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  1. i did like 3 hours ago with my friend
  2. yes, i asked to El Corte Inglés like three millions times for it
  3. i know who is the mysterious blonde girl that is the guest star of Katy
  4. The Questions: What song will Katy open with? - Roar (2 points) Will there be a sound or lighting issue? Yes or no - No (1 point) Besides Lenny Kravitz, will there be additional guests? How many? - 2 (1 point for each additional guest) Name the additional guests - Iggy Azalea and Madonna (5 points EACH for correctly guessing the guests by name!) How many songs will Katy perform? - 6 (1 point) What will the setlist be? - Roar, Dark horse, Firework, E.T., This is how we do, Teenage dream (2 points per correct song!) Will Katy diss Taylor Swift? Yes or no - No (1 point) Besides black, wh