  23. KeshasFansRose

    I bought Animal+Cannibal in physical, in fact that was the first physical I ever bought
  24. KeshasFansRose

    I hope Katy remains quiet whilst the grownups talk
  25. KeshasFansRose