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  1. avivi82

    So there is not a chance that Never let you go appeared in the end in the album?? What a pity? It was one of my favorite demos.
  2. avivi82

    Damn, it was good fun Now seriously, welcome. I'm a new flop forum user although I read it since quite a long time. We will see what happens with RH? With all this new information looks like is going to be a great album. VERY EXCITED
  3. avivi82

    Post it here Adriano, some we don't get in Mnation or has seen you in cam4 LOLOL Glad to talk with newbies here too
  4. avivi82

    In Spain is not yet a crime, but soon it will be LOLOL. If I remember correctly Gimme all your love leaked in Spain.
  5. avivi82

    Not to forget Can't you see my mind. Another demo that a lot of people were interested some time ago. I think it was during the Die another day times.
  6. avivi82

    Thank you so much for all the help. Some of the demos are pure heaven for example beautiful scars
  7. avivi82

    I'm curious about the demos too but on the other hand we have six magnificent songs to listen that are polished and finished. They day will come hollywood
  8. avivi82

    I'm the same situation lolol
  9. avivi82

    thank you very much. It's a pity but as soon as we get a good video I don't really care
  10. avivi82

    Me too, if anyone wants to PM the demos would be very happy. By the way what do you all think of the posibility of a video in a week or so?? The first week of January, could it be possible?
  11. I have only been able to find it in youtube. Where is the link to preorder in itunes or is it only US?
  12. avivi82

    Bitch I'm Madonna, Living for love, Messiah, Rebel Heart, Wash all over me, Unapologetic Bitch... Damn those demos are sooooooooooooooo awesome. I'm really happy and waiting for the final versions. It's amazing!!!!!!
  13. avivi82

    Oh dear lord, what a big surprise. What a pity there is no link and that in iphones we can't hear it. Any help?
  14. avivi82

    Totally agree about Living for love. Only 10 seconds in very LQ and it may be just a demo, so we can expect it to change, but that Living for love part we have heard smells very very well. Awesome vibe
  15. avivi82

    I understand why they want Living for love for the first single. It sounds amazing. Very retro sounding but at the same time it sounds modern.
  16. avivi82

    I can't add much more information. I just know that six snippets have "leaked" but that they are already down. At least that's what I heard, sorry to bother you guys.
  17. avivi82

    If anyone find anything let us know where or how to find them. I'm dying here LOL
  18. avivi82

    If it ends up being true these rumours I'm going to go crazy
  19. avivi82

    But has it leaked already??? Where?? I still can't believe it
  20. avivi82

    Are we sure about this info?? I have searched all twitter and nothing.
  21. avivi82

    Ohhh god, if they leak someone please share it (via PM) or whatever. My body is ready for new demos