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  1. here

    Why can’t download Arimoji? Is it only for USA? 😫😭

  2. Are there people actually wanting Halloween music?
  3. Get Your Number
  4. Enchanté by Fergie
  5. here

    Why do I keep rotting here when I actually want to go to sleep? rip4 

  6. Discussion

    Anyone cares to make this into an avatar for me?
  7. Discussion

    I didn't I only speak the truth
  8. Vote on Erika's poll to choose the 4th single from EJ2 btw
  9. Discussion

    We love a Photoshop legend
  10. Discussion

    But only one can be the cutest and that happens to be you
  11. Discussion

    They are very cute, but you don't even need those hearts, since you are very cute yourself
  12. Discussion

    All of them, except the one that enlarges my head into the size of a fucking pumpkin
  13. Discussion

    Y'all should really listen to Erika Jayne, the queen of gays and pop