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  1. This might actually be cute Still don't love drivers license, but deja vu is okay
  2. Speak Now being the second lowest is a hate crime! You better take this back
  3. Rich coming from the person most obsessed with Taylor and what she does Thankfully I've already learned that it's no use arguing with you
  4. If you end up liking it a lot, then the iceborne expansion for monster hunter world is SUPER worth it too sis
  5. So you basically want someone to not have any kind of ambition. Okay, got it! Striving to always be the best is what makes us become better I'm good too sis, just shocked at your responses in this thread But not shocked that @Madonna is upvoting everything you post, the good sis is and has always been a Taylor hater
  6. What? It's like saying: I got a raise at my job, so I'm fine enough with that and I'm not going to try to achieve more and get paid more Are you good sis?
  7. It's cute, but I'd like it more if it was a lil more icy, right now it looks a bit too yellow-ish
  8. Oooh, that's awesome sis! I started getting back into arena, almost 1.4k Can't wait to upgrade some pieces Good luck on Sludgefist, you can do it!
  9. Yeah, I'm in a guild too, been with them for a long time now Have you been raiding?
  10. Tbh it's not easy, it takes a lot of effort and time, but yeah, it's way harder with pugs than with a guild
  11. Tbh in rated pvp faction should not matter Gurl you betta get that spider mount on horde first
  12. Character specific, but the mount will be unlocked account wide
  13. Next season is not that close yet, so it could be doable, but yeah, I think you need 1.4k+ and after that you're gonna start advancing with the quest
  14. You gotta grind a lot of arenas/rbg for that spider mount You better start now if you really want it Now I'm ilvl 194 and debating if I should start trying to climb from today or not
  15. Ggs! 207 ilvl is a good amount! Do you mainly PvP or PvE?
  16. I'm priest (Holy/Disc) Currently farming bgs and conduits, but so far I'm already 187 with some of my best 184 ilvl conduits, so it's going pretty well for having been back only for a week
  17. Yeah I saw, I renewed my sub some days ago and got to 60, now I'm doing some bgs for gear I want to get back into arenas as soon as possible