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  1. thomas doesn't come on anymore either? not all of us dissapearing like our fave
  2. that's much better i've been busy w school but i'm finally back. so u finally decided to come back? slay
  3. i haven't posted in forever helo
  4. Mad House. But POTR is a good one too.
  5. It's so cute, I really chose the right time to start my free trial.
  6. sould've been in the top 10 though
  7. i used to like it a lot but then i got bored of it
  8. ugh i hate without you. one of my least faves.
  9. marilyn is ok...but the graphic is cute
  10. yas i love queen of disaster, such a cute bop.
  11. bv is not cute or an awesome cover, but u keep thinking that. <3