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    I often think about random questions that I try to resolve but most of the time I end up on Wikipedia  
    Todays’s question: 
    Is there a language(s) that are better suited for me out there than my mother tongue? (English)
    We are In no control in the beginning of our lives. We don’t get to choose where, when or pretty much if we decide to exist. We are also not in control the language we are born into. 
    When people immigrant to America and adapt American culture (or even do so in their homeland) they do so because of personal preference
    So my question is if there is another language out there that is better suited for me? Maybe my mind would prefer a language that has a different sentence structure. Maybe my body prefers the physical feeling that my mouth, vocal chords and lips feel in another language. Maybe my ears prefer the sounds of a language with a different use of vowels.  
    I have wondered this for some time and have narrowed it down to either one of the Baltics ( Lithuanian or Latvian),  Basque, Berber, or Hebrew.  
    But then another question arises, would I have preferred a language that is now dead or extinct, or the archaic version of a language ?  
    let me stop before I get a headache  
    do you think there is a better language out there for you? 
  2. G like MC
    I got a long list of ex-lovers, they’ll tell you I’m insane
    welcome to the first entry of my oh so flopsessful blog! I’ve been casually going over my messy post history on here and this is where I’ll jot down some thots on them...
    I had so many people on this site I could consider lovers. A lot of the relationships ended without closure because Im unfaithful and it kills me inside. (Such a bop) 
    lets start with @Carlos
    i know you’re supposedly straight and I support you and we had our messiness in the kety section with @QUINN and @California boy and I ABANDONDED you flops to live a lucrative life in BGs bringing ramifications to our section (tho @Benji takes some blame too)
    I just want you guys to know you helped me transition into forums and were so friendly with wide open arms and unconditionalllll love that I cherish.mp3 our times beating everyone in the weekly sections posts counts.
    Next, I would like to say that you, @Kali were an amazing friend during my reinvention era, and you really helped me bring out the me I am Mariah in me. I got introduced to music that I still play today, you are so spot on with your taste and suggestions and I never answered your Pm and I am so sorry I didn’t pm u back and that I didn’t save our friendship like I should have if t really meant that much to me. 
    I hope one day we can rekindle that fire we had.
    @Sailor Venus idk if we are still married but if we are, please post more in the OPT I love seeing your pics
    @Oblivia I love you Alex and I miss you. I hope to catch up with you sometime and I can’t help but remember when I was going through my Taylor Lautner phase that you mentioned it brought out the homosexual in you and I’m glad I was able to help ❤️
    @Lust I miss talking to you too and I’m sorry I let Mafia flop lmao. I owe you. Your pizza thread is so iconic and I might look for it again to bump it.
    @Angelus I miss doing first listens with you in the Madonna section and hope you’re doing well and I wanna do another with you. Perhaps Rebel Heart? 
    @P.O.P you took me under your wing in the Kylie section and made me an ever gayer person when you got me into her music. (there goes my Masc4Masc lewk) I miss posting borderline porn gifs with you in Kylie randomosity so I hope to see you soon there YOU SLUT.
    @Systemagic U little flop u need to post more so that I can quote you and tell you how amazing your taste is. 
    @Jae Hi bae. Love you. Sorry for leaving u high and dry for MONTHS for Filth on a declining forum  I’ll make it up to u soon ❤️❤️
    @Shiver AY, you and me need to talk more about alternative M U S I C and I need u to get me into more jams because Big TV legit made me straight. 
    Ahhh this felt nice. 
    Cause you know I love the players, and you love the game 
  3. G like MC
    I’m going to pretend I was bored and that I didn’t do this survey because I’m a flop. If any of you girls want to do this too comment or  tag me so I can get to know ya

    What is your name? Joel B : How old are you? 22  C : Orientation? Gay   D : Gender? Male E : Are you dating anyone? No I hate men they’re trash   F : Do you have a crush? Yeah but he doesn’t feel the same way   G : What country do you live in? You Es Ay  H : Summer or Winter? Winter I : How many languages do you know? one with some random bits of others cause I whore to all kinds of men J : Have any tattoos? How many? none but this is these are similar to to what I want  K : Have any pets? How many? What are their names Chihuahua and I am not giving out her name or social security soz L : Ever been to another country? Do you want to? Canada & Mexico. I want to go to Australia, Greece and Spain M : Favorite school subject? P.E N : Favorite beverage? Sangria O : Favorite food? Any kind of pizza P : Do you prefer books, movies, or video games? Video Games Q : Do you have any favorite books/movies/games? L.A. Noire, Civilization Series, Tropico Series, 007 R : How many blogs do you follow? none cause I make my own gurlfwend S : How many followers do you have? a personal attack   T : How many blogs do you have? 3 henny U : Ever been in a physical fight? yeah and that heffa learned her lesson V : What do you want to do when you're older? become a contestant on a revived early 2000s competition show W : Favorite fictional character?  Daredevil  X : Have you ever broken a bone or had surgery? broken a knee   Y : Favorite genre of music? Chillwave Z : Favorite song? Atm  it’s Kept Woman by Fleet Foxes
  4. G like MC
    DisneyRejects - Some random ass concoction I made 
    Physical - After the eyeconic Olivia Newton John ANTHEM
    XX✘X - Literally me after a week of using tumblr 
    Ø. -A MISTAKE 
    Venus as a Boy - After Bjorks best song
    Xanadu - Physical’s short lived evolution 
    Nautica - after the EYECONIC department store brand 
    the N Word - try hard/American Life era 
    Joel - Me. I am Mariah. Era
  5. G like MC
    Today when I came home I watched a movie called "Eden" via Google play. I was browsing IMDB last night and came across an actor called Ethan Peck. It looked interesting and so I rented it and watched it when I came home today. Mainly cause Ethan was in it hehe

    As far as the movie was decent. 6/10. Lots of action and has lots of suspense. It's not your typical lost on an island movie. Ethan looked great in it and there were some other good looking supporting cast members as well. This is a great movie to watch on a stay in weekend night with one other person. 

    I'm looking for my next movie right now to watch probably tomorrow when I can't sleep at night and I'm debating between 

    (Because Ethan is in it. Moo is in it too. Woo!) 

    (because Bren Foster is in it)

    (This is Bren Foster)
  6. G like MC

    The Beach
    What better way for you to cool off than take a swim. But quickly you notice it's not just the sun that's hot.

    (John Abraham -Actor/producer)

    (Siddharth Malhotra - actor)

    (Varun Dhawan - actor)
  7. G like MC

    Join us as we venture to exotic lands and explore the breathtaking beings that inhabit them.

    Please Select Your Destination Below. More destinations available soon
    Destination #1  
    Destination #2
  8. G like MC
    Welcome to our first destination! 
    Please feel free to explore around and don't forget to comment which guys you decided to take with you back on the ship! 

    The Beach
    After hours stuck on that boat you can't feel ever more thankful for dry land. But there's more to be thankful for as you look around .
    (Jesse Metcalfe - Actor)

    (Eamon Sullivan -Olympic Swimmer) IG: Eamon_Sullivan
    The Gym
    After having some fun at the beach you decide to check out the local gym and find some more eye candy..
    (Sandor Earl - Rugby Player)
    (Christian Miranda - Personal Trainer)
    You had a great workout you so you figure you should head to the center of the city and see what's good

    (Liam Hemsworth - Actor) 

    (Dan Ewing -Actor) IG: _danweing
    oh look at the time.  We have to get going back to the boat. We hope you had a fun time. Don't forget to mention who was your favorite(s)!

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