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  1. Jake

    Rihanna! Ari doesn't have a big enough discography to match Rih. It feels as if Rih has explored so much musically while Ari just getting to the point of exploring.
  2. The girls WISH they had a hit like this, whew Icon Abel made his biggest song ever and I didn't think The Hills would be touched!
  3. I WAS SOOOO HAPPY FINDING THIS OUT The second I saw her name on the list, I was rooting from her from the go.
  4. Jake

    Music Video

    This is easily the best of the album and the best of the video series.
  5. Jake here

    Seriously, fuck this year katy9

  6. Microsoft said their offer got rejected. The deal is supposedly going through with Oracle, or the company who made Java. It's one of the biggest programming languages in the world
  7. Kinda wanna uninstall TikTok on all devices in my house so they can't redownload it.
  8. Jake

    What is this trash
  9. Disc. The digital is insane value, same as PS4 launch but I'm a physical gamer and I always will be. Can't wait to have this baby next to my PS4
  10. PS5 definitely. Xbox Series X|S has no interesting exclusives for me (way too grim and realistic or FPS..). While the PS5 has has everything I want & more. The budget Xbox is good for people trying to get introduced to next gen though.
  11. Launches November 12th in certain markets, November 19th for the rest of the world. $399 for Digital only, $499 for disc drive. Pre-orders start tomorrow. END ME SONY GOD
  12. Holiday was a bop but I hope they come HARD
  13. He needs to get help ASAP.
  14. This Trump supporting garbage doesn't need a platform. No. She was unverified on Twitter for a reason.