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  1. Christina isn't even iconic. Miley has already outlasted her, so some of the new girls are doing more than fine in iconicness.
  2. LMAO Xtina NEVER did her own thing after the Debut, Stripped is an M!zzundaztood ripoff, Xtina called Scott Storch and Linda Perry BOTH of whom worked on P!nk's album. Xtina also jumped on the urban trend, singing that Britney reject Tilt Ya Head Back with Nelly. Let's not forget Bionic being The Fame Monster rip off. Your Body was a Max Martin song too. Xtina was never a trend setter either, and Ohh Xtina's debut was a Britney rip off too. She was packaged as a Teen Lolita Popstar the same image of Britney, she obvs tried copying her schtick
  3. Gaga had 3-4 years of pop culture dominance and achieved more with The Fame than Christina did with her whole career. That's no shame though, Gaga despite flopping is a true icon. It happens. It's like Britney with BOMT/OIDIA. Icons their peak eras are just TOO BIG. Also, you took a cheap shot with the albums comment cos 1999-2003 market >>>> 2009-2013 market. TF(M) still sold more than any Christina album, so it speaks a lot on Gaga's impact.
  4. IFPI does not lie booboo It also sold 400k physically, so 5.4 million in total.
  5. 4 Minutes was out in early 2008, so it ran all it's course and STILL didn't make it. Womanizer was cut since it started in October. Circus had everything, and made it. What's the problem? And NO ONE takes MediaTraffic seriously, Where is it even used in the industry? Isn't Oops I Did It Again credited for 22 million there MJDangerous was quoted by Billboard, I remember the article from ATRL users quoting it and I'm searching I'll post it too you soon, once I find it And LOL at Certifications being the end of the day clause So if an album sells 10 million but is only certified 5x Pla
  6. The one who is an idiotic fool unable to follow anything is you. Mr.Wonder / Chimier from ATRL was right about you. You LITERALLY don't understand anything. You talk of Official Organizations by IFPI yet provide ZERO receipts of 4 Million for Hard Candy, and even WITH certifications that doesn't paint the entire picture since not everything is even certified, fool. Educated Est. will never be a joke, just because Madonna is behind that doesn't made these expert and tailored stats untrue and useless. And LOL @ 4M being bigger than Circus WHEN THE IFPI REPORT IS IN FRONT OF YOU ARE
  7. WTF Estimations are not random. They're EDUCATED estimations And lol @ me only using them because Britney is higher, he's ACCLAIMED and lol at only online gays using them when BILLBOARD have used his work in the past too IFPI have no Global Certifications, WTF so what are these certs you be talking about and WHY do you keep using certifications like they have all the tea and no sales? In fact accoridng to Neilsen SoundScan, Hard Candy isn't even Platinum unlike Circus which went Platinum in like 3 weeks And are you kidding me about Britney not making the list? Circus had its succe
  8. I just realised 4 Minutes didn't even make IFPI's Year End Chart. Who are you tryna fool? http://www.ifpi.org/content/library/DMR2009.pdf @Selig
  9. MJDangerous DOES use IFPI in this amazing estimations, WTF Let's REPEAT, I have a GOOD SOURCE to claim Circus outsold Hard Candy in everything. You? What's your source? MediaTraffic? Because he's NOT a random blogger CHART LEGEND he is And not chart PEAKS being used as if they have the full story The fact that GMAYL allegedly charting better than an IFPI Top 10 Year End should tell you chart peaks don't mean shit Circus made IFPI's Top 10 Year End, of course it's a fucking hit You saying Madonna having ANY hits in the new generation is what's hilarious She should t
  10. Not CERTIFIED UNITS ACTUAL Sales >>>>>>>>>>> Certifications MJDangerous has Womanizer at 7,100,000 and Circus at 6,200,000. Both higher than the 5,000,000 digital sales for 4 Minutes. It also sold 400,000 physically, so it's behind two Circus songs! And why even mention the tour? I LITERALLY said it was bigger and didn't even object to it KIIII @ MJDangerous being random. Not when BILLBOARD used his work before I agree Which is why Circus is ahead! 3.9 million album sales >>>>> 3.7 million 7.1 + 6.2 million for first 2 singl
  11. MJDangerous being random BILLBOARD even quoted his numbers for his other work. He's a legit chart / sales legend He's more qualified than you and me, so I'll easily believe him instead of you lmao Fact, EXPERT analysis: Womanizer > Circus > 4 Minutes > If U Seek Amy > Give It 2 Me Sales DO NOT lie booboo Circus sold more in pure AND equivalent album sales and yes it still matters to use TEA/SEAs cos people are still streaming and buying those eras regardless of lost data from 2008, even though Britney's was likely bigger than Madge's since it's a teenagers game and Madonna fan
  12. Charts don't always reflect SALES, sometimes you can chart better and have like no longevity. I mean Holt It Against Me went #1 Circus SOLD more equivalents BECAUSE it had bigger singles. Hard Candy DID NOT outsell Circus. It sold 3.7 million and Circus sold 3.9 million. It wins in every aspect except Touring http://chartmasters.org/2016/08/cspc-britney-spears-popularity-analysis/20/ http://chartmasters.org/2016/06/cspc-madonna-popularity-analysis/33/ DEAL WITH THE EXPERT ANALYSIS BOO BOO
  13. WTF, yet the savvy and expert MJDangerous has 4 Minutes at 5 million only, beneath Womanizer and Circus And Git It 2 Me only sold a bit over a million according to him If U Seek Amy sold a bit over TWO million. It's not even bigger than that let alone CIRCUS Circus sold more Track Equivalent and Streaming Equivalent Albums. It was bigger on Airplay. Madonna just has Touring and that's it. WTF @ reviews being used as a category The winner is indeed clear! MJDangerous >>>>>>>>>> You
  14. Not according to the facts! Womanizer sold 7,100,000. Circus sold 6,200,000 and 4 Minutes sold 5,000,000 Also, Circus had higher overall TEAs/SEAs It was also bigger on the radio Madonna only wins in Touring
  15. Lol, Circus. Hard Candy hasn't even scanned Platinum yet and even if you wanna talk WW let's bring it back to this chart LEGEND MJDangerous - Circus had more overall success than Hard Candy, which is why it's TEAs/SEAs are higher. Radio is another factor of big eras, and Circus was bigger there too. Also, 4 Minutes was NOT bigger than Womanizer or Circus lmao 4 Minutes - 5,000,000 http://chartmasters.org/2016/06/cspc-madonna-popularity-analysis/22/ Womanizer - 7,100,000 Circus - 6,200,000 http://chartmasters.org/2016/08/cspc-britney-spears-pop