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    RTd from the main acct!
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    Don't be scared to die.mp3
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  4. Np check out ha event planning business when you google her later
  5. He's been talking about this for weeks legit half of the 8 songs he's released so far are referential to his relationship with her he's trying so hard to find relevance in a 3 year old relationship and it's so disappointing my stan card is threatening to destroy itself tbh sigh why John why katy @ John:
  6. She took Lerche as her surname!
  7. It's either about that, or about how she tried to "pray the gay away" FJDKSK
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  9. John Mayer can't stop dropping Katy's name during his album promo and I'm so fucking annoyed
  10. Same reason they take any music off the internet: it's copyrighted! (This is a good thing)
  11. I WILL I WILL!! I've now deleted them all, but the snippets are safe.
  12. Discussion

    Real talk though: yesterday she said to prepare for the flood and THE SAME DAY RIAA started cracking down on twitter accounts that were posting Katy's Instagram teasers. So that means all the songs that are being flagged (goddess, Deja vu, and bon appetit from what I can tell) are registered and most likely finished. THE KRAKEN IS COMING.
  13. Hi friends! So RIAA has been going through and making DMCA claims on a bunch of clips of songs that katy has been sharing on Instagram, so I'm unfortunately going through and deleting all of these clips so that our account doesn't get suspended. I will compile them all and put them away for "safe keeping" though