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  1. Royalty

    Great album
  2. But you said that the other songs were better and that's almost the whole album
  3. That's literally the whole album
  4. Royalty

    Because she keeps EVERYONE pressed
  5. MY BIGGEST ENEMY IS ME POP A 911 mess1 

  6. Royalty

    Something about the pot and the kettle...
  7. Royalty

    I have never heard a more unoriginal, uninspired, uncreative album as H&H I turned it off because every song sounds literally the same
  8. Royalty

    Make me a 911 avatar xxx
  9. Royalty

    Scalped. Dragged. To the pits.
  10. Royalty

    Music Video

    I love her so much
  11. oprah15 






  12. Royalty

    Great video, fits the song
  13. Royalty

    Music Video

    AMAZING video! It totally fits the song and I lowkey got what she was trying to do with it. Slay!