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  1. lmao at people STILL coming into these threads to talk about her hair. give it up, y’all
  2. was at this show, and as someone who has been to every tour except this last one, this is one of the best shows i’ve ever seen from her. so so so good!
  3. QUINN

    lmao the lack of context in here is so cringey. nicki was yelling about how she thinks something is wrong with cardi and is crying out for help when she’s so focused on feuds and physical altercations when she’s in the height of her career, and that people need to step in and intervene before she gets herself killed, because “you put your hands on certain people, you’re gonna die.” implying that there are a lot of other crazy bitches out there that COULD take cardi out if they wanted.
  4. QUINN here

    hi i’m seeing katy tonight at an intimate post-wtt show in LA, feel free to seethe. when will your faves?

  5. definitely excited about this movie. it's giving me modern pop musical vibes and i am heeeere for it.
  6. QUINN

    literally everyone tbh
  7. QUINN

    self inflicted. fan bases are so vile to themselves and each other on the internet that eventually they stop wanting to participate
  8. QUINN

    it will be truly shocking if it gets anywhere near 100M. blockbusters are barely making that these days in their opening weekends. there were only 7 movies in 2017 to break 100m their opening weekend, most of which were huge franchise movies. unless you mean overall in which case it could get there!
  9. QUINN

    middle aged white ladies love bradley cooper and gays love gaga, but the rest of the world loves comic book movies so Venom will probably win that weekend (they come out the same day). the #1 movie that same weekend last year was Blade Runner 2049, and it opened with 33m. i’ll aim high for gags and go with 50m. all of this is based on the US market because i’m an ignorant american and don’t pay attention to WW numbers bye
  10. QUINN here

    dear fotp,

    i would like to publicly apologize for posting the other day about the time ashlee simpson ended her career on live television. it seems i have reminded the universe of her existence and caused this to happen. pls forgive me xoxo


    1. Mitski

      no ma'am we will not. although Autobiography was my jam back in the day if I'm honest rav3

    2. ajp

      She's the new Sonny & Cher oprah14


  11. v impressed with how clean and precise your layout work is ♥️ love the enamel pins so much! ari take notice and give us some glow in the dark pins
  12. QUINN

    anne marie’s album is great. bebe and halsey are disappointing. dua’s gonna burn out quick if she’s not careful.
  13. QUINN

    if the FOTP faves sections were male dominated there wouldn’t be anybody here to post in them.
  14. QUINN

    i’m doin pretty gooooood. shes gonna take a long nap and then bless us again she’s doing a show next month and she said it’ll be all new sets and costumes, i wonder what she has up her sleeve?
  15. future #1 multi diamond smash hit incoming!