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    1. Royalty

      YES! She was such a hot thing back in the days in Holland. “Outta Here” was a bop too. Too bad she flopped :( 

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  2. There’s only 24 houuuuuurrrrrsssss in a daaaayyyy...

    1. Royalty

      On Chromatica, there’s 25 brit16 

  3. Happy bday to my fave queenie Ariana hug1 

  4. Fashion of His Love is kind of Gaga's best song ever yeah? antm1

  5. IDK WTF is going on, but this graduation has been ruined by my fucking parents.

  6. Chloe x Halle are so fucking good how have I not heard them brit14

  7. All these f*gs on this forum hyping how sgood they have or live in countries with great healthcare should use their healthcare benefits to go see a THERAPIST. 

    A lot of y’all are truly not okay jj4 

  8. ugh this legendary bop still slaps oprah15  


    1. Royalty

      Omg yes cry9 

  9. I MIGHT BE MESSED UP nicki6 

    BUT I KNOW WHATS UP nicki6 


    1. Royalty

      Lol lmfao FN is one of the best pop albums since years lol3 

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  11. The amount of people here who probably never learned about Greek and Roman mythology....ari7

    Also, much appreciation to Ariana's songwriters to actually understand the art of sublime slayage. Not only that "God is a woman", when you say the sentence it can also be heard as "Goddess, a woman." That's majestic!

    1. Royalty

      If you’re offended at the word “bitch” you should really reconsider signing off FOTP nicki5 

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  12. Call an ambulance, this pussy is lethal

    Call the police, this pussy is illegal


  13. How do I reactivate Battlegrounds ? I wanna drag a ''singer'' for filth laughcry1 

  14. Me: logs in 

    The rest of the forum: 



  15. Chromatica listening thread in 30 minutes lad(ies) nat2 

  16. Moving on to Bionic now. Yup, I still dislike Not Myself Tonight. The bridge slays a bit though.

    1. Royalty

      Girl, put the reviews in your blogs. They’re cute but status updates is NOT the place.

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  17. cbxv6ST.gif

    1. Royalty

      I know right ari7 expecting a NHB tread in minutes 


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  18. cbxv6ST.gif

    1. Royalty

      Sorry that I upvoted btw @Madonna but it is Gaga related so I like it! I thought I'd let you  know, before this is used against me! :)

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  19. I just found Asian Doll on my Spotify page - she seems interesting and had a lot of material out, is she any good?

    1. Royalty

      Do you know some? I might give it a spin

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  20. Social media is getting so overwhelming, so much is happening, getting exposed, I can't catch a break...