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  1. I love how Ellen introduces every artist performing at her show like: "Here to perform a #1 song"
  2. Arya

    This just gave me a bad stomach ache and explosive diarrhea
  3. This is stoopid It's just a picture on a shirt Some people need to re-evaluate themselves
  4. Arya here

    To this day, I still can't believe that Never Really Over was not the biggest hit of 2019 gag1

    Everyone really paid dust to that absolute BOP bebe1

    We deserve awful songs for 2020 because we let NRO FLOP scream2

    1. Princess Aurora

      This. I'm heartbroken knowing that Never Really Over wasn't successful. It's easily one of the best songs from this year

  5. Arya

    Are you sure?
  6. Arya

    But, she kinda sounds good here sistrens? I'm confusion, America explain!
  7. Arya

    Not shocked Brit's bf is winning, the rosebuds are in full bloom everytime Fotp sees him
  8. She's gonna come out of this better than ever though
  9. Since when are iTunes charts relevant again? Is this 2010?