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    Pretty Hurts 42 Haunted 10 Partition 38
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    Pretty Hurts 52 Haunted 56 Drunk In Love 12 Partition 60
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    Pretty Hurts 62 Haunted 66 Drunk In Love 50 Partition 68 Heaven 36
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    XO went from 26 to 6 Pretty Hurts 22 - Haunted 28 Drunk In Love 22 Blow 24 No Angel 18 + Partition 28 Jealous 20 Rocket 18 Mine 20 XO 22 ***Flawless 18 Heaven 28 Blue 12
  5. part of me is one of her worst singles
  6. sparkadia

    fucking love the song NEED THE WHOLE THING NOW
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  8. last episode was really sad and beautiful i liked this show a lot and hope there is more of it someday
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    Yeah, I dunno. Like, she's always been aggressive and brash, and that's part of why I enjoy songs like "212". But this isn't the same as just spitting "I'mma ruin you cunt" on a song; the "faggot" stuff is her directly talking in a hateful way to someone. This isn't the first time with the beef stuff either. Maybe we expect her to break the rules, but it becomes tiresome imo.
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    I'd say the album will be pushed back again there are more rumours circulating that she has been dropped from interscope
  11. sparkadia

    I was just going to say, Azealia has deleted her twitter before and she rants on twitter all the time! She picks a fight with anyone. Having a Twitter beef with Azealia Banks is like an initiation in the rap game these days.
  12. sparkadia


    And the fact that she went after Perez Hilton hardly matters. It was Angel Haze she was feuding with first, and some of the insults she was slinging her way were insinuating that she was transgendered, and that that was somehow some kind of ghoulish, weird, disgusting thing to be. It's just petty and rude and disrespectful and as an up and coming artist without an album yet I think she should let her music do the talking before getting into these beefs, or, ideally, just not get into any beefs at all. I want to keep liking her but she's making it hard. It's not necessarily the language or individual words I have a problem with, its her hateful attitude and the fact that she doesn't seem to think very much about what she says before she says it.
  13. sparkadia


    She said that a "faggot" didn't refer to a homosexual, merely an effeminate man. The fact that she used the word "faggot" as an insult seems to suggest that, to her, being an effeminate man is somehow a derogatory characteristic. It's hateful language. Like, there is absolutely no doubt about it, using that insult in the way she did is homophobic. It hardly matters that she has gay fans or has a gay person featuring on her song or that she's friends with Le1f and Zebra Katz. That's like saying a girl can't be sexist, or a man with a wife and daughters can't be sexist, or something.