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  1. Oh but @Madonna has always had a huge hate boner for Taylor, since the early beginnings, it was only a bit more level headed, while these days it seems like the good sis has a trauma every time there are good news about Taylor
  2. I'm really not complaining though, I sometimes read bgs and it's just funny to me to see how pressed you are over her, but I'm not trying to make you stop, it's kinda entertaining to see how many things you can come up with to hate on Taylor
  3. The only pressed one is you You've literally been hating Taylor for years and years I'm not complaining that you're hating on her, you can spend your time however you want, I'm just asking everyone else where's the fun in arguing with you about stuff like this. Usually battlegrounds are fun and entertaining, but you're always the same broken record, reading your comments is like watching paint dry sorry sis
  4. Why are y'all arguing with @Madonna He's always had a hate boner for Taylor and whatever she does, you can go back years of topics on Fotp, he's always gonna be hating on all Taylor related stuff
  5. I mean, Speak Now TS version is definitely coming soon
  6. It's always a good laugh seeing @Madonna's "drags" in Taylor topics He's just like a broken record, year after yearrrrr, saying the same old shit I liveee EDIT: Ooop sorry y'all, forgot to say he's also definitely gonna press that down-vote button like there's no tomorrow
  7. A lot of help please Water-Meloni and her bullshit is gonna destroy us even more
  8. Uhm, just looked for the sake of it cause I'm Italian and it looks like a decently okay pizza to me, not even half as bad as some comments say... wtf do they think pizza is supposed to look like?
  9. It was everywhere in Italy when it first came out Definitely a smash hit over here!