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  1. 02:26 | Roar 06:40 | Never Really Over 11:00 | What A Wonderful World 15:11 | Thinking of You 23:52 |Daisies
  2. I Kissed a Girl - #76 Hot n Cold - #88 Firework - #57 E.T. - #42 Last Friday Night - #67 The One That Got Away - #94 Daisies - #40 impacting radio next week! don’t sleep on katy’s promo strategy bye now!
  4. not carlos turning up and getting the katy section hopping, when will your faves
  5. congrats!! a big change can be so motivating and can be exactly what you need to reach the next thing. good luck with it and i hope it inspires you to amazing stuff. you’re still doing art, i hope? SHE IS GETTING HER LIFE, TOO. love that for her ♥️
  6. yaaaaas i love to hear this. MAKE YOUR LIFE BB. i’m doing the same tbh! moved to orange county (just about 45 minutes out of LA) and am working on a massive career change at the moment. life is lovely!
  7. how are you doing??? imy!!
  8. friendly reminder that @Carlos is THAT BITCH and this forum is a wasteland without him xoxoxo 

  9. i just got my life for the day looking through the clips in here, thanks legends.
  10. hello flops! just checking in to see how y'all are treating my girl KP in a post 365 world; and i'm happy to report that i'm proud of you, keep up the great taste.

    also to the person who went back like 6 years in my status history to upvote a random status: are you okay!?

    okay that's all for now, bye! katy8

  11. can someone please tell me why Glitter is #4 on itunes right now help sos @Sylk

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    2. Chris Morlock

      Chris Morlock

      help in every way you can clap3 

    3. Sylk


      Justice after 17 years! Btw Quinn humble icon sending u love ♡

    4. QUINN


      love you!! kylie1 

  12. i miss it too. life got chaotic for me and i just needed to step away again. i’m around here and there now though! how’s life bb?
  13. the fact that these threads always ALWAYS derail into madonna vs gaga threads is such a kii never change fotp
  14. please take me off of your mass tag list tyyy xoxo

    1. Chris Morlock

      Chris Morlock

      its not mine moo10 

      i only used it to promote Fake Friendship since only 5 people were tuned in including the two in the episode moo10 

  15. hi i’m seeing katy tonight at an intimate post-wtt show in LA, feel free to seethe. when will your faves?

  16. it will be truly shocking if it gets anywhere near 100M. blockbusters are barely making that these days in their opening weekends. there were only 7 movies in 2017 to break 100m their opening weekend, most of which were huge franchise movies. unless you mean overall in which case it could get there!
  17. middle aged white ladies love bradley cooper and gays love gaga, but the rest of the world loves comic book movies so Venom will probably win that weekend (they come out the same day). the #1 movie that same weekend last year was Blade Runner 2049, and it opened with 33m. i’ll aim high for gags and go with 50m. all of this is based on the US market because i’m an ignorant american and don’t pay attention to WW numbers bye
  18. dear fotp,

    i would like to publicly apologize for posting the other day about the time ashlee simpson ended her career on live television. it seems i have reminded the universe of her existence and caused this to happen. pls forgive me xoxo


    1. Mitski


      no ma'am we will not. although Autobiography was my jam back in the day if I'm honest rav3

    2. ajp


      She's the new Sonny & Cher oprah14


  19. v impressed with how clean and precise your layout work is ♥️ love the enamel pins so much! ari take notice and give us some glow in the dark pins
  20. i’m doin pretty gooooood. shes gonna take a long nap and then bless us again she’s doing a show next month and she said it’ll be all new sets and costumes, i wonder what she has up her sleeve?