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  1. Jose here

    Madonna's best song 


  2. Jose here

    Happy 9th of october, tove lo fans jj2 

  3. Jose


    this is soooooo overrated, like tbh just make a tv series about sex and young people will stan forever
  4. Jose here

    I wish i could stop forgetting my password here jj3 

  5. Jose here

    i'm back after forgetting my password for like the 12908th time brit15 

  6. Jose here

    Wow, make up by ariana is an underrated bop

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    2. Jose

      I hope it becomes a single tbh 

    3. Hylia

      Tea one of the best on TUN!

    4. Madonna

      9 hours ago, Jose said:

      I hope it becomes a single tbh 

      No. ari4 

      7 hours ago, Hylia said:

      Tea one of the best on TUN!

      We don't stan LIES.


  7. Jose here

    she snapped 



    1. Juinae

      It's so beyond sad that she's locked in label hell.

  8. Jose here

    break up with your girlfriend is that song... wow, one of her best

    1. LittleDudeNT5

      That song as in b-side material? jj5

  9. first I wanna correct that I think I saw the Rihanna's UK charts instead of the US but the point is still there anyway
  10. No need to be pressed, Ariana's success is nothing new, even thought she didn't reach the #1 until TU,N, she was very close back then, (The Way, Problem, Break Free, Bang Bang, Love Me Harder, Focus, Side to Side, No Tears Left to Cry and God is a Woman) It's been 6 years since The Way and since then she's been on the radar, IDK about R9, she has never had a #1 album, even with all the Anti hype she could only reach top 5 , I don't get the hype about Taylor Swift, she has very good songs, but, you know and Adele is Adele, she can release a 30 seconds song and it will be #1 for 18 weeks, what's wrong with being behind one or two singers? ariana has established herself since 2013 and that's a fact like it or not
  11. Jose

    Different times I guess? Madonna deserved some for True Blue, LAP, Erótica and BS but well, controversy was all around her
  12. Why Havana, Never be the same is better but great performance tbh