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  1. It was everywhere in Italy when it first came out Definitely a smash hit over here!
  2. They knew that they would flop into the oblivion if they actually banned porn on their site, it's basically the only thing they're known for
  3. Today is a sad day in the world
  4. Sorry, but I really don't like her acting and the accent throws me off SO MUCH, it sounds nothing like a real italian trying to speak english while having a heavy accent
  5. It's kinda obvious they did it exactly to have this reaction Unless they are just incredibly dumb... and in that case idk what to say
  6. Bye bitch That's what he deserves for being a TRASH human being
  7. Is he DUMB? Why even say you stopped using it only some time ago He's 50, does that mean he's used it for at least 30/40 years? Don't get me wrong, it's a good thing he stopped using it and is actually learning something, which means this will spread awareness to other people, BUT he could have spread the same awareness in other ways
  8. Eiii, just got the first dose of the COVID vaccine! I'm a Moderna Queen rn


  9. And this is why the solo version of Levitating is much better