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  1. G like MC

    Be careful. @G like MC might see this
  2. G like MC

    Inb4 @Royalty goes
  3. Stunning looks that look like an H&M Ad but the song's chorus is more like turbulence than an actual explosion.
  4. Ain't my fault that I'm out here getting loose

    Gotta blame it on the Goose

    Gotta blame it on mah juice



  5. When you do things like this

    And you set me free



  6. Walk Away, You Know How

    Don't Start Caring About Me now


  7. Atrl stealing? Is the sky blue?
  8. "you" Already know some predictable gals will say that. But seriously, For me: Camilla>Halsey>Melanie
  9. G like MC

    Did you just call me @H.O.N.E.Y
  10. Are you Dutch? 

    1. Michael.

      No I’m not, I’m Portuguese... why? jj2 

    2. G like MC

      I was trying to figure you out!

      Obrigado! ❤

    3. Michael.

      Oh alright hahaha happy1

  11. G like MC

    4 years later im crying
  12. G like MC

    Ok this was a CLOCK
  13. Ok so if Selena gets dragged, y'all coming in to drag her in the thread, even to the point of confronting people who don't share y'alls opinion. That's the tea. But then there's Dua. If Dua gets dragged, it's a cardinal sin and then it gets so WRATHFUL and I imagine y'alls faces getting crinkled up in RAGE. How DARE someone come for my ALBANIAN queen. Y'all biased. It's over. Cue the attempts at the OP.
  14. G like MC

  15. G like MC

    a lidls hairdryer nn aldi outsold
  16. G like MC

    I love reading this
  17. G like MC

    Oh ok. Thanks for clarifying
  18. G like MC

    My new sig
  19. G like MC

    Hello girls