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  1. Oh wow this is the first time Selena got me excited and interested in a first listen, I don't speak Spanish so I have no idea what the fuck the song is about, but it's really chill, mellow and I like it a lot! AND THE VISUALS
  2. Royalty

    She does stir the pot a little right?
  3. Royalty


    And I’ll be flying like a 1000 doves
  4. Royalty


    This is so mean, both are so good But I'll go with Into You
  5. Ready for the performance of Born This Way
  6. Royalty

    You had it coming sis
  7. Royalty

    Celeb News

    Mmmm she doesn’t have a bump though
  8. Do I sit this one out and wait for the next life?

    Am I too cold? Am I not nice? 


  9. I don't get why she is releasing a remix for 34 + 35 though I wish we could get a new single