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  1. Arya

    Are you sure?
  2. Arya

    But, she kinda sounds good here sistrens? I'm confusion, America explain!
  3. Lol? He wasn't comparing the two things though He was simply saying that things change, and that not that everything is legal now is also right
  4. You are sis, if you're pressed and distressed, the Battlegrounds are made specifically for you to vent and drag While we don't like negativity in this section, we still do see both sides of the coin and disagree with her actions when needed, without fighting with other people about it though
  5. Babe, this is not battlegrounds, the door is over there
  6. Arya

    Not shocked Brit's bf is winning, the rosebuds are in full bloom everytime Fotp sees him
  7. She's gonna come out of this better than ever though
  8. Omg yes! I loved Scream Queens
  9. Since when are iTunes charts relevant again? Is this 2010?
  10. Arya

    Kanye West - Singer/Kardashian
  11. And yet again, it's just a single leaf of salad, without any condiment
  12. Arya

    I'm still baffled, shocked and disgusted that Never Really Over is not one of the biggest hits of the year
  13. Arya


    I have arrived And you're entitled to your WRONG opinion 1989 is pure perfection, Red is amazing, Lover is good and Fearless is cute