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  1. Jose here

    an underrated bop alex1 


  2. Jose


    I need a video of Shelby 68
  3. I know I wanted it to be a single and all but ugh but I understand and respect her decisions, I think it's the right thing to do, tbh for a second I thought she would delete that song on Streaming services and iTunes
  4. This! don't forget they drink on starbucks everytime
  5. Jose


    Kamikaze and Say You'll Be There are my jams
  6. Jose

    the pitbull song isn't her fault, i mean its... his song ft britney and that's it Apple Pie was supposed to be a new song from her, thought, we don't even know if it exists, probably it doesn't last time i asked here i was told it's fake tho she won't be long enough gone, I think she will release something next year, I'd rather have an excellent album like Glory that took time to make (2 years) and not a 9-10 tracks album that sounds exactly the same if I'm not wrong she recorded +30 songs for Glory, and I think she wants to do the same for her next album, she needs more promo? yes, but with or without any feature, I'm sure it'll peak higher than Accelerate and Fall In Line
  7. watch the video of beautiful game being a compilation of her MDNA Skin videos
  8. I hope she promotes M14 as much as she promotes MDNA Skin also not this ad being better than any video she released on 10's she MUST do it to the singles
  9. Jose here

    I just hope Camila releases a HQ studio version of Only Told The Moon so I can stan a bit jj3 

  10. Jose


    I lowkey think it is, because it announced Rita Ora's album is coming on November TBA, but I don't really know if she ever talked about a release date/month
  11. Jose


    I hope it is coming soon because I can't wait anymore
  12. Jose

    Mass tag then