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  1. Probably the most uninterested I've been in a collab for one of my faves ever but I guess I'll stream it.
  2. She's pretty ruthless and will go after Pence pretty hard, she's amazing at debating. But, her history is cloudy and her police background is questionable.. I don't think anyone else was relevant enough or good enough to be a pick though. I'm happy with the choice at the end of the day.
  3. Jake

    Katy deserves so hard
  4. Wish it was Adore You instead but talent won!
  5. I was never a fan of Marvel I tried SO hard but I just don't know where to start.
  6. I didn't even know Watermelon Sugar was this huge Congrats man
  7. .. I'm happy she's slaying but I'd still feel SO bad if she blocked Katy on her like 8th week when they're friends again...
  8. Jake


    Probably fake, but my favorite track being RUINED by Ed Sheeran if it's true
  9. Very impressive knowing how fast the UK market moves. Congrats girl
  10. Jake


    Okay bitch might've snapped
  11. source. Bail of $6.3 million Finally this scum is getting what he deserves.
  12. Jake

    Maybe when the clubs open up and the six bottoms who streamed the album who are infected with COVID-19 and probably various other diseases stream Chromatica maybe it'll catch up to folklore Until then, it'll be left in the dust as it deserves.
  13. Jake

    I'll happily stream an artist who can grow and actually sell music instead of catering to pathetic, desperate, bottoms who can't escape 2010 Keep it up sis, you're doing great at attempting to drag
  14. Jake

    Going platinum week 2 with a surprise drop is a flop yet Chromatica taking months to barely scan Platinum and all of its singles collapsing out of the top 10 is a smash era. The jokes write themselves Stick to your Chromatica jockstrap sis.
  15. Jake


    tu, n whew. Imagine to Fake Smile... all 10/10s
  16. All My Love! Didn't bother listen to Charlie's Angels
  17. GIAW & goodnight n go surpass!
  18. This is a celebratory thread that doesn't need to be hostile - don't act childish and get yourselves warned over something stupid. OT: Congratulations! I honestly thought someone debuted at #1 and #1 on the Billboard 200 at the same time already but I guess not.
  19. Legendary stuff. Congratulations
  20. Jake

    Celeb News

    Some other stars should take note. Just be happy and release content for your fans. I respect her for that.
  21. Jake

    I'm contractually obligated to take place in this for being a Lana section resident