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  1. Jake here

    the cock destroyer girls are so fucking funny, i honestly love them

  2. Jake

    Otter. Didn't know he was that hot though
  3. This is GREAT. I love stanning a fucking legend
  4. Jake


    This IS the gay ass, sugary pop I missed and why I started loving her This is one of her best songs by far and DEFINITELY the best of 4 recent singles. Has been on constant rotation. Sweet Spot > Blow It All > Got My Number > Broken
  5. Jake


    She's fucking FEEDING us
  6. Jake


    apparently this legendary song
  7. she may not be that popular in the music world, but she's a top tier deal maker. being the face adidas, getting on america's next top model and various other things really paid off for her
  8. i use literally everything from tu, n still
  9. ?????? this came out of NOWHERE
  10. Jake


    $1.63??? I'M SCREAMING
  11. Jake


    all the things she said sample...? considered me interested
  12. Jake


    I've actually been listening to this a lot more, definitely a grower. Chorus has been stuck in my head and I keep going back to it
  13. Jake


    This puts Broken to shame.
  14. Jake


    I wanted to like this so much but this is just not for me
  15. Jake here

    game of thrones is actually the best show of all time and you cannot change my mind

    1. Hylia

      Like, it’s not even debatable

    2. Jake

      Like, nothing but an hour and a half of pure amazingness