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  1. So I decided I'm getting my next tattoo in a month! I wanna get a crescent for Ariana & a diamond for my surgery! 

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    Following you right now in insta
  3. Event

    She can try again next year or else....
  4. Event

    Happy 24th birthday to my queen: Ariana! Here's to more years of slayage, cuteness and not making Thinking 'Bout You as a single!
  5. And looking flawfree as hell I must say!
  6. Discussion

    I'm Ariana Grande btw
  7. Hello it is I


  8. Alaska Detox & Katya yas2 (Roxxxy can choke btw)


    1. Vulnicura.

      Roxxxxxxy's verse is iconic for the wrong reasons 

    2. Royalty

      @Vulnicura. Detox had the best verse lbr

  9. Game

    Yours Truly: 21 My Everything: 27 Dangerous Woman. 42