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  1. Just posing with @Billie Frank & @Howard Lotor at the FOTP Razzies xxx


    1. Billie Frank

      Billie Frank

      BabyMario slaying the red carpet as always #TalentWins


  2. Time to see some flawless music https://www.last.fm/user/royalhunty
  3. As you can see on my Last.fm, I am listening to miss um yes queen skinny legend versace boots the house down slay queen hunty mama and oop daddy work Charli XCX snatch my wig
  4. Just got home from dinner at my parents house. It are times like these I realise how blessed I am with them. So open minded, accepting me for the full 100%. They are kind, loving and so funny. I've always had a good relationship with them, but since I live on my own, I feel like that only increased, especially with my dad. I realise how fortunate I am since sadly not everybody is in that position. :( 

  5. Who are you to make assumptions about someone's intentions to go rapping? So what if it was just a hobby for her? You got to give her credit she has incredible talent for rapping.
  6. I hate when stans or fans are so obscured by their vision of someone they can’t see their flaws - it’s so annoying. I love and always will love Gaga, I’ve been doing that since the very beginning, but she’s not flawless rip4 same goes for a lot of other artists I stan. They are not flawless, thank God they aren’t, because that makes them human as well. It’s frustrating when stans and fans treat their idol like they are the second coming of Jesus. Newsflash honey: they are not. Get the fuck over yourself and stop embarrassing yourself. When it’s bad, it’s bad. That doesn’t make you a bad stan, it makes you a person with an intact brain, which some people sadly lack. 

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      I know, but I just wanted to let that out. There was no reason to downvote me dead2

    3. WarrenThanksYouAll


      in Madonna nation you get banned if you say her farts don't smell good 

    4. Royalty


      That’s why I don’t fart 

  7. Seriously how did she get from this to the fucking atrocity that Enigma is in the span of 4 years? 3 years even if you see that Enigma started in 2020
  8. This show is so bad like literally what the fuck
  9. Honestly, press Youtube and read the comments, that's even funnier