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  1. This sounds so cutesy and adorable omg. Truly sweet like cinnamon.
  2. always has been a standout, even from listen one
  3. I knew it was the dead the second he said "I was proud when Bill Clinton looked at her that way". Completely stood against everything she was for. I bet she looks like Boo Boo the Fool after naming the interlude that though
  4. Jake


    this bitch left me on a drought. i hate her. good to love was cute but not 2 years waiting cute.
  5. Jake

    Celeb News

    god is a truly a woman.
  6. What are you talking about Ariana has ALWAYS adored her, praised her, and hated being called the next Mariah Carey, she was and is a major fan. She stopped talking about her because no matter what she did people kept comparing her to Mariah. There's no need to be respectful when you already are.
  7. Jake here

    Why is Summerboy a top two song on The Fame?

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    2. Jake

      I love knowing people who know QUALITY

    3. Liam


  8. Jake

    this is literally the only time you would ever see me rooting for gaga these days snatch the #1 so these annoying bitches and their PIECE OF SHIT fanbase can shut the fuck up.
  9. Uhh breathin debuted at #8 release week in the UK already. Shallow has not touched a week in the top 10 (yet?). It's safe to say breathin is doing quite better if it's only 2 places behind two months after it first debuted.
  10. Jake

    Tell Me It's a Nightmare is the best song on the EP. It's literally dark pop perfection.
  11. Yes @ Ari with breathin! Come get your second week in the top 10 girl
  12. One of my favorite albums of 2017. Just waiting on Slow Slow Slow Disco at this point
  13. Hopefully it's better than Fire Fade.