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  1. To be less messy perhaps? @Entea
  2. Sunny Beach is messy though it's like a rich place but all around it it's really poor you weren't allowed to go behind the tourists places
  3. Hopefully you will get it soon! Well Crete was not that expensive when I was there. But I went to the Holland bars and clubs with my brother so yeah he payed a lot for me but Gran Canaria is just average I think, 20 euro for a cocktail is not what you pay there. The cheapest country I've been to is Bulgaria. Sunny Beach. You got literally get a spaghetti meal there for 3 euro's. Insane!
  4. No, when you get your first shot, you just get your second shot around 4 - 6 weeks after that!
  5. What's Glennis Grace doing there?
  6. Thanks sis I just love Marina's album a little too much I guess! I get my 2nd shot this Wednesday! So then I'm fully vaccinated with Pfzier The pricing is...Idk, it's okay? What do you consider expensive?
  7. Don't be a hypocrite, you send messages at 2:00 am on a fucking Tuesday
  8. Not on purpose though I mean to reply but it's extemely busy at my work atm so don't feel offended when I don't because I'm trying to but I just forget omg omg we love a vaccinated king! And no it's not I've been there in 2019 tbh! That's when I discovered all the gay bars
  9. Exactly! Yeah you asked but I didn't answer LOL but I'm going to pride in my hometown probably! You can go there if you are vaccinated or have a negative covid test! Is there a Paris pride or something? Gran Canaria is great you have a place there called the Yumbo and that's full of gay bars it's such a great place omg! You should totally go there
  10. That was what I noticed at first listen: her vocals literally slay I can't wait for that r&b album