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  1. Unapologetic Bitch

    this should be a monster hit
  2. Unapologetic Bitch


    i dont use itunes to play music but on lastfm its Madonna — Girl Gone Wild with over 1000 plays
  3. its a dumb show where local actors or celebs pretend to be well known artists in competition and each episode winner gives their win ($$$) to a charity of their choice, so at least its not all that bad she is some d class actress and she had to do kylie song, lets just say she didnt slay here
  4. Nothing special, nothing really important but one of my favourite PL artist dropped her new album right now, and as a promotion of it shes ofc doing interviews and in one of them Madonna poped out as a subject. The Journalist talked about how both of them are fans of Madonna but as she got older she lost her path a bit and now shes doing music for teens and not something appropriate for her age, and the artist (Reni Jusis )made few points how theres nothing wrong with that. I really like when one of my faves support my other fave so in shortcut im gonna write what she said about M, as most of you wont even understand the whole thing - she is a fan and as in the past it was mostly being fan of the music, now she looks up to Madonna as a inspiration as well, not just in music but also as a person. - she admires that M at 60 decided to take care of two more children as its hard work, and she admires they way M raises her children - she disagree with saying that M should do music appropriate for her age ("what is she supposed to do now? sing sad song by the piano?"), as she can do whatever she wants and at this point she is pretty much her own competition for herself. - she mentions that her favourite moment of M career is her work done with Mirwais (shes gonna be happy soon i guess then ) - she also mentions quote of M that im not entirely sure if its actually real that "Everything you like today in pop, I already did" and she agrees with that - and at last as she herself is in music for over 20 years, she doesnt think that your age should dictate what kind of music you chose to create in the interview she talks about M at 17m mark, but its no use for most of you guys as theres no subtitles As for little bit info on Reni Jusis - she was one of very first artists here in Poland to bring electronic, dance, synth pop/ wave and house music to the mainstream, where PL radio stations are swamped with bland pop/rock guitar songs where all of them sound more or less the same, she was always a little bit of fresh air. She loves to experiment with sounds, lyrics. she is a massive supporter of LGBT in Poland, and she also wrote some of her songs about it.
  5. theres limit as you can order only 2 copies at once at least it was like that with signed cassette when i was ordering
  6. Unapologetic Bitch


    Living For Love - 8 (cos demo with that house beat was glorious) Devil Pray -9 Ghosttown - 10 Unapologetic Bitch - 10 Illuminati - 7 Bitch I'm Madonna - 10 Hold Tight - 7 Joan Of Arc - 2 (i just dont care for this song ) Iconic - 10 HeartBreakCity - 27 (one of my top faves of all time by M) Body Shop - 8 Holy Water - 9 Inside Out - 7 Wash All Over Me - 10 Best Night - 17 (again one of my faves and JML refference ) Veni Vedi Vici - 10 S.E.X. - 8 ( i love the messy production in this) Messiah - 5 Rebel Heart - album version:2 first demo 10 Beautiful Scars - 7,5 Borrowed Time - 7 Addicted - 8 Graffiti Heart - 4 Auto-Tune Baby - -47
  7. Unapologetic Bitch


    i love RH as a album it was all i wanted from her at this point and thanks to leakgeddon we got even more than we could wish for i just wish guys o bad decisions didnt ruin that era
  8. Unapologetic Bitch

    omg i cant he is like 14
  9. Or someone going there, taking pic with her, and she would ask "can we start" and that person be like "nah im just here for the pic, thx bye"
  10. Unapologetic Bitch


    wow rude and knowing her it would be her tits