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  1. To quote my favorite singer: "One Second I'm a koontz, then suddenly the koontz is me"
  2. Her last two hits are of the very few amazing songs since pop died. Meanwhile, Cafeeta Cameltoe is out here wasting studio resources. Is Dua the last Great pop girl before the #aPOPcalypse
  3. 2010: Blah Blah Blah ft. 3OH!3 2011: Where Have You Been 2012: XO 2013: Birthday 2014: Do What You Want ft. R. Kelly 2015: High By The Beach 2016: Now or Never 2017: Praying 2018: Havana 2019: Wheels on the Bus
  4. You will not disrihspect Kim Carnes today
  5. Don't Start Now > Future Nostalgia

  6. Why are you instigating drama in a section where we drag artists?
  7. Also notice how Duper started flaunting her accent more in her recent songs. Marina's heavy accent remains superior to this breathy mess.
  8. Totally agree after watching her performance
  9. Also, I can't at her handing off her microphone so that she could spin for three seconds and perform lana del rey level choreography
  10. Dua Lipa promoting her dead on arrival album's lead single. Her dress uncannily reminded me of someone LEAGUES above her in TALENT Yes, the dress that was worn in this iconic performance of a song that CHARTED #1 Poor dua. Copying iconic dresses now?
  11. Lucky Star remains the best song on self title tho
  12. Something in the way you love me won't let me be I don't want to be your prisoner, so baby, won't you set me free Stop playing with my heart Finish what you start When you make my love come down If you want me, let me know Baby, let it show Honey, don't you fool around
  13. You know who else puts on semi decent performances? Meghan Trainor Ashlee Simpson Madonna
  14. The absolute STIFFNESS The HEAVy reliance on her TALENTED backup dancers her voice sounding like halfway between a complaint and a cry Dua can at least put on a semi decent show