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  1. Arya

    She teaches spinning class or something
  2. She already has a movie though, doesn't she? It's just that it's a cartoon She's the only mythical creature, we can imagine her to be any race as long as she's a mermaid and still be true to the story, the other ones are actual humans with a set background, that's why Ariel in my opinion was the best choice for this, but as I said, to each his own. You have your opinion, I have mine, let's just agree to disagree.
  3. Does it matter that it's forced though? So many little girls are going to be so happy to see a black little mermaid
  4. I guess to each his own, right? I'm just happy that many little girls are going to see themselves represented. But anyways, who even looks like Ariel? Why do you care so much that she's gonna be black?
  5. Actually the issue is that white straight actors play basically every part. Is the character half Asian? "Great, Emma Stone can play her." Is the character transgender? "Awesome, Scarlett Johansson is the best choice, not like we have any transgender actor anyways lol." The main character is black? "Let's just whitewash a bit!" Asian male lead? "Wait, asian men can't really be sexy, let's just use them as a comedic tool." Is the character gay? "Well, straight actors are good, we don't really need to give gay actors a platform!" I get that it's acting, and I also get that talented people can portray lots of characters, but let's be real, straight white actors get most of the parts. Is is THAT important that the god damn little mermaid is black? She's a mermaid, for all I care she could be green and with 10 eyes, as long as she's a mermaid it doesn't matter to the story at all! Who the fuck cares about her skin-tone! Let other people identify with her, white people already have enough representation in the media as it is.
  6. I- Why is it that always some Katy stan is wayyy too interested in Tay's business Sis, she almost sold a million first week again after the market decline of physical and digital sales, also let's keep in mind that she's doing all of this while publicly supporting the lgbtq+ community and being a democrat, meaning she definitely lost some fans/gp support. Not everyone is gonna buy all versions, not everyone has that kind of money to splurge. I only ever bought one version, there's no worth in buying everything.
  7. And why do you care so much sis
  8. Arya

    Not really, they just cut out the audio. If you hear the actual live one, you can hear everyone singing along
  9. Wow, this thread, just like Nicki, is a flop
  10. Arya


    Does she now? Good for ha