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  1. here

    When I was a little girl I used to think that I was wrong for wanting diamond & pearls
    I never anything no Chanel or Tiffany like all the popular girls
    They say that best things are free but I don't get mean everything 'cause I want everything
    And money doesn't grow on trees, you can't just plant a seed, you gotta work it out 
    Gimme some of that cold cash, I want to stuff it in my couch
    C'mon bring me those big stacks, I need them bricks to build my house
    Give me all of that, all of that 'til the ATM runs out
    If money can't buy happiness, then why is it so fabulous? 




    1. rosekesha

      p o p p y i ' m P O P P Y 

  2. Discussion

  3. Well I was talking to you so that means I'm going to say lame things I adjust myself to you Bye 👋🏻
  4. No I'm gone because I have an actual life instead of rotting on a forum 24/7, I'm so sorry for you sweetie!
  5. Relatable to you right!
  6. Other

    Can't listen to it yet because I'm on my phone, but the cover already SNATCHED me
  7. Is this an IS terror attack or is this from Barcelona citizens because they don't want tourists anymore? It was on the news a few dags ago that Barcelona citizens don't want tourists in their city anymore.
  8. here

    I hate being inactive here but this week is so hectic for me awk1 

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    2. Entea

      May you come back with better taste wub1

    3. Royalty

      @Entea the fact you tell me to get better taste when you don't have any taste at all i-

  9. Game

    I vote Diamond heart
  10. Game

    1. Freedom - Monster 2. Up In Flames - Royale 3. Up in Flames - Royalty 4. 5. 6. 7.
  11. Game

    1. Let Me Love You - Hannah 2. Let Me Love You - Luca. 3. Let Me Love You - Cosmic 4. Forever Boy - Lachlan 5. Forever Boy - Freaky Prince 6. Let Me Love You - Hyun. 7. Let Me Love You - Maraj 8. Let Me Love You - Daenerys 9. Let Me Love You - Diamond 10. Forever Boy - Chris Morlock 11. Forever Boy - Monster 12. Forever Boy - Royalty 13. 14. 15. 16. 17.
  12. Might be a dumb q but what's going on in Charlottesville