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  1. Nope you won't need to buy them again! A rescheduled show is considered the same exact show that you already purchased tickets for. But if you want peace of mind about it, call your ticket retailer. They'll confirm for you. I would give them about a day though, since they're probably not gonna have by-the-minute information.
  2. Delayed shows always honor original tickets. If for some reason they don't, You'll be issued new ones.
  3. here

    Hahahahahaha remember when the president of the United States validated white supremacy and encouraged a national race war in 2017 hhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha





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    2. Anna-wa

      6 minutes ago, Hermione said:

      God it's so depressing. This has easily been the worst week of his term so far.

      Every week of his term is the worst week.

    3. Hermione

      @Anna-wa I agree with you, but Charlottesville and the way that he handled it is shameful and on a completely different level from all of the other horrible things that have happened so far imo.

    4. Anna-wa

      I know what you meant... :/

  4. Other

    It was one of the first scents I bought for myself and has been repurchased quite a few times since! It's so fresh and lovely.
  5. Other

    Yaaaas omg I wear light blue as well! I'll def let you know.
  6. Other

    The packaging is extremely neutral so it def would pass as a male fragrance if they're concerned about that I'm actually getting a bottle sent to me in the mail so I'll let you know what it's like once I get it!
  7. Other

    I have a few fragrances meant for men, I don't necessarily think certain smells are a male or female thing, so I get you. It's all about that sense memory. The attempt at a universal scent is nice tho.
  8. Other

    It also sounds like the fragrance might err on the side of unisex??? Which I love.
  9. Other

    Aww this is a sweet ad. Love the premise.
  10. Katy is #19 AND #20 on the Billboard Adult contemporary chart this week! Both SAD and Feels have hit a new peak on the chart
  11. All the hate in general
  12. Charts

    Russian roulette's impacT!
  13. My fave part about the website being shut down is that they immediately went to register with google after godaddy deleted their racist asses, and google denied their registration within like 3 hours lmao