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  1. Jake


    This has been on repeat recently! She made a smash. Hope it goes well for her.
  2. Jake


    reminding myself x
  3. Jake


    Gonna avoid the leak for now! I want HQ for when my ears get blessed
  4. Jake

    highkey hope not. I want OTR to reach 20 weeks before someone can snatch it
  5. Jake here

    Really cannot believe twigs just dropped Cellophane then dipped. Bitch jj4 

  6. Jake


    And if I wasn't so fucked up all the time I think I'd fuck you all the time
  7. Jake

    motivation > cross you out > lover > the other thing...
  8. Jake

    Music Video

    the top comment on the video summed this up accurately: "this sounds like the kind of song that would play at a movie's 1950s prom. dreamy" not necessarily a bad thing at all, but you can tell this is a promo single. not a bad song at all!
  9. I Want You Around is fucking GORGEOUS Edit: Situationship? My wig. Gone!
  10. She is NOT leaving any mercy for our scalps omg
  11. Jake


    LFA is so good, the fact she wrote it casually over the weekend
  12. Imagine trying to teach a jury music theory for a trial. Do you really think they're going to care? They're just going to take the easy way out and say yes.
  13. This case and Blurred Lines set a HORRIBLE fucking precedent. I hate these artists trying to profit off big names because no one wants to stream their shitty music. Gaga did nothing wrong, and neither did Katy.
  14. Jake

    I'm being held up at gunpoint and being forced to sign up, so I am!
  15. Good. May the victims rest in peace, gone to senseless violence.