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  1. Ain't my fault that I'm out here getting loose

    Gotta blame it on the Goose

    Gotta blame it on mah juice



  2. When you do things like this

    And you set me free



  3. Walk Away, You Know How

    Don't Start Caring About Me now


  4. Are you Dutch? 

    1. Michael.


      No I’m not, I’m Portuguese... why? jj2 

    2. G like MC

      G like MC

      I was trying to figure you out!

      Obrigado! ❤

    3. Michael.


      Oh alright hahaha happy1

  5. Don't Start Now > Future Nostalgia



  7. Spoiler

    Waiting for you to post again in the picture thread 


    1. Michael.


      Did you forget my face? jj2 

      I might post again who knows if the demand is high ny1 

    2. G like MC

      G like MC

      I was RihVisiting it last night jj2

      Perched if you do

    3. Michael.
  8. Trying to save your forum dad

  9. @Lover @Aidan. @Sylk @Dr. Slay I'm about to pull a hypocrite but



  10. Heyea

    1. Entea


      Omfg, you've been resurrected cry7

      Where the f have u been? rav2

  11. I love you dad

    1. P.O.P


      Love you too babe 😍

  12. But I can't work for free

  13. They literally found a truck of bodies near the city I was in at Mexico dead2 

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    2. G.T.D.A.B.


      7 minutes ago, Urbanov said:

      He was locked in my basement

      OMG, the case of the basement sex slave.lmfao2

    3. Chris Morlock
    4. G like MC

      G like MC

      @Simón. yeah I visited Monterrey first and then Guadalajara but I was in the “safe zones” with the American/European tourists mostly stayed but it was still sketchy AF. 

  14. Trying to be my crush’s perfect man like 


    1. ajp


      That's so sweet...but I'm taken kylie7

    2. G like MC

      G like MC

      With taste like that you’re definitely a few leagues above me kylie6 

    3. ajp


      Don't be crushed. I'm sure you will that special guy kylie1


  15. Come in chat there’s Calvin Harris nudes 

    1. Hex


      Fake news. tay2

  16. n57mzx5rcvj11.jpg

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    2. G like MC

      G like MC

      @Urbanov almost did this to me last week and I was almost convinced I was as gay as @Sylk

    3. Sylk
    4. deleted
  17. Fucking near 30 year old Australian man wasting the last several YEARS so pressed and SEETHING 

    1. G like MC

      G like MC

      Oop this tea was too hot for you I see lmfao2 

    2. G like MC

      G like MC

      The way you SCRAMBLED after my friend NicoleRichiePurpleHair exposed you and you RAN to make damage control. lmfao2 

    3. G like MC

      G like MC

      Go back to messaging twinks on lastfm into joining your MICROSCOPIC forum lmfao2 everyone learns eventually  who the LOSER and CREEP is behind the mask lmfao2 Or maybe you’ll just have a meltdown and sabotage your own forum again lmfao2 a Trainwreck lmao lmfao2 

  18. good luck booking that forum you speak of




  20. Thank you for all the love this week you sexy ppl



    1. Chris Morlock

      Chris Morlock

      i didnt know i was so loved too shock1


    2. G like MC
    3. Chris Morlock

      Chris Morlock

      i only won 1 less day than you kesha8 

  21. I aspire to have a taste in men as good as yours gaga1 

    1. Entea


      You're doing a steaming job with the hockeas gaga1

  22. I’m starting to crush on thick, bearded bears again, it’s officially fall 

    1. Bimini Bon Bussy

      Bimini Bon Bussy

      why just limit it to fall whit1 fuck with em all year 

    2. Honey


      God bless lana6