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  1. Keep an eye out for the next few days. They may still be working things out. The threads for the first m&g and the Boston show just went up a couple days ago.
  2. yesss please be nice that's one of the katycats.com rules ya know no prob, anytime!
  3. So Katy has been saying for months that she will once again not be charging for meet and greets for Witness: The Tour, but that she will have other ways for fans to meet with her before the shows. We already knew that she was giving out tickets and meet and greet passes to people donating their time to the boys and girls club, but now we also have another way: Through her official fansite, katycats.com Katy and her team will be giving out a select number of meet and greet passes to fans through the website. and it is exclusive to katycats.com members. There are a number of rules to read through and it is important to read through them all here, but here is the gist: - register an account with katycats.com - once you are registered, go to the Witness: The Tour: M&Gs subforum - join the group - two weeks before each show that will have a meet and greet event (usually 1 event per city), a post will go up in that subforum. - people that ALREADY HAVE TICKETS prior to that post being made (they will be verifying that you already had tickets) can then post ONE COMMENT in the thread, saying whatever you want it to say, and be considered to win. - winners will be determined by random draw, and will be able to bring 1 guest. - winners and guests must not have already won a meet and greet on the witness tour before. - winners must be 18+ - winners will be notified by email approximately 72 hours before the show. the email address associated with your katycats.com account will be the one they email you at, so make sure it's a valid email address that you use. -An early reply number to the post does not increase your chances. -Multiple entries will be ignored. DO NOT MAKE MULTIPLE POSTS FOR THE SAME CONTEST. So far this is just for north american dates, but they have heavily alluded that they will be doing this for the europe dates, as well. rules on age limit and such may change but that is just a guess on my part. If you question the legitimacy of this, you shouldn't. The site is listed on Katyperry.com under katy's social links and the first set of winners for tomorrow's show (it wasnt announced in time for the first couple shows) have already been announced. THAT'S THAT! If you have any questions I'll try to help, but I'm just the messenger here and you'll be better off going to the site and asking them in the FAQ post. disclaimer: I am not affiliated with katycats.com but i do have their permission to post this. mods, if i'm breaking rules for advertising another forum, feel free to permaban me 4ever for being the worst xoxoxo
  4. For a person who is very wealthy and is very outspoken about wanting her own children, 20 is not "way too young." Her lifestyle would make it very easy for her.
  5. The reactions in this thread are so gross omfg
  6. Yiiikkes I would strongly advise against the first one! Based on how produced the show is, especially the intro with her coming out on the star, I don't see her changing that part of it.
  7. Nope
  8. Where have you been miss ya boo
  9. Performance

    Yeah there are always changes made along the way! I'll bet she incorporates other songs in, too.
  10. Performance

    I'm gonna make a full post with vids and stuff tonight, but this thread is a good place to start:
  11. Performance

    Read this review from someone who went to the first show. He's a diehard fan but was objective af
  12. Performance

    I've also been hearing that the drop zone may not actually be the best place to stand for the whole show, as she only does 1.5 songs on that stage and most of the show is on main stage and catwalk. I have DZ for one show, floor for one show, and main level side of stage for one show, so I'll get the full experience and let you know
  13. Performance

    You can easily get a DZ ticket through a third party seller, I bet. But wait until like the day before your date, and the price will be as low as possible. I hate resellers but with a tour like this sometimes they're necessary
  14. Performance

    She does perform thinking of you! It's the song she does while perched on her glittery planet that floats over to the drop zone