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  1. Out of work? You're a MILLIONAIRE still when there's people struggling daily to even put food on the table or make it to work. I was rooting for him, but he's just another out of touch idiot.
  2. She's done. Her label wanted a hit and wasted any potential she had. Tragic fate for most artists, really.
  3. It must been truly bad if you need to go REHAB for being racist. Also this reeks of PR. If she was an everyday person she'd just shut up and move on with her life Expecting another single or album from her in a bit, then.
  4. Nah. Up wasn't even that big yet it nearly debuted at #1. It was like 10-15 points behind. I don't really see this song having much life after 12 or 13 weeks. WAY too long already
  5. Ew. She's really starting to rub me the wrong way. Just say you didn't wanna be in the group anymore. Don't run away under the guise of mental health.
  6. Not exactly kpop, but it was one of the first songs that got me interested in Korean culture/music years ago.
  7. Top is by far Chemtrails Over The Country Club. I can't imagine anything else really noticeable other than Levitating, but that's been a thing since 2020
  8. Doesn't even compare to Norman fucking Rockwell 💀 UV is literally her worst title track
  9. Peacock is platinum no?
  10. She clearly tried her best, but he's too much for her. I hope the kids will be fine.
  11. This is how I feel. This era is a joke and she's not even doing the bare minimum, but she's playing the game and she's doing it well. So is Dua and many other girlies. I wish she'd just move on from this album and actually put her heart into some material.
  12. This "era" is so lazy that's it's unenjoyable and BORING The singles may have smashed but this era has no life like FN or shit even Chromatica. At least the sis TRIED to make an event happen. This is just a joke.