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  1. silly question, the better one
  2. Queen of voodoo pop coming back with new anthem (and maybe album) https://feverray.com/ Fever Ray, the solo project of the Knife’s Karin Dreijer Andersson, has returned. The Fever Ray website has been updated to a creepy, looping visual of a body in a glass case, with tubes protruding from it. It also features a new video titled “Switch Seeks Same,” which is soundtracked by what sounds like a new song. Check that out below. The most recent self-titled Fever Ray album was released back in 2009; the teaser video acknowledges that time away with text that reads, “It’s been eight years and much has been learned and unlearned. Eight years of defeat and growth, eight years of caring and being cared for, eight years of loving and being loved.” Earlier this year, the Knife shared a new concert film, Shaking the Habitual: Live at Terminal 5, shot during the tour behind their final album before breaking up. https://pitchfork.com/news/fever-ray-teases-new-music-with-intense-video-watch/
  3. i dont think they are out of reach, they are 10 year olds or less, i mean they dont even have their own taste developed yet, they just like what every one like or whats on the radio right now they are too young to understand history not to mention pop culture history
  4. its more modern, you can see a lot of cars i fucking cant
  5. now i know this is old, cos this is black and white
  6. lady gaga when she was young i was so waiting for this mess and im not disappointed
  7. I got some feelings, but I try to hide when I'm healing
    I fuck every broken-crazy-girl instead of hanging from the ceiling cry9


  8. they are not real?
  9. slay St!nk album is great
  10. it came ! also booklet is under cd tray not where usually cover is
  11. drama