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  1. Discussion Lanamosity

    Sky is "allegedly" releasing new music soon.
  2. don't ask for my advice if you're gonna do the complete opposite I say, tf

  3. Event Lana announces Pop-up Shop dates

    Buy something @ our California gays
  4. Charts Hot 100: #1 rockstar, #14 Walk On Water, #19 New Rules

    YES @ Rockstar & New Rules! Dua getting that SMASH with no promo at all Havana is going to get Problemed Gucci Gang is trash, but we know the GP loves trash so not a big surprise!
  5. LGBT Conservatives: Starbucks promotes gay agenda

    I'm surprised liberals are called snowflakes with how weak Republicunts are They get in a fuss over the SMALLEST details
  6. The Utopia Lounge

    Utopia leaked, but I haven't made time to listen to it Hope it's great!
  7. Other Gaga confirms there was never "any plans" for a The Cure music video

    Making a lyric video but having no video is like so foul .. Song issa bop, deserved a nice video
  8. Achievement The DWT grosses $70M!

    A Brazilian member of the following forum has access to Pollstar. He calculated Ari and well, she's at 71M! Highest tour of the ex-acts confirmed! Had she not cancelled 11 shows, she would've likely made it near 100M, or even surpassed. http://www.bcharts.net/index.php?/topic/176-tours-—-ariana-grande-dangerous-woman-71m-bilheteria-final/&page=1153&tab=comments#comment-5721918
  9. Discussion Is 'Roulette' about HIV sex roulette parties?

    yall gays...
  10. Local Artist drags Taylor

    New Rules is literally smashing so hard right now and she's about to get another with IDGAF. Sit down child!
  11. down on the west coast, they got a sayin'

    1. LaToya Jackson

      if you're not gay, then you don't play!


  12. Celeb News Lena Dunham defends "Girls" writer, Murray Miller, after he is accused of sexual assault

    Of course, the child molester protects a rapist.
  13. Celeb News Lana presents award to her managers in London

    This was a great read <3
  14. Rumor Tove Lo | Cycles | TBA

    She needs to push shedontknowbutsheknows or stranger ... I love cycles though