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  1. This sounds like a fanfic that @Winnie would write in his free time
  2. Arya

    Dua sis WTF I was starting to stan you! AND YOU DO THIS? Future Nostalgia is a BOP... WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS?
  3. This is shocking tbh HOW is the song doing so well? This is something that I expected from Katy's Never really over when first listening to it, it just was THAT song... while Olivia's song is just... meh? Idk how to explain it
  4. This song gives me nothing, it's kinda weird seeing it smashing all these records, idk
  5. Arya


    You consider this a hit thread? The standards are indeed very low nowadays
  6. Arya


  7. Arya

    I'm not changing subject though, just saying that albums imo are more valuable than a single. Tay has never been much of a singles artist other than 1989
  8. Arya

    Album sales are much better sis
  9. Arya


    Not me listening to it right as I read this thread
  10. If he decides to not take the vaccine when it's gonna be fully tested and effective BECAUSE of his religious beliefs, then he deserves to be dragged for it, because HIS OWN actions will have consequences for other people too, not only him. I shouldn't be more at risk because he didn't want to take the vaccine.