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  1. I'm probably done with Battlegrounds and NHB. Literally almost dying puts a lot of things in perspective.

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    2. Mitski


      that's insane and terrifying. stay strong hon. praying for your recovery and sending you love

    3. Hylia


      Oh wow, I hope you have a smooth and safe recovery!

    4. Holiest Dreams

      Holiest Dreams

      Oh my... Hope you get better soon, stay strong oprah2 

  2. I survived from 1999-2012 just fine so
  3. Isn't that exactly what you just did tho? Are you pretending to be stupid or are you actually stupid?
  4. Well when you serve dirty sock water and call it tea, most people aren't going to like the taste.
  5. It's cute when Knee stans try to call anyone deluded when you all are the experts at deluding yourselves into thinking the most basic dance moves = slaying like 2001ney.
  6. Seemed more like a copy of Loose to me.
  7. While Advil Latrine's "best" work rihmains inferior to just about anything Big Kelly 6 has ever put out, do nawT come for P!nksus Christ's discography. While I consider Delete This and Messhouse to generally be weak af alberms, her discography is still fairly solid and consistent, and even those two mediocre alberms have their gems. ("Trouble," "I Don't Believe You") Big Kelly 6 is slept on af tho, and you all know it. I think some gerls just got pressedT when she did Advil's tropes better than Advil ever could.
  8. I haven't been around much since I got back from Boston because my immune system is trash and allowed a flu bug to enter my body. tina1 Today's the first day since coming home that I feel semi-human. fall3

    1. Chris


      fall3 get better.

  9. Because only one of the two solo albums she put out during her commercial peak was good.
  10. This latest Bible from Pixar is gonna outgross Frozen at the box office. Bookmark me.
  11. Pixar slayed me with their newest Bible. gaga13 DreamWorks HEW?

  12. Calvin's dick was the first one to actually enter her vag and break her hymen so not yet.
  13. Also: Barbra Streisand Judy Garland And if we go outside music, Joan Rivers, Kathy Griffin, Roseanne Barr, Ellen, and the Golden Girls.
  14. Carly HEW? She's not even a desktop icon, much less gay icon.
  15. In 1996, I pretty much only cared about Disney soundtracks and Whitney Houston. I was 13 that year. I was a late bloomer.
  16. Let's see. Saline still managed to sell nearly 1.5M copies of an almost completely solo album WW in 2013 when most veterans need duet partners on each track to get numbers like that. Dolly can still tour and sell out large venues, even if she hasn't had a Gold album since 1994. Whitney is one of the few artists in the past 10 years to have massive sales week after week upon her death, so yes. Barbra, albeit with duet partners on each track, managed a #1 Platinum album (WITHOUT streaming) in 2014. Well Kelly C's latest album was a minor success, but needed streams and T
  17. Barbra when The Prince Of Tides was nominated for multiple Oscars, including Best Picture, but she didn't get nominated for Best Director. Celine, Dolly, and Adele have never had scandals cuz they're saved Christians who have Jesus in their hearts to block out all impure thoughts and actions. I don't have to talk about Whitney's. Kelly Clarkson publicly fought with her label over My December and "Already Gone" to become a feminist icon. Janet has Tittygate Vadge has too many for my lazy ass to mention. Moo has Clitter.
  18. "Dolly Parton has no impact outside her genre." lol2


  19. I stan for talent, personality, stage presence, performance skill, etc. I don't stan for success or receipts. I stan for MY FAVES' success and receipts. There's a difference. Those who stan for receipts will have a new #1 fav every so often based on who's killing the charts. Those who stan for their faves' receipts stan them for other reasons, but ofc are proud of what their fave has accomplished. I'm proud that so many of my faves have both talent AND success.