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  1. Arya


    People really can't be pleased Celebs don't get involved in politics: "Omg, what a disgrace, you have the power to help everyone and push people to vote." Celebs actually do something: "Lol, what do you want? A scooby snack? Get over yourself."
  2. Arya

    Sounds a bit bland I guess, I'm not too sure how to feel about it. It just doesn't hit the same as all her other lead singles, we had No Tears and TUN on the last two albums, and those were bangers
  3. Why is everyone so interested in his sexuality
  4. What? He doesn't look much older
  5. He's taking this batman thing way too seriously now
  6. Arya

    I'm sorry, I love Britney and I wish her only the best... but on top? Of what? The bubbling chart?
  7. She's just having fun
  8. But I thought she was gonna free fall after the first week!!1!1