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  1. Sign O The Times

    A Jonas Brother he will always be
  2. That's fucking disgusting.
  3. 70s or 80s. As long as I got to be sexy as fuck/a thirst trap and got to party with celebrities it wouldn't matter which one.
  4. Sign O The Times

    I know with Twitter for sure, if it wasn't for the activism and millisecond access to untainted news, I would be gone. I'm not as rabid a fan as I used to be the past year or the year before. Most of what I do on the Internet now could be classified as trolling or harassment (of stans), because no one really talks about much of anything if that makes sense. I think you might be right about a cultural explosion. Many people think a social revolution is on the rise, so why not have the internet blow up too? People are getting bored and hoping against hope that the Internet will be fun again, but I kind of hope things can go back to people actually leaving their houses like they used to LMAO. I feel like I was born in the wrong generation, because I would kill for record stores and talking to people to be a thing again, fuck an iTunes but that's off topic
  5. Sign O The Times

    Yeah and that's what I'm worried about tbh I'm honestly surprised FOTP is as successful as it is for it being so new. I've always wondered how FOTP got started. Most forums/messages boards created after 2010 have had a rough time, and many end up getting deleted because people are so quick to not give a shit. I'd even go as far to say that the Internet might be "dying" in the sense that nothing new and innovative is really being created and many social media sites like Twitter and Facebook are past their golden eras. The only reason those two sites and a few others haven't been Myspace-d is because they're the only options. Not to go on a rant but it bums me out when I and others have great ideas for sites or whatever and they fall through because people are too lazy to confirm their email address or help out a budding website -- Not to cross promote, cause I hate that shitty site, but have any of you been to Pulse Music Boards? That place is so boring and organized. You say one word that can be deemed as a drag/try to make threads more fun by stirring up artist beef fuckery and they will try to get you banned I deleted my account like 3 days after account approval because the beasties on that shit site were sour pusses and racist/prejudiced/sheltered cunts.
  6. Sign O The Times

    One of the few songs I don't like from Lana
  7. Sign O The Times

    LanaBoards is boring af. Honestly? I'm gonna create a music forum that isn't centered on pop. More R&B, hip hop type shit maybe. I'm good at web design to a point. Can't write code for shit, but I have my ways haha. You'd have to possibly put real money into the site, just saying. Lana fans and Michael Jackson fans are really picky about where they stan and are truly fucking lazy when you try to send them links to your fan site, even though it's a site for the person they love. They'll view the website but never join/comment/etc. Just wanted to let you know that you'd have to come up with really creative shit to get people to join and KEEP POSTING, especially for fan sites.
  8. Sign O The Times


    Reported. Now I'm coming for your wig
  9. Sign O The Times

    I think the music industry is done in general tbh. We won't have another golden era like we did from 60s-2006 for at least another 50 years, if ever. Especially now that Godchael is dead, Janet is in a retirement home having sex with her nurse, Whitney passed, and Prince is too busy fighting the digital age while fucking himself at Paisley Park. I'd stan for Miley if she wasn't a dumb ass, and Gagz + Rih just don't capture me. Lana is bad but I don't listen to her at all now. Azealia Banks is a fucking weirdo. I could go on. So I'm just going to perch for stan wars while I jam to old school r&b and pop tbh
  10. Sign O The Times

    With those vocals? Nah boo. Not even a Xmas album
  11. Sign O The Times

    The Emancipation of Jesus will forever slay. Every track was hot and memorable. Mimi's vocals were gorgeous ("Fly Like A Bird"/"Mine Again" anyone?). That album was LIFE.
  12. Sign O The Times

    1. Albums 2. Singles 3. Touring 1) Albums - The importance of albums is crucial, to me, because if someone has hot singles but their album is absolute trash and/or full of filler, then that reflects on them (talent, ear for hits, etc.), the team they used for the album. 2) Singles - This was a tough pick for me, because I believe touring and singles are pretty much the same in terms of importance (more on that below), but singles will make or break an album. If your single is a bop (only good for a little while) or truly iconic, it will generate attention for your album. If it's a FLOP, your album will most likely tank. Many would say singles are more important than the albums themselves, but I disagree simply because albums show case the artist and their teams vision for the whole era. This is especially evident for an album being more important than singles when the artist has alter egos and styles associated with the album/era. 3) Touring - Touring is really something to look out for as well. Is your fave going to use auto tune? Are they going to divert attention from their bad dancing or singing skills with one of the aforementioned (auto tune, gimmicks, extra backup singers or dancers?)? Or are they going to show that they really deserve our money, attention, and whatever else it is that they need to stay relevant and comfortable? If your tour sucks or is full of gimmicks, then you might as well stop doing any types of live performances and stick to airing your "talent" on YouTube, Spotify, and Billboard.
  13. Sign O The Times

    I'm not even going to say anything..
  14. The only break I will allow is him going to rehab if the rumors are true, but other than that I need him to burn my eyebrows off with his lighter and slay me