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  1. Omg I forgot about it I guess I should finally listen to it
  2. I will only care for this is he is dropping that Madonna collab he keeps in his vault
  3. This is not only my favorite Kylord album but one of pop favourites overall I just got into Golden phase right now again and can't stop One Last Piss is my only skip Live a Little Shelby '68 Lost Without You A Lifetime to Repair Stop Me from Falling Every Little Part of Me Dancing Raining Glitter Love Radio On Golden Sincerely Yours Low Blow Rollin' Music's Too Sad Without You One Last Piss Cant change colors on my phone so everything would be green, except One Last Piss being red
  4. Just days after Madonna vowed to get Britney ‘out of jail’ a source revealed the connection between Spears’ new lawyer and the ‘Like A Virgin’ singer Madonna has thrown her support behind fellow pop icon Britney Spears, and now the pair might even be sharing a lawyer. The “Vogue” singer, who was once represented by the high-profile attorney Mathew Rosengart, believes he would be a “great advocate” for the chart-topper in her conservatorship battle. The 62-year-old shared an Instagram Story on July 8, lambasting Britney’s legal arrangement, calling it a “violation of human rights.” Just da
  5. Imagine all this confused 12 years old waiting for another jersey shore or love island episode to see some kinky old granny jumping on the stage
  6. She was using Vogue on her tours im her voguing segment too In the second video when Vogue starts someone literally goes "omg is that madonna?"
  7. Tbh I think dua is pissed at Madonna for not caring much about levitating And Kylie was 100% in into their collabs
  8. Shes not my thing but that NIN Production is making me curious
  9. Omg its first new song i really like, my hope for this album got restored a bit. I like video a lot too. Also is it me or first 10 seconds are taken of t.A.T.u. song?
  10. If she's not doing Netflix too just that shit then there is no hope for her. Im in no way going to get yet another streaming service just for Madame $ Cancelled Tour I will just find mp3 audio and call it a day in that case Her team cant do even a one thing right to premiere it on limited access service insted of a global one
  11. I'm curious but all new songs so far are kinda meh