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  1. It didn't happen!
  2. Single

    I'm not sure how to feel about it but here's the audio:
  3. Why the f is there an award show for that
  4. So I wanted to do a listening thread yesterday, but I went on a fieldtrip with the kids, and after that, I was so tired I slept from 19.45 (7.45 if you don't use European time) till 03.15, then I was awake for 2 hours, and then I slept from 5.15 till 8.30 and then from 9.00 till 10.30. Lmfao. I'm a sleeping MESS. 

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    2. Royalty

      Yes we went to Duinrell, it was so hot but so much fun! @Kaulitz.

    3. Royale

      @Michael. can relate!

  5. Charts

    2 sided: glad she's number #1, but it's because of a tragic occassion.
  6. People are so disrespectful, feeling sorry for Ari
  7. Discussion

    Hi sweeties
  8. Girls don't worry there might be another one tonight! @Beaux @Dr. Slay
  9. She's so incredibly sweet. Actions like these make me so proud to be an Arianator. I hope she feels better soon...
  10. I am the generous queen, ask mr. Royale!
  11. I will probably make one for every album just not in the right direction