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  1. Single

    but song is out for few months already anyway he slays i love him so much cant wait for some new music
  2. Album

    i wouldnt read much into it, its either some error or someone edited it before. If anything is going to happen today i guess it will be in US time so at least we are few hours away, but i doubt anything is going to happen, tho i would love a new song
  3. Rumor

    its some random troll post she didnt do anything yet
  4. Discussion

    it obviously slays
  5. Single

    nothing special, only one worth attention for me is Cerrone Remix
  6. Rumor

    i read it in few places online
  7. Music Video

    good one i wish there was no debbie but at least we have solo version of the song too sextine looks great too
  8. Single

    its little too short but cute she keeps delivering good of this album
  9. another promo single is out this week
  10. Rumor

    also where are they exactly now it sounds like some hate rant to discredit M new album
  11. no one knew, but orbit is very often drunk so he could just make it up
  12. i dont mind another Kylie song
  13. Rumor

    also fan would fucking know who the fuck "John Henry" is i can bet its fake the nicki song sounds so idiotic