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    If I were The Voice I would do it. She is the biggest star in the world and she would make the show a hit. Come on. More promo, more promo. We need all the promo. I wish she would do Ellen at the States. That would be awesome.
  2. All the links to the performance are dead LOLOL.
  3. avivi82

    It's simply beautiful, risky (theme), artistic... Madonna is back, and she is back with a huge BANG. LOVE IT
  4. avivi82

    Where'? Any tips?? Any help??
  5. avivi82

    What??? Where???
  6. avivi82

    We will get thousands of zips and rars with Prism, Artpop and other albums you'll see LOLOLOL
  7. avivi82

    I guess we will have to suffer this from now on LOLOLOL
  8. avivi82

    A link to see it outside from the US??
  9. avivi82

    Where??? If someone has it PM please
  10. avivi82

    Hold tight?? I haven't heard that one. PM please
  11. avivi82

    It's very sexy the final product. I like it better than the demo.
  12. avivi82

    She looks very confident I think she knows she has a great record in her hands. Let's see what she can offer us
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    Am I crazy or in this picture she has one green eye and one blue eye?
  14. avivi82

    Edit Wrong page
  15. avivi82

    I think that she was pissed because it was raining during that day of the rehearsal.
  16. avivi82

    Well, thanks for the info
  17. avivi82

    Anyone share some light, has it leaked already or not?
  18. avivi82

    All this new info is so good I'm almost dying in here But how does everybody has heard it all already?? A lot of listening parties?
  19. avivi82

    I'm afraid of that too. Rebel Heart seems like a great song but now suddenly has changed in a too drastic way. We will see. Let's enjoy until the time comes.
  20. avivi82

    anda ya jajajajajaj no need to thank
  21. avivi82

    That would be awesome.