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  1. SONG SNIPPETS March 22 - Pendulum March 17 - Bon Appétit March 14 - Deja Vu March 8 - goddess #3 March 2 - instrumental with unidentified producer March 1 - goddess #2 March 1 - goddess #1 Feb 28 - I won't apologize Feb 18 - instrumental Feb 10! - don't be scared to die/dive #2 Dec 16 - instrumental/vocals December 16 - don't be scared to die/dive CONFIRMED Feb 2017: Spotify announces months long promo campaign with Katy, leading up to a summer album release Feb 10, 2017: Chained To The Rhythm premieres July 15, 2016: Rise debuts on the Today Show; Katy says she's been working many late nights in the studio on the next album MAY 30, 2016: Snippet for a song called "Victory" leaks - turns out to be a clip from "RISE" - Katy says RISE is NOT for KP4 UNCONFIRMED RUMORS Jack Garratt has appeared in multiple Instagram posts, sparking rumors that he is producing songs for the album - he tweeted lyrics from the Deja Vu snippet shortly after katy posted it Chance the Rapper, Ariana Grande, Sia, and The Chainsmokers have all been unfoundedly rumored to be potential collabs on the album. May 30: Nearly complete track called 'Witness' leaks Dr. Luke is not working on Katy's new material January 25: Katy tweets an ominous phrase: believed to be song lyrics. Lightning Bolt emoji becomes unofficial symbol for KP4 rumors: "When people won't stop siphoning your light... it's time to go ELECTRIC" Jan 23: Katy tweets an ominous phrase: believed to be song lyrics: "Speak your truth even if your voice shakes. Live your truth even if your body breaks. Spirit Survives."
  2. Her make up artist was calling it a #secretproject. Last time he was on set with her for covergirl, he actually said it was a covergirl shoot when he posted pics SOOOOO 👀
  3. How are Dutch braids and a body suit cultural appropriation
  4. LITERALLY A GODDESS (and we know it)
  5. I'm like... 70% sure this is for covergirl but I really really hope I'm wrong.
  6. Music Video

  7. Music Video

    But it's clearly not finished!
  8. Music Video

    She really can't win here. She gets shit when she teases, and she gets shit when she stays quiet. RIP her!
  9. Music Video

    Well get used to it, darling!
  10. Music Video

    The makeup artist here (hung vanngo) also happens to be her covergirl makeup guy, so YEAH. However, he and Chris Appleton (her hair guy) did her hair and makeup for the CTTR photo shoot, so don't lose hope yet!
  11. Music Video

    Can't wait to see this covergirl video
  12. From her recent interview with the New York Times:
  13. You were due for a LL meltdown anyway
  14. Sister, if posting a photo of a Hindu goddess is cultural appropriation, the internet needs to be ended.
  15. But why not dream about about this being an album hint
  16. Patience, darling. It's coming! Big weekend and Wango Tango are both next month.
  17. FJDJSKSK I've been paying too much attention to the negative cats on twitter lately. IM DEFENSIVE
  18. @Carlos This is the GODDESS Kali. Mother of the universe, destroyer of evil, and queen of transformation! Seems like a slick album concept if you ask me...
  20. https://noisey.vice.com/en_uk/article/the-noisey-guide-to-songs-about-eating-pussy-cunnilingus