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  1. The joke writes itself.
  2. Jake


    Also FIILY is quickly approaching my top 3 on NFR! I love it so much
  3. Jake

    I think this is one of my favorite videos of the year I can't stop replaying the scenes with her in the blue paint
  4. Jake

    Music Video

    This is EVERYTHING I wanted from this song. Why did she even release Small Talk when she had this ready for NRO???
  5. Jake


    Maybe it won't take 1 year+ to release this time
  6. Jake

    Have a thread for this and her own spotlight section, so I'm gonna merge this
  7. Jake

    Update: She certainly did FUCK me with these visuals Queen status
  8. Jake

    Yep! Tried my best
  9. Jake

    Okay... the scenes with the blue glitter paint on her face... a fucking serve... The video in general gives me a bit of TOTL vibes too? I LOVE IT
  10. Jake

    I cannot wait for her to FUCK me with these visuals
  11. Good. This precedent needs to be destroyed and irrelevants need to stop suing bigger artists for some sort of financial gain. x
  12. Jake here

    7 rings is STILL that bop 9 months later cry6 

  13. Jake

    People actually stan this? I stan some singers with pretty subpar vocals but this is just... horrid