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  1. @Urbi I signed in just to comment on this How'd you like it?
  2. Very VERY happy! I graduated college and I'm taking a gap year before starting my master's program. Wanted to check in today since I saw today was the Grammys!! also extremely happy Olivia Rodrigo lost AOTY so i'm here for the cackles
  3. DaBaby's recent EP didn't make it past #40 on the Billboard 200. He has no clout to give. Dua did NOT need him for Levitating. That song was gonna smash no matter what
  4. Also Killer and Violent Delights by CHVRCHES are SOTYs
  5. I saw Tulsa Jesus Freak and collapsed, one of my favorite songs of 2021!
  6. This was never true - Taylor simply hates Scooter. She would not have featured her in the YTNCD video and congratulated Ari on her marriage if that was the truth. You can like someone but not the people they hang out with. OT: Afterglow's already gorgeous, but this would elevate it to a new level
  7. This album is gorgeous and raw - truly one of the best albums of 2021. Dealer and Thunder are so amazing
  8. Leigh may have snapped. If they've been trying to educate her for 2 years about backfishing and she completely ignored it, then no surprise she feels like way after experiencing racism in the industry as an ACTUAL black woman. I used to like Jesy in the band and didn't think she deserved to be bullied, but since she left the group and said nothing but negativity about the girls it was deserved. The fact that Jesy blocked them after insulting them says it all really
  9. @Madonna being right about this heathen all these years. The drags were all correct. An anti-vax, pedophile supporter, rape supporting, now sending death threats to a rape victim of her husband's? She needs to be ROTTING in prison with the key thrown in the ocean. Bottom of the dumpster garbage ass bitch. The fact that people STILL follow this maniac and try to spout "but the music!!!" are fucking idiots. You're just as bad as she is for ignoring her actions. She needs to atone for her actions. Quickly.
  10. 1. He's black 2. He's unapologetically gay 3. He's much more successful and acclaimed than their faves. It's all jealous
  11. Have mercy indeed, the song and video is a STOMP. She is blessed with all her goodies She just radiates star energy. The Bree Runway and Tina cameos were great too
  12. Unless YOU'RE a black gay man in rap that is being criticized for existing, then maybe your opinion will matter. You are likely some basic white twink thinking what he's saying is "shade", but when you're being hunted down for "going against religion and your own race" then maybe you'll see being selfish and caring about your own opinion for your wellbeing is the best case to keep it going. This isn't narcissism, this is caring for your mental state because millions of people are against you for simply existing. He will continue to break boundaries and you will continue to be a bit
  13. Go outside and drop the forums for a bit. OT: Seems like it'll be full of bops. Can't wait!
  14. Seriously. She has been rubbing me wrong for a while now and then she goes off and collabs with a known pedophile and rape supporter Not to mention many reports of coming out why she actually left Little Mix and insiders are calling her scummy and that she's no longer on speaking terms with LM. I hope they drop the tea soon. OT: She's no Cheryl. Will flop horribly especially if she's going to clash with LM's upcoming anniversary release.