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  1. Probably 0 but she will slay in über liberal Western Europe :interesting:
  2. I see bew. Anyway prepare yourself for the gay invasion ::
  3. @Benikari47 are you attending @the semis/final?
  4. Yeah it's like bad Bruno Mars parody
  5. 3. She is not a real mom .gif' alt='ny6'>
  6. And still unable to tour .gif' alt='ny4'> .gif' alt='ny4'>
  7. I just checked their last year votes and they predicted Denmark as winner so .gif' alt='ny6'>.gif' alt='ny5'>
  8. How embarrassing is to stan for this vile cunt :interesting:
  9. Oh really? http://esctoday.com/81920/ogae-poll-2014-andorra-calling/ The king has arrived. Bow down bitches .gif' alt='ny15'>
  10. This new queen from Austria has the voice of Adele and the look of Gagz :interesting: