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  1. Weeknd producer Mano: "Katy Perry referred to me as 'n*gga'"

  2. Katy Perry Is Over: Makes Insensitive Comment About Obama

    Lmao she was trying to say he's black? I'm so confused
  3. Slasher! Season 4 - Werewolves - Sabotage

    Wus dis
  4. Slasher! Season 4 - Werewolves - Sign ups

    Team RiRi-Gaga
  5. Slasher! Season 4 - Werewolves - Sign ups

    My comeback Sign me up!!
  6. Kehlani

    She's very hit and miss, just like The weeknd. One minute she makes an amazing life changing bop and the next she makes me waste 3 minutes of my life listening to a boring corny basic ass song. it's so frustrating! She doesn't make "fillers", they're just apart of her artistry and I'm debating listening to her album because she's already released at least 3 uneventful songs from it already
  7. Album Ariana's fourth album is done!

    Wig booked a flight to Cancun!!
  8. Discussion Stan/Unstan 2016/2017

    A month late but Nightride is truly the best thing Tinashe's done, good riddance! You'll come crawling back when she drops the studio version to No Contest like all the rest!
  9. K-Pop/J-Pop

    I started stanning EXO out of nowhere and suddenly view kpop boy bands in a whole new light. Am waiting for Kai to dip and come to america
  10. Tinashe

    The Company video was perfect. should've been for sacrifices
  11. Tinashe

    5 and a half
  12. Tinashe

    It was renamed stay the night and it'll no doubt be on joyride because that's the one she really liked
  13. Tinashe

    Can't believe I'm actually going to get to listen to soul glitch and ghetto boy tonight Allahu Akbar!!!!
  14. Celeb News Hilary Duff apologizes for 'racist' halloween costumes

    Sis what
  15. Celeb News Hilary Duff apologizes for 'racist' halloween costumes

    Slavery isn't really the problem, that was more of a Spanish thing anyway. It was the following years of making not just blacks but literally everyone feel like shit in America. They were lynching natives, Mexicans, and Asians just as much as blacks. But if you were educated, you'd know that.