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  1. I'm sorry y'all, but after the things he has said...
  2. Arya


    Are you happy that you finally have a new brother?
  3. Arya here

    I hate when people say that Reputation is not "Taylor Swift" and stuff like that. Shut up Karen, yes it's her you dumb bitch. Especially the gworls in the Fine Brothers Reaction videos, like putas, a person can change and modify her sound.


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    2. Arya

      Exactly! She even tells you herself! sksksksk lmfao2

    3. Chris Morlock

      my brother was saying that people like Taylor and Kesha change their own life to fit the music lol3 

    4. Arya

      Rude I would say! kylie2

  4. Arya


    THIS BITCH I will SUE her for stealing all my damn WIGS YAS MISS SWIFT FINALLY
  5. Arya

    Suddenly I have an urge to vomit
  6. Arya

    I'll show you how to make real pasta
  7. Arya

    What are you clocking? I'm not the one coming for someone's grammar mistake, was just pointing out the irony Seems like your popularity downfall took a toll on you
  8. Arya

    Coming for my grammar mistakes? Irony at it's finest
  9. Arya

    Is my typo going to make GTFO chart? I don't think so
  10. Arya

    Stop it with the self hating! I told you, you'll get thorough GTFO flopping!
  11. Arya

    I stan Mariah just so I can drag her hard in front of @Sylk
  12. I wonder if Tay will be able to pull through after she'll lose the most viewed video by a female artist
  13. Arya

    So you are a dupe
  14. She finally chose the third single after Look and Delicate Don't @ me