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  1. 1. After Hours - The Weeknd 2. Future Nostalgia - Dua Lipa 3. Monster - IRENE & SEULGI 4. how i'm feeling now - Charli XCX 5. SAWAYAMA - Rina Sawayama
  2. Love BLACKPINK but none of their content this year is Grammy worthy imo. BNA would be a cute nom imo!
  3. It's SO clear that something super shady is going on behind the scenes for years now. They need to fess up and stop ignoring the elephant in the room. I'm ready for the drama and mess to come out of this, because it needs to be brought up.
  4. It's not a bad choice for AOTY at all and I think it's quite deserved as a nomination. But the fact that on an impact and sales level that they're about equal, if not Abel edging out just a bit more, shows that he should've gotten the same amount of noms as folklore did or even more.
  5. Since Abel didn't get nominated, I hope she sweeps everything. It was her year after all
  6. I agree that major sweeps of the big 3/4 are boring and that they've been happening way too much, but BL getting literally nothing is honestly one of the biggest snubs of all time. Like what did Beyoncé even do this year to garner *9* nominations aside Coldplay? Who even knew they released something. It's clear they just threw anything at a wall and hoped it stuck to seem progressive after the backlash they got last year.
  7. Blinding Lights is one of the biggest songs of all time and the fact it got zero says a lot... Did he just not submit or something???
  8. Jake here

    How the absolute hell did The Weeknd get ZERO nominations??? One of the biggest snubs of all time dead2 

  9. Literally the biggest album of the year behind folklore (if not bigger) I think??? the hell
  10. Jake

    You hit it so well on the dot for me. As I get older, I'm getting much less invested in stanning to where I don't even consider myself a stan of artists anymore, just a fan. I don't have the energy nor patience to argue with people over chart positions or flops anymore. If I like you and what you put out, I'll support it. If you're someone like Bill Cosby, R. Kelly, etc. then even then I wouldn't touch that with a 100 ft. pole. Those people cannot be redeemed.
  11. Say what you want about the album (which is still in the top three lol), but the single clearly has staying power
  12. Jake


    Seems like they're being marketed BLACKPINK-esque, which isn't a bad idea. Black Mamba has that exact same formula and issa bop
  13. chartmasters is stupid inaccurate and inflated