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  1. YASSSS RH has been on replay since last night, I'm so fucking excited 2 get the final versions soon For demos these are AMAZING
  2. How did Avril manage to get mentioned in this
  3. You got: A Horse You’re loyal, smart, and willing to take risks for the sake of your friends and family. Your Patronus takes the form of a Horse, the same as Ginny Weasley. You’re an underrated badass and enemies should be cautious of your hexing skills. True to my Name, PopHorse
  4. This Not him spending his day on FOTP and other Forum sites
  5. I said HELL YEAH, I'm right where I'm supposed to be Tough love, I knew it from the start Deep down, in the depths, Of my Rebel Heart
  6. What I've learned from this thread Opinions on Which Pop Girl is the best, An opinion which changes every week and an opinion that is never the same from song to song, let alone album to album, but we're all just here wasting time and posting our opinions in threads about opinions, but people need to stop acting as if their opinions matter because opinions don't mean anything, except that's all we have to share when we post an opinion, but if you didn't think your opinion mattered more then others you wouldn't have posted this opinion in the first place, but sometimes Opinions can be roote
  7. You know, It's possible to equally like both artists It might not make me popular with fellow Madge fans but YOLO I like Gaga and M about the same, 2 different artists, 2 different styles and I always enjoy when both put out new music (excluding Clit 2 Clit) You can like 1 without shading the other tbh Both of them are icons, and I've never felt threatened by the presence of one in terms of the other's status
  8. Galadriel

    Artist Randomdonna

    And our section has been blessed 2 Thank God because we needed it
  9. Not Britney fans actually putting BJ on a musical pedestal, it was the weakest album of her entire career It had a few great bops, but it was like luke-warm compared even to FF's release And Need I remind you that these are Demos? Would you all like me to post Miss Knee's Demo without auto-tune to help her?
  10. Our impacT But hopefully not because I need more FOTP confessions drama
  11. She's prob on a plane coming home RN getting texts about the songs leaking like