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  1. Human Nature confirmed
  2. Omg i just realized we truly wont see or hear anything
  3. Unapologetic Bitch


    Its DrownedMadonna who makes that claim so i will wait and see Tho rescue me is not even "moody" song so it doesnt make sense
  4. Unapologetic Bitch


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    She likes this song, she took the Batukadeiras with her on tour so 100% she is going to perform Batuka with them as song not just intro, I mean come on and im pretty sure it was mentioned on her list too. As for YMLM lot of info is leaked by dancers too so she didnt have to mention it as some fansites have inside info through dancers and people working at reherasals YMLM was floating around for some time as possible song same as list of songs that she is not going to perform from MX
  6. From madonnaonline br (Google translate) WITHOUT MOBILE ALSO MADAME X TOUR STILL NO TOURBOOK After announcing the change in theater show format and banning cell phones, Madonna also decided to “innovate” on a collector's item. As far as we know, there is not yet a Tourbook developed for the Madame X Tour. It has been decided by then that fans will be able to collect posters of works painted by friend Mae Couture with the theme Madame X. There are five different ones and they were even published yesterday in Madonna's Instagram stories: In addition, will have for sale at shows the official merchandising items: t-shirts, caps, accessories, etc. Tourbook, the traditional photo book, has always been a fan favorite, and Madonna has been doing it since the first tour, Virgin Tour. Some of them contained exclusive rehearsals such as Re-Invention Tour, Sticky & Sweet and Rebel Heart Tour. Maybe she changes her mind during the tour, right? The Madame X Tour opens next Tuesday, Sept. 17 at the BAM Theater in Brooklyn. Small and intimate venue for just 2,109 fans and we'll be there to do our traditional coverage and tell you everything! http://madonnaonline.com.br/2019/09/12/turne-madame-x-ainda-nao-tem-tourbook/
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    i cant stop listening, i was finally able to pick up cd today and my store literally had one copy
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    They do look familiar here and there and this whole comparison thing is nothing new There were jokes before about gaga being madonnas lost daughter etc and M and gagz mother being similar in looks
  9. Unapologetic Bitch

  10. Unapologetic Bitch


    Im loving it
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    Medellín 25 Dark Ballet 25 God Control 35 Future 30 Batuka 40 + Killers Who Are Partying 15 Crave 30 Crazy 35 Come Alive 35 Extreme Occident 40 Faz Gostoso 25 Bitch I'm Loca 15 I Don't Search I Find 45 Looking For Mercy 30 I Rise 25 -
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    Cover is Disgusting, only 9 song is a slap in the face, but first single in on point so as long rest of the Music is as good, im not bothered with the rest
  13. You know guys what is the most annoying thing about it? She ALWAYS is on her phone during concerts or theater plays, yet shes gonna prevent her own fans from doing this in her own show I mean i get it people sitting in small theater with phones up might be not great but still...