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  1. And it's on track to be #1 on the Hot 100 year-end. I love how they audited her sales, but didn't audit BTS when its clear the same shady sale stuff was going on. It's whatever though. Shows that talent indeed does prevail in the end.
  2. I'm officially a Bad Bunny stan. Daddy is way too universal. I didn't expect a banger like this. I'd been following him for a bit but this song certifies it
  3. Ms. Olivia may have a smash debut, but I doubt she will ever have a celebrity status big enough to have 1989. Her success right now to me is just completely bizarre anyway, and I doubt it'll continue at this level
  4. Garbage! Getting pirated just like every other pack , kit & caboodle!
  5. This sucks 💀 Too much is happening and it's disorienting. I want to like them so bad but it's hard when you keep throwing out trash. Black Mamba was a bop though at least
  6. Imagine having 50 MILLION certified units off 5 songs MASSIVE. She truly was unstoppable in the singles department. E.T. deserved especially, because it's her best song of all time and can't be touched
  7. Well that totally was a ban I saw coming eventually dead2 

  8. iconic 


  9. I agree. The only other massive 5th singles I can think of are Last Friday Night and Wildest Dreams tbh but like you said, those are before the streaming era. But Levitating was the first song developed for FN and the album revolves around it. From the first listen you could tell it was a smash, it was just waiting for it to happen
  10. Closest I can think of was Cheers (Drink To That) by Rihanna being massive as the 7th
  11. 6th #1 for both if Ari's credited. I'm happy it turned out so well, unlike the Good As Hell remix also it makes me really want Ari to work with Max again, she never lost her pop spark
  12. As he should, this was the only thing to do. Fuck Turkey for denying this You cannot change history.