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  1. slayyyter reminds me of an uncensored 2000's britney. she's interesting

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    2. Freaky Prince

      5 hours ago, Venom said:

      She seemingly supports Poppy and is working with Azealia tho bebe1

      Whats this Poppy thing you've been preaching for months now? bebe1 

      OT: Slayyyter is interesting indeed

    3. Venom

      @Freaky Prince Poppy's a random alt girl that for the past couple years has made deliberately generic music to be "satirical"; her director/writer/inventor that she also has a crush on, Titanic Sinclair, was in a relationship with one of my faves (Mars Argo), abused her, broke into her home, worked to keep her away from getting signed by a label or generally advancing with her career, etc. and built up Poppy to be an imitation of her. Mars exposed it in a lawsuit last year with comparisons and photo evidence of Titanic having broken into her home but Poppy got the last word in by accusing a random innocent of abuse, just because of his affiliation with Mars, to make Mars look hypocritical.

      Therefore, Poppy is still considered non-problematic somehow and has stans, incl. a majority of GagaDaily, as well as one or two of our own active members who comes online every now and then. And Azealia's collabing with her. And Slayyyter supports it and is collabing with Azealia also. bebe1

    4. Freaky Prince

      That's really not canceling-worthy tho bebe1 

      Azealia has said shit tho, but Slayyyter is a really gay Twitter-centered artist and you know how Twitter gays like to worship Azealia as if her music is the second coming dead2 So I get he collab thing dead2