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  1. Jose here

    Madonna's best song 


  2. Jose


    1.Something to Remember 2.Rain 3.Live to Tell 4.This Used to Be My Playground 5.Love Don't Live Here Anymore 6.Take a Bow 7.Oh Father 8.Crazy for You 9.I Want You 10.You'll See 11.I'll Remember 12.One More Chance 13.Forbidden Love
  3. Jose


    You skipped Never Ending
  4. si te enamoro en menos de un año no no
  5. I like it, I'm a Camila stan so don't @ me
  6. Jose here

    Happy 9th of october, tove lo fans jj2 

  7. Jose


    this is soooooo overrated, like tbh just make a tv series about sex and young people will stan forever
  8. Jose


    Dark Ballet 50 God Control 60 Batuka 55 Crave 30 Crazy 40 Come Alive 60+ Extreme Occident 85  Faz Gostoso 15 I Don't Search I Find 50-
  9. Jose


    The lack of Bitch I'm Loca...
  10. Jose here

    I wish i could stop forgetting my password here jj3 

  11. Jose here

    i'm back after forgetting my password for like the 12908th time brit15