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  1. Semeria

    AKJSHDJKLADJHSKLD @Doja Cat. do you wanna fight?
  2. Nah. But I love my good sis Grande either way!
  3. Michael Jackson is arguably the industries greatest male vocalist, songwriter, composer, visualist, dancer, performer and overall the most impactful pop artist of all time but for some reason we're calling him overrated because someone who can barely sing and slithers onstage for a living outsold one of his singles in a time where the entire world was baselessly accusing him of being a pedophile? And it's so funny you bring up racism when Madonna literally adopted children from Africa just to call them niggas while they rubbed her feet on Instagram. Anywho, yes, I said it. White mediocrity.
  4. Semeria

    Accelerate BOPS and yall will deal!
  5. Semeria

    Some SoundCloud artists should just stay Soundcloud artists omg ... stream my ep, "i beong to no one" available now!
  6. Semeria

    And that's the gospel truth!
  7. Semeria

    Im sorry but the cultural significance of her set alone is just >>>>>> I dont know what yall think Gaga did at Coachella but it simply doesnt compare.
  8. Semeria

    She was pregnant for one of those years and had a recovering body for the other. It wasn't an advantage, sis.
  9. Semeria

    Its not a dance, she's stepping, it's....yall are unclutured.
  10. I see the Madonna stans are still alive and rampant. Yall smoking dick if you think for one second Madonna was more impactful than Michael Joseph Jackson. But what do we expect from peopl who worship white mediocrity?
  11. IM THE SHIT I KNOW IM THE SHIT AND IM SUPA THICC IF YOU DONT BUY ME WHAT I WANT IMA THROW A FIT Justice for Ain’t Good For Ya. She deserved to be longer, what a bop. I just want Kehlani and Normani to hop on the Ooh La La remix so she can hurry up and get a hit bc this is so embarrassing for all of us omg
  12. LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOthatsexactlywhatthisisomgOOOOOOOOO thank you so much!!! The beats aren’t mine but I wrote and engineered it all by myself while a friend did the mixing
  13. Thank you bb I missed you the mostest, I was scared you left 💀 Hellride...WOO CHILE! What i will say is i appreciated the resurrection of Joyride, No Contest and Ooh La La is the only thing that’s gonna dig her out of this hole. As for the rest....when I told those rats to throw an album together that ain’t what I meant