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    Wig booked a flight to Cancun!!
  2. Discussion

    A month late but Nightride is truly the best thing Tinashe's done, good riddance! You'll come crawling back when she drops the studio version to No Contest like all the rest!
  3. I started stanning EXO out of nowhere and suddenly view kpop boy bands in a whole new light. Am waiting for Kai to dip and come to america
  4. The Company video was perfect. should've been for sacrifices
  5. 5 and a half
  6. It was renamed stay the night and it'll no doubt be on joyride because that's the one she really liked
  7. Can't believe I'm actually going to get to listen to soul glitch and ghetto boy tonight Allahu Akbar!!!!
  8. Slavery isn't really the problem, that was more of a Spanish thing anyway. It was the following years of making not just blacks but literally everyone feel like shit in America. They were lynching natives, Mexicans, and Asians just as much as blacks. But if you were educated, you'd know that.
  9. I'm just trying to figure out how this thread started as an "is this offensive" thread and ended up as a "white people face racism too" thread
  10. Sushi isn't appropriation, that's actually one of the many ways of sharing cultures in America Besides why couldn't he have fun in a costume that has nothing to do with cheaply poking fun at someone's heritage
  11. Every time y'all bring this up the threads light up it's not the complicated, he was literally a beard away from red face. Peoples cultures just aren't customes. Although she definitely didn't do anything wrong.
  12. PERCHED for this holy day
  13. Miley is an incredible vocalists, just because you're too busy staring at her twerk doesn't take away from that Rest of this is just sexist so I'm not even gonna drag it.