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  1. Pretty Hurts 42 Haunted 10 Partition 38
  2. Pretty Hurts 52 Haunted 56 Drunk In Love 12 Partition 60
  3. Pretty Hurts 62 Haunted 66 Drunk In Love 50 Partition 68 Heaven 36
  4. XO went from 26 to 6 Pretty Hurts 22 - Haunted 28 Drunk In Love 22 Blow 24 No Angel 18 + Partition 28 Jealous 20 Rocket 18 Mine 20 XO 22 ***Flawless 18 Heaven 28 Blue 12
  5. fucking love the song NEED THE WHOLE THING NOW
  7. last episode was really sad and beautiful i liked this show a lot and hope there is more of it someday
  8. I was just going to say, Azealia has deleted her twitter before and she rants on twitter all the time! She picks a fight with anyone. Having a Twitter beef with Azealia Banks is like an initiation in the rap game these days.
  9. catching up on the thread, a few things: the jessie ware album is worth hearing - the run from "sweet talk" through to the end of the record is outstanding cassie's probably never going to put any more music out because of her relationship with diddy or something but her s/t album from 2006 is phenomenal - one of the best ever imo my contribution this'd be in my top 10 singles for the last 10 or so years but I've never found any of her other stuff quite as engaging
  10. Video is cute and fun. Like it. Not one of her better songs, tho.
  11. Born To Die 24 Off To The Races 24 Blue Jeans 26 Video Games 20 National Anthem 30 Dark Paradise 24 - Radio 26 + Carmen 22 Summertime Sadness 28 This Is What Makes Us Girls 18 Without You 22 Lolita 20 Lucky Ones 16
  12. Ride 26 American 30 Cola 30 Body Electric 28 Blue Velvet 20 Gods & Monsters 22 Bel Air 24
  13. Born To Die 22 Off To The Races 20 Blue Jeans 24 Video Games 18 Diet Mountain Dew 4 National Anthem 26 Dark Paradise 22 - Radio 26 + Carmen 20 Million Dollar Man 10 Summertime Sadness 26 This Is What Makes Us Girls 18 Without You 22 Lolita 24 Lucky Ones 18
  14. Born To Die 16 Off To The Races 20 Blue Jeans 24 Video Games 18 Diet Mountain Dew 10 National Anthem 22 Dark Paradise 26 Radio 22 + Carmen 22 Million Dollar Man 16 - Summertime Sadness 23 This Is What Makes Us Girls 18 Without You 19 Lolita 22 Lucky Ones 22
  15. i searched the boards and found a few particular threads for her early singles but no general thread. anyway. at least one person here is on board i saw her live last month and some of the songs she did (ones she hasn't yet released) were amazing so i have very high expectations for the album
  16. board needs a thread for her she'll be huge by this time next year her new mixtape "Super Ultra" came out today and you can download it for free / stream it on soundcloud here: http://charlixcxmusic.com/ her album is coming out next year.
  17. video games is absolutely still a 10/10 remember making a thread for it on this board over a year ago. one of those songs that you hear and want to call everyone you know and talk about it.
  18. It's gone to radio now and the official audio is up