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  1. Oop! Knew it had something to do with her next era Also that radio adds date 4 days after the single drop.. They're on their stuff
  2. Jake


    break up with your girlfriend, i'm bored
  3. If I still used iTunes, I'd probably flip the single and album cover but who cares we're about to get BANGERS
  4. Unfortunately, doesn't seem to be the case. If you go on the positions single link on her site and change "1" to "2" on the link, it links to this picture straight up
  5. Dave is meaning it's an incoming slay. No Hannah is automatically a win
  6. I love the picture, but the earring is so weird to look at with the filter. Something about it is unsettling?
  7. Jake


    Oh, we're getting true R&B with a cover like this. FUCK ME UP YASSSS
  8. Jake


    Pete. I also did not see a ping for this, my bad
  9. Also with all this hype going on, I would NOT be surprised if she surpassed thank u, next's level of interest with the GP Not expecting it at ALL, but I do think she can go higher relevance wise
  10. Hold up, gimme your Partition single cover baby girl We're looking at an incoming slay
  11. Also hoping the lowercase trend was over Oh well
  12. In real life, it's region in Japan. Or what we're talking about is the region in some Pokémon games!
  13. I'm moreso a stan of IV, but I agree. Kanto is shit and overrated simply because it was the first gen. If we never went back, I'd be quite happy.
  14. Jake


    5. It's quite unremarkable for a Lana song. Beautiful tho
  15. Jake here

    Can I graduate already? I've typed 5 essays in the past week laughcry1 College sucks.

  16. Once again, speculation. If anything, she'll release around late November to get the Christmas sales and hype.
  17. Jake


    I've been watching Diaries a lot, but the documentary hit me very hard Lemme get into House next. I've been a stan for a good year and a half now but now I feel the genuine connection
  18. Jake


    I'm watching the documentary and I'm actually really emotional. I haven't connected with some girls like this since Lana and Ariana. I'm legit so proud of them.
  19. I doubt. With all the classified info that is in his head, the Secret Service would lock him down instantly You're not escaping the law, Donald.