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  1. Royalty


    Wtf ☠️
  2. Royalty


    Now release Rain On Me & Nasty
  3. Royalty

    Thanks for the essay but you posted this in the wrong section. Thank u, next!
  4. Royalty here

    Happy birthday to the woman that inspires me for more then 10 years already, encouraged me to be the person I am today and makes me so incredibly happy with her music 💖 congrats Gaga, I love you 

  5. Y’all keep whining for a good pop album now Dua Lipa releases one and you’re still not satisfied? Jesus Christ.
  6. Royalty

    I don't know what you mean but some extra Dua promotion never hurt anyone, let's get physical heaux!
  7. Royalty here



  8. Royalty


    In a world where every song is a 9 or 10, Pretty Please is the only 7,but still pretty nice THIS IS SUCH A GOOD ALBUM I CANT BELIEVE MY QUEEN RELEASET THIS ICONIC ALBUM
  9. Royalty here

    My bestie and I are doing a shared listening of Future Nostalgia through FaceTime and she is STANNING yas2