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  1. Game

    i cant vote for TB RHT made me love this song
  2. Game

    i mean 1. Love Makes The World Go Round - Milk2. Love Makes The World Go Round - UB3.4.5.6.
  3. Game

    racist song is out good
  4. Achievement

    and it sounds like it is jk
  5. Music Video

    not really there was more but cant find it
  6. Music Video

    gurl pls it was one of her best tours, not to mention what a good mood she had during whole tour she talked half of my date about hairy asses when will your faves tbh
  7. Album

    i think we can all agree that CTRL is best album of 2017
  8. MADONNA & STEVEN MEISEL – SEX A post-feminist work of art, with commercial success and critical acclaim. Sex remains the fastest selling coffee table book of all time, and 23-years on, stands strong as an iconic moment in time for Madonna’s most rebellious, pioneering and outlandish phase. True to what it promises, the tome was considered transgressive at the time for its unapologetic display of sex and exploration of sexuality in the most public of ways. With over 128 pages of controversial appearances from stars like Naomi Campbell, Madonna herself and Big Daddy Kane with influences from punk rock to soft core porn – Sex sits on top as one of pop-culture and photography’s finest moments. http://www.dazeddigital.com/photography/article/25580/1/are-these-the-most-controversial-photography-books-ever LINK IS NSFW
  9. Single

    omg beat drop or i should say bell drop
  10. Game

    really 1. Jimmy Jimmy - Devil Pray2. Jimmy Jimmy - Milk3. Jimmy Jimmy - Saiga4. Jimmy Jimmy - UB5.6.7.8.
  11. i have tears in my eyes also Miguel Ángel Silvestre full frontal nude scene is coming and im wet already