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  1. People on Twitter trying to justify this by saying because they're American, they're supposed to be white.. .. There's other races in the United States of America, you know.. More specifically, JAPANESE-AMERICANS ..
  2. Album

    i is ready
  3. here

    Finally about to watch Get Out. I hope it's as good as everyone says it is. interesting1 

  4. here

    Comcast, fix your shit jj4  Random outages aren't fucking cute

  5. Exactly Did anyone even know that they were dating, it feels so sudden and random
  6. Francesco is engaged? Wow I lowkey wonder if he ever proposed to Lana tbh.
  7. He's so fucking beautiful oh my GOSH
  8. She just never interested me. Beautiful is cute though.
  9. Game

    This was way easier. Sending it later!
  10. I stanned her during JD -> Paparazzi. Didn't stan during BTW and AP completely turned me off. 1. It's been said, but the main reason is her fans. They're hypocritical, disgusting, vile, and annoying. They say "music, not the bling" while she's flopping but as soon as she gets a hit after the sheer desperation, they're calling your fave a flop. They call her a god when she's just another girl making music for the gays. She hasn't done anything that hasn't been done already. 2. She panders so much. Why can't you just be yourself? 3. How do you lie to your fanbase so much? But they continue to lap it up like dogs who need water
  11. I love seeing Republicans get their due judgement Karma's a bitch
  12. I am LIVING for the FBI investing the Bitch - Russia connections
  13. ... What would be it's Metacritic score? Currently it sits at 61, at this peak of when critics were dragging her. If she had gotten a chance to prove her artistry before the lashings, I think the album would be in the high 70s, possibly 80s