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  1. Jake here

    i still stand by the fact that everyday is one of the best songs on dangerous woman and would massacre if it dropped today



    1. Satori

      x2. A hypnotic, mesmerizing BAWP. I’m still fuming over the hate it got. 

  2. This literally is sickening to my stomach - I had so much love for him on Empire (back when I watched the show) to find out he does some sociopathic shit like this. Goes to show the outside look of celebs can be COMPLETELY different from what's on the inside.
  3. Jake


    Literally nothing is under an 8 except... that song. Edit: Literally the easiest shit ever. Honestly wanted to mark every song as a 10 except make up
  4. Literally DISGUSTING. The far right were already complaining they were being harassed and shit by the left and that we're just "as bad" as them. This situation doesn't help it in ANY way. I don't know if he was trying to do it for clout or just to be a selfish fuck and further his own career, but congratulations, you actually made the Trumpanzees say something correct for once and it's sickening. Gay black men and the left are going to come out of this in an extremely bad light. You just KNOW they're going to use this in ads for 2020 elections.
  5. Jake

    Selena is the worst offender
  6. Just shut yo old, annoying, bitter ass up already. The more attempts you drag, the more I worry for your sanity because someone certainly should not be this delusional
  7. Jake

    time will tell! i absolutely think she can eventually hit legendary status as long as she continues to push more boundaries. she has the success, she's garnering the acclaim.. now let her get the impact and up her artistry a bit more and she'll hit it someday.
  8. Jake

    Remember when she was compared to Selena, Miley, and Demi? lol
  9. change the title to solo artist! but seriously this is fucking insane. just making history effortlessly! a true main pop girl, a true queen. literally the biggest pop star in the world right now and no one compares!! on the other note, it's just funny, because i remember when the selena stans were getting brave when tu,n's video didn't do so amazingly and look where we are now. three solo hits outpeaking her entire career
  10. She's up there with the greats. Anyone denying her A-list status is just dumb lol
  11. this is a bop but this sounds directly out of the expectations sessions
  12. Jake

    nothing about her is special to me, literally nothing stands out. not even her shitty attempt to make a viral hairstyle
  13. Jake here


    24/7 365 alex1 


    24/7 3655555555555555555555555