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  1. My poor baby needs to get well soon.mp3
  2. Royalty


    32 december 2108
  3. Btw Zaandam didn’t host the arrival, Apeldoorn did
  4. Royalty here

    Ain’t got no tears left to cry cry9 

  5. As a child, I never referred to it as something racist. I don’t think children think about it at all. If people feel bad about it, people in my country should change it. Nobody should feel bad about a children’s party. And the so called “roetveegpiet” makes way more sense, because the story tells that he climbs through the chimney. I just hope people in my country get some sense and change this tradition. It’s always wrong to hate, but it’s never wrong to love. 💖
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  7. If Ariana isn’t in it I’m not interested
  8. Royalty


    I saw her at Marina’s concert, she’s amazing!
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    1. Urbanov

      Ahead of its time cry9 

    2. Royalty

      It’s such a bop cry9 she deserved better