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  1. 4 minutes ago, Tomás said:

    my mother tongue is spanish. i started learning english when i was around 13ish when i joined a glee ( rip4 ) forum. even though i had some basic level due to being a fast learner and my mom exposing me to american music, bitch i STRUGGLED. i remember somebody once said "where were we" and i had to sit for a whole ass minute trying to make that sentence make sense in my head skksks. i'm way more comfortable expressing myself in spanish and sometimes portuguese than english, imo you can only replace your native tongue by completely submerging yourself into the culture and the society of the new language or moving somewhere where your language isn't spoken and being forced to not practice it if you don't put effort into it, which isn't an option if you go for extinct languages skkssks.

    anyway no im pretty comfortable in my spanish w a bit of portuguese bubble, english is perfect for kikiin tho the british gays snapped when they created it

    Wow sis you could have fooled me with those drags of urs that make me scream in bgs, the where is her Fotp account is a moment and I’m still in tears rip3 

  2. 17 minutes ago, Sylk said:

    yes let's speak the language of love 


    jk English isn't my mother tongue but I picked it up quick, skipped kindergarten and 1st grade because of it. I understand and speak better in English than any of the other languages i know and actually prefer it 24/7 so I totally believe that your mind and body can align itself to a certain way of speaking and thinking. My thoughts are definitely always in English. Do some research Joel maybe you'll come across something that sounds habitual to your ears and the way you speak!

    Wow you snapped with that global English career quadrlingual king yas2 

  3. 2 hours ago, Régine Filange said:

    I think with English I can express myself easier. moo12 And I feel more comfortable when I communicate in English, I don't know why. moo12

    I also started learning French, Italian and Spanish with Duolingo the last months. I really love the French language.


    I think I can create a class in the site tbh. From the next month I'm gonna teach y'all French, be ready.


    Let me get my croissants ready jj2 

  4. 1 minute ago, QUINN said:

    the damage is done, the children are grown and they can stand on their own and see you had better options, but you chose a player’s life. clap1 

    And I will never forgive myself for this. I try to spend qualiTEA Tim with my children when I can and be affectionate. I may be broke now, but when I get the jackpot we will all go on vacation and I’ll buy you a new house

  5. Just now, QUINN said:

    then you’re clearly as delusional as the rest of them!!! meg1 


    (im so pleased with myself for remember the meg1 tag omg)

    I got caught up in the game, and it took me years to clean up my life and have the confidence to look at my kids in the eyes and explain that I did this for them clap1 

  6. 1 hour ago, Ghostface said:

    After unsuccessful direct attempt at gaining attention from crush, Joel is taking more subtle approach with lexicon blog entry hoping this would ignite much needed spark. The question is... how far will Joel go to achieve what is set in his mind, especially even if this fails to come to fruition? tay8


    And for starters, I also enjoy winter more. gaga8



    Can you be the commentator for my romance documentary jj2 

  7. 3 hours ago, Kali said:

    Yeah I think it was Cassius dead1

    That's funny we both had a similar reaction. I was like, wtf is this!? after those immaculate melodies from previous albums my first take was soo disappointing. Ill give it another go though just need to be in the right mood rav3


    Wait if you like Animal Colective does that mean you enjoy Sigur Ros? It's been a while but I think I remember them having a similar atmosphere sonically

    I love sigur ros❤️

    I prefer some of their tracks live over studio tbh. 


  8. 6 minutes ago, Kali said:


    haven't listened to Crack Up  giveup1 I really enjoyed Third of May but whenever I try to sit down and listen to the album (I don't even know which song this would be) there's this long ass meandering instrumental that puts me off and makes me question if the entire album is like that. It reminds me of the pretentious last bit in The Shrine and it really gets my goat! I should really give it another listen and just skip whatever song that is oop. Helplessness Blues is really divine. I recently got into St. Vincent. Do you listen to them? I knew some of their previous songs but their latest album Masseducation really hit me in the best way. So if you haven't listened yet maybe give it a try sometime. New York, Fast Slow Disco (the remix), Los Angeles are faves!

    Don’t worry I felt the same way with crack up and I was like wtf I only like Third of May/odaigahara and fools errand. 


    Are you talking about the end of Cassius-? I remember the string part was the only part of the song I liked and now I like the rest of the song except that part dead1 

    I still don’t like The Shrine/an Argument tay2 

    Kept Woman, Mearcstapa and I am all that I need/Arroyo Seco/ Thumbprint Scare are my faves ❤️

    I haven’t listened to st Vincent it’s one of those gals I’ve been meaning to listen to I’ll def check her out 

    ive REALLY been stanning Animal Collective lately. Painting With is an ALBUM