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    The worst thing is that the first times I heard it was plain awful, but now I can't stop singing the chorus and pre chorus LOL
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    Where can I find crave guys? A little help please
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    Can someone please DM me too?? Thanks <3
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    Will we get a Medellin instrumental?? That would be absolutely amazing
  5. avivi82

    Music Video

    I love the fact that the she is looking so femenine. And I have read all the youtube comments and there is no negative feedback so far. Absolutely amazing, and the song is also growing a lot in me. We have a grower in our hands that if played correctly could be a good spring hit LOVING IT SO FAR
  6. I said beautiful game because of the met gala reference, like saying okay sweet lady give us 10 seconds of music and we will be ok, but if she gave us a whole song... OMG
  7. So who thinks we will get to hear a new song today? Or the first single? If I get another Beautiful Game 10 seconds snippet would be fine, but please for the fans GIVE US A BUZZ SONG!!!!!!!! Full, no teasers, I have my wallet ready, lady.
  8. Un gusto, españolito de por aquí. I have just read that apparently there are going to appear three new songs. I mean if that is true, I'm going to cry like a baby
  9. The world!!!!!!!! She is da queen, da icon, da goddess <3 Happy new year from Europe BTW
  10. ¿Hablas español? No Spanish lesson pun intended!!!!!
  11. Ok, so I can't go to sleep. Señor mantenme despierto. The queen is performing YAS
  12. Do you guys think it is going to be aired somewhere??
  13. I really hope so. Alvaro such a beautiful Spanish name, my nephew was going to be called like that but we changed it to Alejandro.
  14. Well, she is performing but we don't know if it is going to be any new material. I mean, don't get me wrong I would love to hear some new material, but I'd rather calm down for a bit AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I can't. PLEASE NEW MUSIC QUEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. OMG that would be like the best start of the year ever. LOL
  16. Is it going to air anywhere??
  17. avivi82

    What is happening????? Almost 5 million views in less than one day????
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    The streamings are all horrible. Any good link??
  19. avivi82

    Why is 125 in blue what does it mean? Because I have there LOLOL
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    So without a live pass I can't buy any tickets?? That's weird. I'm an icon member and I haven't received any code. Any tips??
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    I told you all LOL. That's what I am doing, as I played it repeat
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    Ohhhh God I have just seen it. Unbelievable all the bad luck she is suffering. First the leaks. The wardrove malfunction in the grammy's and now this... Incredible. Amazing that she stood up and continued like a machine. That is my queen
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    I know this may be out of place but here is an easy to way to help Madonna with LFL. Place this youtube playslist, put in mute (or listen it) while you are doing other stuff, or sleeping or anything. On repeat and she gains some views of the video https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLQ3seHCq4bm8nQh3FSAku-UZ4mVKxB9H8
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    Herb Ritts. Verás or Lo que siente la mujer.
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    Yes, there is something special with that song and with the real thing LOLOLOL