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  1. Reputation is so good awk1 seriously it made me stan Taylor, in fact, I’m gonna get myself a Taylor Swift stan badge awk1 

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      oh god.

      teardrops on my guitarbrit8

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      I said what I said meg1 

  2. Discussion Is 'Roulette' about HIV sex roulette parties?

    Honestly it’s disgusting
  3. Create A Label: Season 7

  4. Create A Label: Season 7

    (Region: North America, Kylie Jenner's "Cosmopolitan interview", she's not on the cover!" Kylie Jenner: "My Way Is The Best Way" Twenty year old, grew up in Calabasas and already has had a career to die for, but there is no stopping this girl. Kylie Jenner grew up in Calabasas, under the caring wings of her “momager” Kris Jenner and was watched carefully by her older sisters Kourtney, Kim, Khloé and Kendall. But a few years ago, the young girl spread her own wings and bought her first Calabasas mansion, only to buy a bigger mansion a few months later. She later announced her first big brand, “Kylie Cosmetics”, supported by a music video for the song “3 Strikes”, the debut single by Terror Jr. It was speculated for months if the former beauty guru was the lead singer of Terror Jr., but she turned down that rumor quickly: she is not the leadsinger. After a few collaborations with her sister, and singer of musical duo “CaKe”, Kendall Jenner, a merchandise line at The Kylie Jenner Shop and multiple appearances in other singer’s music videos, “Come and See Me” by former beaux PARTYNEXTDOOR for example, the Jenner bombshell is finally ready to release some music on her own. Cosmopolitan sat down with her at her Calabasas’ mansion, to have a chitchat about her life and the upcoming events. After invited friendly into her her home, Kylie walks to the living room. The young girl that debuted years ago on the reality tv show “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”, the one that was blamed for having lip fillers, the one that always kept quiet about her life and pretented that everything was right, no longer seems to be here. What we see is a toned down, more down to earth girl, with an open smile, sparkling eyes and a more natural make up look then ever. Ofcourse the Kardashian dumper will never go away, so little girls ain’t changing that much. But who is the real Kylie Jenner? After grabbing a nice cup of tea, Cosmopolitan and Kylie sat down to chitchat about the 20 years old life, her new music and even to listen to an unreleased song. MUSIC “Yes, ofcourse you want to talk about music. I am so glad that I finally took the step to the music industry. Everybody has been so loving and so supporting. I just came back from a writing session at the studio and I sat down in the car and I was like: “How did I deserve this? How did I deserve this much of support?” I have been supported on Twitter by several artists, and that’s so amazing. I feel like…taking this step in my career was the best step. A lot of people doubted me, told me that I should just keep on releasing make up collections. An dofcourse, I have no idea how this is all going to turn out. I have not released anything yet, but I’m so grateful that I at least get to do what I’ve been wanting for so long. I’m meeting new people everyday because of this, people I have heard of only in the media, people I thought I would never meet, but turned out to be so nice. And I’m only at the beginning of this, and I am already so grateful.” FAMILY “In this heavy period full of business meetings, interviews and hasting to the studio to record, quality time with my family is more important then ever. Even though I love being at my own house, I love to flee to my mother’s house. There’s always somebody home: if it’s not her, then it’s one of my sisters. I just love to sit down with them to talk, not only about business, but also just about random stuff. That nice sweater I saw online, or just gossiping. My sister’s have been in the limelight too, we grew up with it, so they know what I’m going through right now. And they have been so supporting. Actually, I have already played some music fort hem and Khloé was twerking to it. And if Khloé starts twerking, it says something, because she won’t do that to every song!” “MY WAY” “Oh, have I been saying that a lot recently? I literally had no idea. Well, maybe that’s because I found out doing things my way is better for…me. As I just said, a lot of people told me not to do this, to just keep playing safe and stay in the beauty industry. And normally I would agree with them, do what they want, go their way. But now I’m doing it my way, I’m taking a riskful step, but the best feeling is that I am doing this because I want it. This is one hundred precent my way, and I love it!” EXCLUSIVE COSMOPOLITAN LISTENING SESSION OF “SIDE CHICK” “Yes, I didn’t want to let you guys leave the house without listening to at least one of my songs. I choose the song “Side Chick”. This is not the song I teased on Twitter by the way. This song is about a break up where I was the side chick, and that I will never be in a relationship where I am the side chick, because I will always be the main chick. And I’m not going to aim for something lower then that. No, I am not going to tell you what relationship that was, because that’s totally not important. You should know that it happened and that was what the inspiration was for this song.” “Side Chick” is an upbeat r ’n b track, with female empowering lyrics. The song is best to be described as a “female anthem”. The song is produced by Metro Boomin’, one of Kylie’s main producers. “Side Chick” will not be Kylie’s debut single, but can be heard very soon, Kylie mysteriously adds.
  5. Fuuuuuuck I had to wake up at 8.30 and it’s 9.50 now awk1 

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  6. Create A Label: Season 7

  7. Create A Label: Season 7

    Let me search a little bit harder but thanks you
  8. Game #RoyaltyListens Reputation (2017)

    I’m glad you agree with most of my ratings
  9. Event Winners at the 2017 AMAs

    Legends winning
  10. Performance why is she so perfect?

  11. Create A Label: Season 7

    Hey guys, I really want the instrumentals to a song but I can't find them Can I make them my own, or am I just hopeless and do I need to find another song?
  12. #22 Taylor Swift - reputation (2017)

    Thank you babe
  13. The only bad thing about a weight loss surgery (gastric bypass) is that I feel so bad about myself when I eat something unhealthy rip4 I really wanted a piece of chocolate and I just ate it and now I feel like a fat cow rip4 

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    2. Chris Morlock

      i dont have much experience with this but its okay if you eat unhealthy foods ever once in a while.

    3. Entea

      It's not bad to treat yourself in between long healthy days wub1

  14. Create A Label: Season 7