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  1. Jake


    thank you for hosting! wps coming in for people who gave Touch It anything under a 10!
  2. Jake


    GIAW her best song...? I like it but... I was really expecting NTLTC to snatch
  3. Jake


    Final Fantasy Brave Exvius' Touch It is still the best version of the song. A MASTERPIECE
  4. Jake


    Idk why, but I'm screaming at these two posts being after each other
  5. Jake


    Into You. 7. 🤔
  6. Jake


    I'm sorry, I'm CACKLING at this
  7. I'm sorry, but saying this just makes it WORSE That performance was actually the pits and this does not resolve the issue in anyway You make cute bops sis but just don't... perform
  8. She fuckin snapped my god I love this woman. So glad she's heading into MPG status
  9. Jake


    Thinking Bout You snatching top 3? I better see it!
  10. Jake


    Updating the title to 31st
  11. Album cover's bad, but I liked Rare when it leaked! Sad Stained didn't make it on there
  12. Dua snapping this era unlike the other girls She's making sure her sophomore SLAPS and she's not forgotten like Zara or Meghan
  13. Jake


    Pre save's finally up! https://music.apple.com/us/album/cape-god/1486659663
  14. Jake

    Let's see what she did for her 50k pure (70k SPS) debut 1. Tour bundle that's FLOPPING 2. 300M Spotify playlist audience payola 3. 5 singles that all flopped 4. Attaching one of the biggest hits of the year, Senorita, to her album (but I thought she was the reason it smashed) 5. Collab already with one of the biggest new streaming artists in the past 5 months that's just a Havana rehash (and it's STILL flopping) 6. 20+ different merch bundle deals on website all discounted. Some even hitting $3.49 (the bare minimum for an album sale to count already) 7. MULTIPLE Performances all over the world on some of the biggest shows (SNL, Graham Norton and more) 8. Multiple huge budget videos. A joke, and she's getting 70k SPS. Fucking LIBERATION did similar numbers (68k SPS) I fucking can't Imagine if she didn't have a tour bundle or Senorita on the album... Literally what? 20-30k? Edit: It gets WORSE