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  1. Arya


    Well, she might regret the song because of the reception it received, but changing the lines on the spoken part is something she kinda always does. Like with WANEGBT where she says "I'm busy opening the Grammys" instead of the usual lyrics
  2. Arya


    I see the outfit is also 1989 inspired WHY does it look she just went through a rebellious phase, cut off the sleeves and washed the outfit with a high temperature when she knew it was supposed to be washed in medium temperature or else it would be ruined, BUT then she just added a belt and ran with it
  3. Well, at least she's doing performances and they're good
  4. Arya


    It's funny cause it's true
  5. Arya


    Oh... I-
  6. Then get to work bitch.mp3
  7. Don't you have some creative writing to do babe?
  8. Arya


  9. Arya

    Drag her I guess This era so far has been a lot of choices. I'm liking Me! a bit more and I enjoyed the performance, but when I start thinking about the Shake It Off performance at the VMA's and the Blank Space song/video it's... I-
  10. Unless this means that she's gonna start spelling everything out because it's fun, cause then we're in trouble
  11. Arya

    @Taylor I'm shook, the Lord can finally hold a note I just watched the BBMA's performance
  12. Just wait until @Madonna comes and agrees with the article, while also suggesting to close our section
  13. Yes, her performance screams CuLtUrAl ApPrOpRiAtIoN! I-
  14. Patrick has a huge following on YouTube, all the celebs are invited basically