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  1. Royalty


    She’s coming
  2. Every surgery comes with possible complications - so does plastic. There’s always a risk and if she knew she was undergoing a surgery, she shouldn’t have planned this.... Yeah...very refreshing
  3. I did it in BG too sweetie and still got bashed for it The hypocrisy you- But not most of the faves cancelled because of complications because of it
  4. Didn’t you once bash me because I brought up Nicki in a Cardi thread? And now you’re doing the same? We love double standards.
  5. But YIKES! Imagine cancelling a concert due to plastic surgery complications
  6. Royalty


  7. Royalty


    But not the #1 spot on ARTPOP sweaty
  8. Royalty


    Aura on #1 spot? You’re over
  9. Royalty here

    If I’m hurt I ain’t gon’ lie about it - arms crossed with the attitude, lips pouted

    If I’m mad I ain’t gon’ lie about it - neck roll with the attitude, yuh

  10. Royalty here

    I'm not crying you are