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  1. Going to see Katy Perry tomorrow demi1 

  2. Royalty

    (London, United Kingdom, Europe) Zara Larsson goes to “The Jonathan Ross Show” – performs “All Night” & “Beautiful” Zara Larsson is set to appear on last night’s episode of “The Jonathan Ross show” in London, United Kingdom. Jonathan Ross, the host of the show, first announces Zara her first performance of the night: “Ladies and gentlemen, she is only twenty years old, but already has over one million followers on Twitter, more then three million streams on Encore and over a million views on CALTube. This Swedish pop sensation isn’t slowing down, with a new promotional single next week, ladies and gentlemen, here is Zara Larsson!” The performance starts and Zara stands with her hand on her side, wearing an oversized black sweater and black thigh high boots, while the music of “All Night” starts playing. She slowly starts walking forward and starts singing the first verse of the song. After that, she sings the chorus, but this time without the choreography, letting her vocals shine through. When the first chorus has ended, Zara her dancers come on and do the choreography. Zara joins them with the choreography, but also let her vocals do the job. The performance ends with a dancing break down and a smiling Zara to the crowd, while she receives the applause. “Thank you, thank you so much”, she says through the microphone. She then walks to the sofa, to have an interview with Jonathan Ross. “Thank you so much, Zara Larsson, for this magnificent performance of “All Night”!” “Thank you, thank you so much. I am so happy to be. Hello everyone, haha!” “Zara, first things first – why is it that you’re always smiling? When I look at you, I always start smiling, because you are always smiling and laughing!” “Ah, really? That’s a cute thing to say! I don’t know why I am always smiling. I am a very positive person and right now, I am just very lucky and happy at this point in my life. Just trying to let that shine throug.” “I can understand that you are very happy right now – your story wasn’t always that bright, right?” “No, my story wasn’t very bright and succesful in the beginning…but I don’t see that as a very negative thing or something. I mean – ofcourse, I have heard “No” over a million times. Especially in Sweden. I am a perfectionist and it hurted me so much to be declined and rejected every time. But ita lso teached me a lot of stuff, about myself, about my music and this industry. So I am really trying to turn that negativity into something positive.” “That is a great view on life. But don’t you want to rub it the other people in the face, now that you are succesful?” “I always told myself that I was going to make it, and when I made it, that I would rub it into their face. But surprisingly, I never felt any grief or something. It just doesn’t matter to me anymore, it doesn’t feel important to me anymore, that is the past and I am living right now.” “Zara, you released your debut single “All Night” a couple of weeks ago and you have been teasing your new promotional single for a little while now. What can you tell us about it?” “Well, the song is a very happy and self empowering song. The song sound slow, but works up to a climax. The song is about accepting and loving yourself, which is very important in life. I will quote RuPaul now, he always says: “If you can’t love yourself, how in the hell are you going to love somebody else?” And I think that quote couldn’t be more true. Loving yourself is the most important thing to do, just as celebrating yourself. You are on this world, so dance and smile and shine, you’re worth it!” “I really love the concept of that song. Looking back on that quote, you should love yourself to love somebody else. Are you loving somebody else right now?” “I love many people.” “Okay, okay, let me get this more straight: do you have a boyfriend right now?” “Haha, it’s not like I didn’t know what you mean. But to answer your question: no, I don’t have a boyfriend right now.” “Why not?! Look at yourself, you are a beautiful Swedish goddess, you work with handsome men like Khalid and Charlie Puth, and you don’t have a boyfriend?” “Because I am not looking for a boyfriend right now. I am hanging with boys, but that doesn’t mean that I fall in love with every boy that I meet. You know, that is what really bothers me. Everybody is always so focused on everybody’s love life. But there are so much more important things to tell. I’d rather talk about my album or something, then about my love life.” “That is absolutely true. Zara, thank you so much for stopping by.” After this, Zara stays on the sofa, to meet the other guests. At the end of the show, Jonathan Ross announces her performance again, saying: “Ladies and gentlemen, we had a fierce interview with this young lady. She blew us away with her first performance of this night, with her debut single “All Night” and next week, her new promotional single “Beautiful” will be released. Ladies and gentlemen, once again, Zara Larsson!” More pictues of her performance:
  3. Royalty

    Zara Larsson Single "All Night" $2200,- ( ) Opening for Lana: $527,900 Total: $530,100
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    Sadly I couldn’t be there but what i know is that the netherlands outsold
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    Celeb News

    But blonde
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      literally ME kjasndasd giveup1 

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    I can’t do them today anymore it’s 10:00 here and I got work tomorrow I can do them tomorrow night?
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    I’m excited for you! @Ronlop will be doing the review asap!
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