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  1. Coming to obliterate the whole industry
  2. 3 - New Love 2 - Blow Your Mind 1 - Fever 0 - No Goodbyes
  3. Royalty

    Artist Randomdonna

    That’s not necessarily bad the fact I like HC more then COADF
  4. Royalty

    Artist Randomdonna

    Why do people hate it?
  5. 3- Bad Together 2- Don't Start Now 1- Love Again 0 - Garden
  6. So I'm listening to some Madonna albums and I am REALLY impressed with her songwriting ari7 

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    2. Fletch


      Ok Chris carla1

    3. Lynk


      @Chris MorlockWhat is it with these terrible music takes? dead2

      @Royaltylisten to Like A Prayer too. That's an amazing album.

    4. Grams


      Like a Prayer - Ray of Light - Confessions on a Dance Floor are her three masterpieces.

  7. Royalty

    Artist Randomdonna

    I am OBSESSED with Voices from the Hard Candy album