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  1. Royalty

    I like both but I will choose for Kim since I stan her!
  2. 2020 is really the worst year huh
  3. Royalty


    There’s also a timetable for the album I guess?
  4. I wouldn’t mind if Madonna never came to Europe again though
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  6. Royalty

    Cardi! I love my girl Nicki, but I can’t remember her verse on Say So and I have never listened to TROLLS so
  7. Royalty

    Ofcourse not! You should never be ashamed of feeling happy.
  8. That’s how she stays a billionaire, disgusting woman ugh
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    Maybe ‘cause their names rhyme or something
  11. Royalty


    Can I be added to this
  12. Royalty


    Why is Love Song so beautiful
  13. I have 0 idea how this will sound yet I am so hyped
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  15. Royalty

    Oh she should absolutely be ashamed of herself, I love her, but this is such a bad thing on her legacy. I do absolutely NOT support this!
  16. Royalty

    Who is she? Be more specific, sis.
  17. Royalty

    I am fucking disgusted by this. Everyone supporting this fucking rapist with his song should be ashamed of themselves, because you helped him to reach #1. Ugh. I can't believe this is actually happening.
  18. There were more stories about a girl in 2015 and so on
  19. He debunked 1 story though, what about the others?