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  1. Faded Wigs snatched I'm happy Ghetto Boy finally is getting the love it deserved by ranking so high.
  2. I think I want Ghetto God to snatch #1, but if Faded Wigs snatches I'm 100% chill
  3. It won the rate last time iirc
  4. Three of my favorite songs of hers ever in top 3, I'm cool with anything
  5. If Faded Love is #1... I'll be shook. Easily the best song from Hellride
  6. Anyway if FSOTM or Ghetto Boy is #1 I will cry tear of happy
  7. Fun fact: Her label wanted FLV to follow up after 2 On but Tinashe wanted Pretend so bad and destroyed her own career!
  8. I will forever despise Pretend for how it murdered it her *possible* career.
  9. Indigo Child is a blessing so
  10. Jake here

    It's interesting how one sentence can completely destroy your day. Feeling like shit, tbh.

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    2. H.O.N.E.Y

      @Urbanov I agree. In most cases, a person that says something like that never was your friend in the first place. rav3 


      But we must give room for people to change and realize what wrongs they did. Remember how we started off. Honestly I feel like your one of my fav posters on here atm and someone I can spill my deepest secrets to, if we didn't take a leap of faith and weren't both forgiving.. we wouldn't reach this point. rav3 

    3. Urbanov

      But the difference is that we weren’t friends

    4. H.O.N.E.Y

      I know. And yes I agree if we were close and THEN had that falling out it would 20x harder to come back from it but not impossible. True. But I'm saying friendship is hard to find these days, so if u have someone u think is worth giving a chance give them a chance to FIX it, don't give them a chance period, give them a chance to apologize. Maybe it was a misunderstanding on the friend's part. I know I'm playing devil's advocate a bit, but it's only because I'm an outsider and can't judge this friend and his feelings toward Jake, they could be genuine, so Jake is the one that will know what's best to do after he talks with the friend imo. rav3 


      I just wish him the best. rav3 

  11. Forgot to post this! This is so relaxing to listen to.
  12. Jake


    Easily the best song on the album, that atmosphere is amazing