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  1. Seriously, fuck this year katy9

  2. Salvatore definitely is one of Lana's best released songs. Underrated af ngl.

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    2. Urbanov

      Honeymoon as a whole is super underrated

    3. Madonna

      3 hours ago, CHANEL #1 said:

      I agree it's one of her best. I don't think it's underrated though. I'd say it's easily one of her most universally loved tracks among the fanbase.

      unrightfully so cause it's easily one of her worst.

    4. Luca

      2 hours ago, Madonna said:

      unrightfully so cause it's easily one of her worst.


  3. Please don't be racist. You will be dismissed.

    1. Kyoteki


  4. party 4 u really is Charli's best song huh

    1. Gabe.

      the TASTE. i barely see it mentioned like anywhere and im like... gays were a mistake.

    2. Jake

      1 hour ago, Gabe. said:

      the TASTE. i barely see it mentioned like anywhere and im like... gays were a mistake.

      Truth! I understand why the majority of her fanbase was going nuts over this song now rip3  Constantly on repeat

  5. This week in pop culture has been way too much for my sanity laughcry1 

  6. bZGXZOW.gif

    1. Habits

      why does this serve something @edwinfg would post? oprah5

    2. LÉON

      Bon-a, Bon appetite, baby

  7. Didn't expect to spend my birthday in the house during a fucking pandemic, but here we are dead2 23 years down, plenty more to go.

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    2. Earth Ripper

      Congratulations dancey1

    3. LÉON

      Happy birthday ex-Taylor stan ny1

    4. Jake

      Thank you guys hug1 

  8. Just watched Parasite for the first time and my god, I understand why it won Best Picture. A FLAWLESS movie.

  9. Blinding Lights and Say So.. The Weeknd and Doja certainly did that. clap3 

  10. Pose is the greatest show in recent years. Fuck giveup1 

    1. Villanelle

      *one of* but yes I agree, it is so refreshing to see such a diverse cast living real lives and stories, not just a supporting caricature 

  11. Buzzcut Season really is that coming-of-age song

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    2. Urbanov

      Ok then we stan 

    3. LÉON

      20 somethings talking about coming-of-age sawngs katy2

    4. Urbanov

      Ok boomer

  12. happy new year from the east coast ~

  13. No song can make me shake my ass as much as Don't Stop Now can. That fucking breakdown in the bridge is the gayest thing on this planet rn

  14. I think I knew I was a raging homo when I listened to When I Grow Up by PCD

    1. Royalty

      For me it was Buttons cry9 i slut bopped to that so hard and I was only 8 

    2. Hunty Bear

      6 hours ago, Royalty said:

      For me it was Buttons cry9 i slut bopped to that so hard and I was only 8 

      Buttons almost convinced me I was straight though...that chair choreo cry9 

  15. Getting real sick of these "InsertCertainCelebrityHereIsOverParty" on Twitter. Grow up already. jj4

  16. young & beautiful really should've won that oscar

  17. BTS stans once again being insufferable on anything GRAMMY related because they weren't nominated jj4  

    1. Gravity

      And they shouldn't be nominated. Their music is garbage ny1 

    2. Shego

      thank god they aren't

  18. It's November 1st, that means it's time for this:


    1. Urbanov

      YESSS!!!!! YESSS!!!!! FUCK YESS!!!!!!!

    2. Jake

      9 hours ago, Urbanov said:

      YESSS!!!!! YESSS!!!!! FUCK YESS!!!!!!!

      I love having TASTE

  19. My nephew was just born and he's adorable as hell cry3 

  20. spfVpS9.gif

    1. Urbanov

      Is that Bieber 

    2. Urbanov

      Omg it’s Gaga 💀💀💀💀

  21. 7 rings is STILL that bop 9 months later cry6 

  22. Has anyone watched AHS recently? Was Apocalypse good jj4 

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    2. Venus XCX

      Apocalypse a serve tbh, though the first episode is useless and just sets the apocalypse scene jj4 

    3. K$ANIMAL

      This was the best season!

    4. SeekingThrill

      There were some bad moments and certain cameos were pointless. It could have been better. 

      That being said, I liked it, since I liked Coven too.


  23. I can't believe it, they're actually starting impeachment proceedings against the Cheeto in the House giveup1 

    1. ajp

      Inquiry first, then House procedure for impeachment second (if evidence from whistleblower confirms the crime of bribery).

    2. Urbanov

      Cheeto fedghhfyjjcnbbjkoo

  24. Some people never change eve1