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  1. Jake here

    I really wish I was shitfaced drunk right now :(

  2. Jake


    This racist rat is literally everywhere
  3. Jake

    her desperation is so pathetic oh my god
  4. Jake


    Imagine if she had tour bundles, 300-400k
  5. Jake


    ... lowkey cackling if Nicki delayed a week she still would've gotten clocked
  6. Jake


    Also they're wrong, My Everything debuted with 169k what
  7. Jake


    BYEEEE SHE'S GETTING THE BIGGEST DEBUT OF HER CAREER http://hitsdailydouble.com/news&id=313067
  8. this song is going to smash so hard holy shit
  9. She's coming for her biggest first week ever with her streaming power. Fun fact: DW only got like 25-30M streams first WEEK
  10. this is the obvious side to side of the era.
  11. Jake here

    breathin' is truly one of Ari's best songs

  12. Jake

    This entire situation was embarrassing.
  13. Jake

    haha no even as a stan but it is good
  14. breathin' truly is one of her best songs. mostly all of her major bops are sexual, but this song being a major bop and having a message to send.. love it. single #3 please.