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  1. Don't answer when you didn't read it. It's simply wrong what your saying! I wrote why I answered. And I never downvoted something without a reason. I'm fair! But it makes no sense to talk with you about that, you will NEVER understand, because you don't read it right, and even if, you just don't understand it.
  2. And the question I asked 4 times before is: Why are you discussing Avril Lavigne in Lana Del Rey thread? Question 2: Why do you think that I am the person who began discussing Avril in the Lana Del Rey threads, when it's you and I just answer to it? You discussed about Avril Lavigne in the Lana Del Rey section over 3 pages, before I made my 3!!! posts! You were off-topic!
  3. Doing anything about what? Why are you trying to find things, where is nothing? I'm not him, so what the hell did he to you? Do you have nothing better to do, than the whole day bitching about other members? Can you find a thread where 5 people are the whole day bitching around about you? Everyday? Don't you have a real life? And why the hell do you all here think that every Avril fan must be the same person... How stupid is that??? No reason for that! And why are you all allowed to call me FlopNRoll and ShitNFlop and stuff like this. When insulting other members is allowed
  4. Yay, rock n roll babe. That's cool! Really cool, like the original meaning of the word to describe this: after the original old describtion of cool vs. warm
  5. It wasn't off-topic, and it wasn't shade. It was a fact! Kerli said it herself. She wore the cybergoth look in 2012 and created the bubble goth looks. Fact!
  6. Yes, she is Wow, this is the first time I'm seeing someone with an Ashley Tisdale award. I love her *-* I Kissed A Girl Headstrong or Guilty Pleasure?
  7. Nothing of course Jennifer Aniston or Angelina Jolie?
  8. Red - 120 I Knew You Were Trouble - 220 Hi
  9. I thought the surprise is the song Fly?
  10. Thanks I saw it on her Twitter. Can't wait!!!!!! *-* Innocence Forgotten Freak Out I Love You Darlin Alice Rock N Roll Hello Heartache I Will Be Unwanted I'm With You Complicated Sk8er Boi Nobody's Fool Anything But Ordinary I Can Do Better Runaway Don't Tell Me Smile I Always Get What I Want Contagious He Wasn't My Happy Ending Nobody's Home Goodbye Take Me Away Mobile Wish You Were Here Too Much to Ask Give You What You Like Hush Hush Here's To Never Growing Up I Don't Give Get Over It You Never Satisfy Me The Best Damn Thing 17 Bitchin' Summer
  11. That's true.. I was so shocked when I saw the "Timber" video. She looked like a step away from death... and so sad.. It was horrible. It was clear that something was very wrong... Poor Kesha.. I think she looks amazing in the "Dirty Love" video.
  12. 1990 Why was I born so late? I would have rocked out to the song... but as a baby...too young!!!
  13. When did she found out what a guitar is? Maybe Tony told her.