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  1. Arya here

    Today feels like a good day to remember how Never Really Over deserved to be the #1 best selling song of of 2019, but instead it was SNUBBED by the gp. scream2

    1. Mariah's 19 #1s

      honestly it remains so fucking good, really should have been something big 

    2. Jjang

      it's serving longevity tho... 


      It might have not had a huge peak or whatever but a year later and its still getting 600k+ updates on Spotify. We love a sleeper classic 

    3. Arya

      True, but it deserved so much more than what it got lol3

  2. There's no reason, it simply just IS
  3. Arya

    I love both, but Say So is the superior bop
  4. Well this is not what I expected
  5. Arya


    Bless her soul
  6. Arya


    I guess she really doesn't want that #1 huh
  7. Arya


    This is so much better Miss Dojaaa what are u doing sis
  8. Arya

    That's because you have impeccable taste
  9. Arya

    The only thing that matters is that NRO deserved to peak at #1 for several weeks at least, but people paid it dust, and I'm still disgusted by that
  10. Arya


    Anyone that says that LWYMMD shouldn't have been the first single is just wrong, and that's a fact written in the holy bible of the gays henny
  11. @Ghostface @Snow Y'all, it's really no use to argue with @Madonna, drama is ha source of sustenance
  12. Arya

    The backtracking is REAL honey
  13. Did you really down-vote me for saying I'm glad I still stanned ha? She's fuming Your Honour
  14. Well I guess I was right in being on her side the whole time Love how she keeps on winning