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  1. Sis just say “haha” so @Billie Frank can sleep tonight
  2. Maybe she should stay offline for awhile...she has an album capaign going, shouldn’t she focus on that?
  3. I love the little Royalties my new album is coming Fall 2038 I took inspiration of a Lady Gaga album campaign
  4. Especially MY attention since you creep up in my notifications all the time ! And I'm happy to give it to you
  5. Time to shade you in Dear FOTP'er instead of the Dora stan!
  6. Miranda Priestly in The Devil's Wear Prada she's fucking iconic
  7. Yeah I love that hat on Xtina, she's a real cook! She makes oreo cheesecake
  8. Oh you know just @Entea & me slaying y'all


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    2. Royalty


      @Princess Aurora are you coming for my husband meg1 

    3. Princess Aurora

      Princess Aurora

      @Royalty I thought you two got divorced oop gag1 

    4. Entea


      @Princess Aurora they always come back for more ny1

  9. I'm an Iggy stan but I really have to say: this is true.
  10. Well I just bought a marker so I will mark your words
  11. Anyway, I think it's about ARTPOP Act II. I don't know if I'm still so excited about that - I mean, it's about a very destructive period in her life, why would she want to relive that? On the other hand, she might have given it a place and just want to give it to us or maybe it's a soundtrack album for her Gucci fashion movie? Idk, all options are open I guess
  12. So Plastic Hearts have been on repeat these past days and it deserves so much more recognition cry0 it's such a good album...WTF Do I Know?, Plastic Hearts, Angels Like You, Prisoner, Gimme What I Want a 1-2-3-4-5 punch yas2 

    1. TRENCH


      omg I was playing it yesterday

    2. Royalty
    3. Billie Frank

      Billie Frank

      YES, i've had it on repeat for the past few months. It's soo good, deserved far better. The vocal on pre-chorus to WTF Do I Know? is insane. 

  13. I know right? How about people with diabetes? They can't grab their options and need to go to unreachable aisles to get their stuff? She's insane.
  14. Both thank u, next but I love positions as well