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  1. Sam actually had a legit reason. "To Die For" is NOT an album title you need right now when thousands people are dying to a virus and if it was the theme of the album, then it needs time to be reworked. That can't be done in a day.
  2. Blinding Lights > The Hills > Starboy > Heartless > Can't Feel My Face
  3. Jake


    All Night really is her best song, isn't it?
  4. Bad. #86 with like 2-3k or something. Later on after New Rules smashed it peaked at #27 with 15k. If she's actually competing for #1 like some articles are saying she is, then it's a MASSIVE improvement.
  5. Jake

    #2 album this year behind FN. A better product released than most girls recently
  6. She sure can with Love Again!
  7. 10/10. Nothing less. AOTY!
  8. Finally listening I'm so excited
  9. The US is now #1 in cases This government is the PITS. We could've stopped this LONG ago
  10. And people thought she was gonna flop era 2 She came back stronger than ever
  11. She really has her foot on every girl's neck in the game. Break My Heart is that BOP
  12. I haven't listened and I'm SO excited So many rave reviews
  13. Those whistles This pussy designed for you She did NOT have to snap that hard. When she's not dropping music every five seconds the TALENT and QUALITY comes out