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  1. this was 15 hours ago and he has tweeted about spice girls in no time
  2. Come alive is such a great song... AMAZING!!!!!!!!
  3. Come Alive is literally live for me
  4. No no, I wasn't lost it was a different feeling. A mix of crazyness but i wasn't lost believe me nor misinterpreting
  5. What a day <3 Have a great day floppers <3 From now I will stand in the back, cos you want me to
  6. Everybody knows the damn true, when we wake what can we do... Everybody knows we dont have a chance.
  7. OMG where have you found faz and i don't search I found, any dm's for me please??'
  8. apparently is true that god control has leaked also in low quality
  9. Ok then, if someone has them please send it here, i'm a bit desperate already and now i'm sad as my boy has just failed a master's exam and we are really sad
  10. I will say the same but I think that god control has not leaked yet
  11. where have you found it?? DM me please, it is amazing I leave 5 minutes to walk the pug and this happens LOL
  12. In the pop justice forum they have said that
  13. They said it in another forum, looking for it
  14. Faz Gostoso has leaked but in a very low quality apparently.