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  1. 1. He's black 2. He's unapologetically gay 3. He's much more successful and acclaimed than their faves. It's all jealous
  2. Have mercy indeed, the song and video is a STOMP. She is blessed with all her goodies She just radiates star energy. The Bree Runway and Tina cameos were great too
  3. Unless YOU'RE a black gay man in rap that is being criticized for existing, then maybe your opinion will matter. You are likely some basic white twink thinking what he's saying is "shade", but when you're being hunted down for "going against religion and your own race" then maybe you'll see being selfish and caring about your own opinion for your wellbeing is the best case to keep it going. This isn't narcissism, this is caring for your mental state because millions of people are against you for simply existing. He will continue to break boundaries and you will continue to be a bit
  4. Go outside and drop the forums for a bit. OT: Seems like it'll be full of bops. Can't wait!
  5. Seriously. She has been rubbing me wrong for a while now and then she goes off and collabs with a known pedophile and rape supporter Not to mention many reports of coming out why she actually left Little Mix and insiders are calling her scummy and that she's no longer on speaking terms with LM. I hope they drop the tea soon. OT: She's no Cheryl. Will flop horribly especially if she's going to clash with LM's upcoming anniversary release.
  6. A giant waste of 20 years. Innocent troops lives lost, families destroyed and PTSD for many who came back. So pointless
  7. The second the mass buying stops, a certain group's songs begin to tank & freefall. Interesting! Also Blinding Lights outstreaming Butter on its 87th week lmao
  8. An insufferable woman. Nicki's fragile ego is why she's seen as a joke outside her stanbase. That ego will also be the death of the legacy she made.
  9. Butter #31 on US iTunes (discounted) #45 US Spotify Out of top 1500 on US Apple Music But #1 due to website sales lol. Definitely not the most popular song in the country and Billboard needs to do something about these 4 sales per credit card fraudlence. Don't even like the girl but Olivia is being robbed. The most undeserving "hit" song in a long time. A joke
  10. Useless release for me when I just use it docked 100% of the time. Give me an actual Switch Pro with 4k support
  11. And it's on track to be #1 on the Hot 100 year-end. I love how they audited her sales, but didn't audit BTS when its clear the same shady sale stuff was going on. It's whatever though. Shows that talent indeed does prevail in the end.
  12. I'm officially a Bad Bunny stan. Daddy is way too universal. I didn't expect a banger like this. I'd been following him for a bit but this song certifies it
  13. Ms. Olivia may have a smash debut, but I doubt she will ever have a celebrity status big enough to have 1989. Her success right now to me is just completely bizarre anyway, and I doubt it'll continue at this level