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  1. voted im so sad bc i don't want to end this era
  2. 9 days for the PWT im making an special countdown on my IG, check it: http://instagram.com/pablohudsonn
  3. i love iggy but she doesn't deserve it
  4. Which song will Katy Play After BTGOG? - none What Color will Katy's Hair Be? - black What Color Dress/Outfit Will Katy Wear? - white Will Katy Win A Grammy? YES NO - no
  5. goldderby says that fancy is going to win
  6. but how he know that omg, im so scared
  7. guys... how he knew that PRISM was going to have 5 singles and 2 of them #1? so you wanna play with magic? is katy going to win a grammy? Dark Horse será um dos maiores hits do ano, permanecerá 5 semanas não-consecutivas em primeiro lugar na Billboard. — futuro da musica pop (@popmusicfuture) January 23, 2014 Katy Perry fará uma parceiria que será o maior hit de sua carreira, vai ganhar seu 1º Grammy com isso. o album terá 5 singles, 2 serão #1 — vim do futuro (@futuropop) February 17, 2013