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  1. Unapologetic Bitch

    omg im living for the brain dead logic when its mariah not doing well "shes legend with longevity, she has right not do well! etc" when its madonna "shes a flop, over, no1urr " at this point you all just are dragging yourselves
  2. Unapologetic Bitch


    its interesting im looking forward to it but keep in mind that she recorded a lot with that london choir for Living for love and messiah and you could barely hear anything in the songs at the enn
  3. Unapologetic Bitch


    your awards tho bday boy
  4. Unapologetic Bitch

  5. Unapologetic Bitch

    Is this true that Beautiful game leaked?
  6. Unapologetic Bitch


    the instant track from new album preorder
  7. Unapologetic Bitch


    just bought cd + coloured vinyl and signed artwork pic
  8. Unapologetic Bitch


    not everything need to be serious its just fun song that wasnt even released
  9. Unapologetic Bitch


    i meant drownedmadonna and madonnanation not a flawless songs
  10. Unapologetic Bitch


    i mean at this point ditching beautiful game would be a dick move but bish she madonna so i wouldnt even be surprised
  11. Unapologetic Bitch


    they all are trash honestly one is hiv other cancer really
  12. Unapologetic Bitch


    madonnanation really did all the work but good for them
  13. Unapologetic Bitch


    hopefully whole magic idea dies there its fucking stupid also i think she uses it as "its magic making music she likes so much" not like its a title and that list of the songs might be just part of the recent recording sessions not album tracklist just checklist of things to do in each song
  14. Unapologetic Bitch


    it sounds awesome it must be her track cos it sounds like her and is very much mirways sound also nothing is accidental here