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  1. Album

    Was iTunes really the source for this??? It's been bugging me ever since we got it because idk where it came from FJDKSKSK
  2. here

    Hi I'm feeling sappy and emotional this evening so I just wanna say I HOPE YOU ARE ALL DOING OKAY, FOTP. katyanna1 

    1. Sylk

      Sending you sylk kisses and hugs! Love you mom hug1 

    2. QUINN

      Idk why you calling me mom is the most endearing thing ever but it is fjdjsks 

  3. because people liked us
  4. some of us are!
  5. I just found another tweet from someone who was closer fjdjsks SORRY
  6. Did you miss that arena tour announcement or
  7. The live stream is up on her channel in full but it skips a lot bc of poor connection. Still digging for videos 💕
  8. She said she would be doing more small shows!