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  1. Hope she doesn't magically end up in a cell with 6 bullets in her head and the people saying she died of "natural causes".
  2. My stomach dropped. This does not bode well at all but I hope they find her. Please be caught on something, please
  3. Jake


    1. Religion - Jake 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.
  4. I already wanna make a different avi because this video is too good
  5. This is how you do a VIDEO. Lesbian goddesses
  6. Jake


    1. Burnt Norton - Snow 2. Burnt Norton - Moira O'Hara 3. High By the Beach - V For Vendetta 4. High By the Beach - Luca 5. Burnt Norton - CharnyBoy 6. Burnt Norton - LÉON 7. Burnt Norton - Hyun. 8. Burnt Norton - Jake 9. 10.
  7. Miss Americana and False God deserves instead
  8. I'm so excited I cannot wait for my next set to come from these two LEGENDS
  9. Jake


    We will ALL be streaming Irene x Seulgi and we will be fed
  10. Jake


    hfk. I still haven't heard Manic in full However, Badlands has Colors which is one of the best pop songs of the decade so!