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  1. I think by the mid of 2015 or later , DH and Roar will reach 800,000,000
  2. Hmm I Think She might get the top spot this year :> are there any new announcement for asian tour dates ?
  3. Why can't it be February Today OMG!!!! THE HYPE IS REAL :O \ the costume tho hmmmm
  4. In the Mid of 2008 A Girl who got her break through her 1st ever single ~ Many critics says she is a effing ONE-HIT WONDER Gosh I'm so Inspired by her Success, not to mention how she work hard to get her breakthrough
  5. Oh Well Lets wait for another year for Katy to Top
  6. I really Expect either Iggy or Arianna to Top this coz they have like 3 hits ?? But I really love That katy owned It <3 Katy the Deity Still Slaying!
  7. When I heard This Moment, Love Me, It Takes Two and more it make want Katy to have a rest on generic and common upbeat songs of hers .gif' alt='katy2'>
  8. Katy has so much in store for us this feb. Hope a new single as well ..
  9. She has potential this time ... Especially with that Pop vocal Album