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  1. She needs to stfu and fuck off, i just can't stand even seeing her name anymore
  2. She said its still not done yet, and i really doubt that there is any album in close future.
  3. Being "big" has nothing to do with anything as she is kinda rich af, and thats alone is big threat for her, and she is the biggest female popstar alive so it might be factor as well Theres lot of celebs with big security and they have break ins all the time. Also she has security, but its probably more people who are part of her team, less the outside security company, for a long time there was one big dude in lot of her paparazzi pics so she has someone there to look after her, but tbh she used to do morning run on her own sometimes
  4. I hate that wine/milk thing, but Golden is the finest of wines Only one okay song being One Last Piss, the rest is flawless
  5. When people will learn genius is not reliable source, anyone can add anything there
  6. So Diablo didnt quit, they just finished work for now and submitted first draft
  7. Why Golden is so good I just can't stop listening
  8. Some nutjobs in her ig comments believe that she drinks blood of tortured children or actually inject blood something like that, so i guess we all have to try and see if it works
  9. Apparently they look for someone else to replace her, and then they might announce change of writer. Its kinda stupid of diablo, you are working on biopic of someone who sits next to you, write about their life and someone who is known for being very opinionated, what freedom did you exactly expected
  10. She looked like she was uncomfortable tbh
  11. Second pic is just fucking amazing
  12. So apparently Diablo Cody left movie because M was too hard to work with and didnt give Diablo enough freedom for writing as she wanted
  13. On the other hand usually when she gets that skinny face she usually works on something
  14. I cant that her home Photoshoots are always better than official ones
  15. So apparently released date now is 30.06.2021