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  1. Because indie pop they can go out with they want. They usually aren't chasing commercial success, so the quality is at the top. Mainstream artists are obviously chasing commercial success and they don't care for quality as long it makes them $$$.
  2. Discussion

    Lana's in the studio with Antonoff ...
  3. Discussion

    That's really atmospheric and chill. Like it a lot.
  4. Discussion

    I'll check this out.
  5. Nothing less than iconic.
  6. This is.. odd. Stream here: https://www.npr.org/2018/02/22/587248637/first-listen-jonathan-wilson-rare-birds
  7. Game

    10. What a song. That bridge is ethereal
  8. This would've been absolutely amazing as a surprise but if she was ordered not to fly, something can be up. Hope she gets better ASAP.
  9. This came up on my Spotify. What a banger