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  1. Awh, I hope nobody is going to join the team of this racist piece of shit who thinks she can sing
  2. That's such bullshit sorry this is no attack to you, but if you have an assignment from someone, you are working, right?
  3. They say my system is overloaded
    I'm too much in my head, did you notice?
    My body's here on Earth, but I'm floating
    Disconnected, so sometimes, I feel frozen and alone

  4. When is this going to stop? The hatred towards the black community...the ridiculous racismit is truly incomprehensible. I was actually going to say that I hope the family of the victims will find peace, but I don't think you will ever find peace about this. What a horror. I hate this world.
  5. Buffalo shooting: Ten dead in suspected race attack at New York state store Source:
  6. Yeah apparently in Serbia, as an artist you don't get health insurance so the song is about staying clean and healthy just as Meghan's hair
  7. Spain should have won...the choreo, the vocals, the outfits, the stage presence....EVERYTHING was on point I'm sad for The Netherlands though, I knew S10 wouldn't win, but I had hopes for a top 10 entry
  8. My winner rose1 


    1. Princess Aurora

      Princess Aurora

      I love the fact that this song was supposed to be a JLO one. The choreography is K-Pop level true1 

  9. And this is once again a prove that ESF is nothing but political games