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  1. idc what he does as long as it's not on her album lol
  2. definitely agree. everyone just needs to shut up, let him get his head together and hope he heals
  3. Na, that was Ari posting the video from Golden Girls with them singing "Thank You For Being a Friend" or something. She clocked it in like 10 mins or so
  4. can I not wake up to drama but my god Nicki is such a fake bitch. I do wish Ari stayed quiet tho and just stayed in her lane. nothing in this concerned her and she had to jump in.
  5. i agree. but what makes me happy is just how genuine the new music she's making sounds. sweetener was too forceful of an album - it seemed like it was trying to make you enjoy a product of faux-happiness, something that was obvious from the beginning. she's making the music she wants now and it shows. it's warm, genuine and from the heart. not to mention fucking fantastic. i really cannot wait for this album, because it's going to be her best yet.
  6. i still cannot get over them. they're like an entrance to heaven.. it's so soothing and calming oh my god
  7. Oh Fall in Line did. Still wasn't enough to chart on the Hot 100 though
  8. Jake


    Wait, it's SING? WHAT THE FUCK
  9. Hoping it's better than Devil In Paradise!
  10. Jake

    Does she not have a publicist or something? She needs to shut up for once.
  11. Jake here

    Been up all night, no sleep at all rip4 I have something to do in 3 hours too.

    Drunk relationship night calls on Discord is always an enjoyable trip.

    1. Jake

      5 hours ago, Urbanov said:


      You made my morning even better, you know this wub1 

  12. Mugshot #13 incoming. Pose for the camera.
  13. Yes. Those are 12 different mugshots.