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  1. Even if you don't like the artist, it's pretty disrespectful to say something negative about them when they're going through a serious illness, get well Avril
  2. she looked amazing but the performance was a mess imo
  3. "It's FAB!" weird how it's all Femme Fataleney if it's new tho
  4. It was Lorde about a month ago, she's like literally the only artist to ever perform in my hometown because it's so small I gotta fly my ass to see Katy in Auckland
  5. yes! It's only my second concert ever so I'm double excited she's gonna slay me
  6. Thank you boo! I'm so excited about seeing her I can barely contain myself .gif' alt='cry3'>
  7. I hope she goes out shopping or something when she's in NZ she's only here for like 2 days tho
  8. I really hope Kathy is joking but I don't think she is brit2 brit2