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  1. Wait what I thought it was Rih since y'all call her Rhat Was Shook to see it was Halsey
  2. Discussion

    Queen of having international hit albums!
  3. Why is Fergie suddenly attacked by Biebs stans? What happened?
  4. Y'all... I would have never expected to see the Gaon chart in a BG thread But in other things, YAS Cosmic Girls with Happy Moment
  5. What even There was no grabbing at all
  6. Sis, she can make how much effort she wants, it won't work right after releasing a diss track True, it's a response to Tay's "diss-track", but it's still another "diss-track"
  7. It's because they mostly "whisper" instead of singing, it's usually what Selena's gets dragged for the most
  8. The world would flip over on it's own
  9. That could be true! Stans would be SHOOK by a collab between them two
  10. Well, I'd definitely want them to make up and collab on something, but Katy just released her diss track. I don't care about the petty drama, but Katy's "I want to make up" doesn't feel THAT genuine right now. Obviously I don't want them to fight, I'd love for Tay to stop making dumb decisions, but we all know she's calculated, vendicative and holds grudges for a long time, so I don't know if they'll ever make up unluckily.
  11. Hannah babe It's like you say something bad about me, then after a bit I respond with the same kind of thing, but then I say that I want to leave it all behind and that I want to make up with you
  12. here

    I am SHOOK to the core. giveup1

    Greedy is the best song of 2016! meg1

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    2. Arya

      What? jj4

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      What a disappointment jj4

    4. Arya

      Gorl, we have different tastes and that's totally fine jj4

  13. She just released Swish Swish, that's not going above and beyond to put the drama aside. Anyways, hope they make up and collab on something, it would be great and the stans would be SHOOK