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  1. Jake

    I like two songs. Kinda stopped caring for her after the Postmates fiasco.
  2. Boring. Glad I didn't watch. Grats to her though.
  3. Jake

    these are on? did people actually care after how racist and scummy they were confirmed to be
  4. Unfortunately, it got worse. One of his daughters was also aboard. The oldest.
  5. This is so horrible. Condolences to the family, especially the newborn.
  6. Jake

    ... Anyway. 1. Iggy Azalea 2. Meghan Trainor 3. Alessia Cara 4. Camila Cabello
  7. Jake

    Kesha imo smells the worst
  8. No wonder it felt familiar I had this on repeat for the past 3 weeks
  9. Someone brought up a good point, and this video kinda proves it to me. They did a great job of using Heartless to use his comeback hype and get him a quick #1, and while that fizzled out pretty fast, they had this organic SMASH and banger in waiting to slow burn and gather a mega hit. It's working, because this song is becoming huge WW and quick. Great video though. Fast paced and action filled. The slowed down scene was my favorite by far, apparently he got that from a fan video that he loved a lot? Love the interaction.
  10. Definitely In My Blood. Nothing about that song is SOTY worthy. It didn't even feel like an event
  11. Jake


    This show really makes me emotional, it's way too good
  12. Production's basic and her writing has become the same way. Top 20 at best
  13. I don't know why people would prostitute themselves for an album like Rare, but anything for those few sales. Little Monsters their impact
  14. Jake

    This is probably the most brutal poll slaying on this site
  15. Jake


    Forgettable just like the past few albums of hers