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  1. Oh I see I might be, but don't tell @Grams
  2. This is actually one of the worse things I've read on this forum No matter how rich, good looking, etc... someone is, they can always have their own demons. Body dysmorphia is a very real and hard struggle to deal with and I bet it's even worse when you're in the public eye, with millions of people talking about your appearance
  3. Buonasera a te Wait, are u Italian?
  4. We're allegedly about to win another lockdown too because people aren't taking enough precautions
  5. I agree tbh, I like their Korean songs more than Butter, but Dynamite is still that bitch to me
  6. I actually like the song tbh, but Dynamite was muuuch better. I don't get all these people being pressed about a song being #1 The single is selling 10 times more than the nearest competitor it seems (At least that's what I gathered from reading this thread) Sooo... uhm, it deserves to top the charts tbh I love how people call BTS irrelevant, but then you look at their faves and... let's leave it at that Their faves could be at #1 too...
  7. People are really this PRESSED about a song?
  8. @Princess Aurora Sis did you see Elodie's new insta video? Or whatever it was. She was thanking her parents for not being baptized (Referring to the Vatican's meddling)

    lmfao2 I love her

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    2. Arya


      @Princess Aurora How did you even manage to escape their songs rip3 I literally hear them all the time even when I don't want to rip3 WAIT, so you've never heard Pistolero, MILLE, Non mi basta più, Da zero a cento, Voglio ballare con te? HOW rip3

    3. Princess Aurora

      Princess Aurora

      No eve1 I just don't listen to the Radio or watch TVmoo1 then most of my friends live outside Italy so 

    4. Arya


      I'm kinda shook rip3

  9. They're severely brain damaged, simple ANYONE that stands with this policy deserves NOTHING in this world I still don't understand what anyone cares what someone else wants to do with their body and their life as long as they are not hurting themselves or anyone else. Like, what's NOT CLICKING, what is NOT CLICKING in that dumb little head of some people. We're not harming anyone, we just want to live our FUCKING LIVES FOR FUCKS SAKE. This gets my blood boiling, BOILING.
  10. I HATE... no wait, today is SUPER HATE, I SUPER HATE true1