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  1. People stan for this and call it talent????????????
  2. You have the least talented Disney princess in your avi and you telling me you can't take me seriously?
  3. On October 25th you changed your name from Pauly Antonio to Pauly Antonio and you dare ask me if everything is ok at my seaside 1 bedroom half bath bodega apartment?
  4. Which artist hide behind vocal effects and productions? I can name a few. Who do: Dua Lipa. Madonna Who don't: Lady Gaga Mariah Carey Taylor Swift Rihanna Britney Spears
  5. @Flopgamyalgia anything to say here? Or are you all talk in private?
  6. It's so cold out here In your wilderness I want you to be my keeper But not if you were so reckless
  7. This is the equivalent to hitting a Piñata at a celebration tho
  8. So why are people buying the song if they can just listen to the commercial for free?
  9. What promo? Playing AIWFCIY in dead suburban malls is promo?
  10. SUPERIOR AND FABULOUS mimi scores her 19th #1 without even trying. Madonna doesn't even hit the top ten anymore. I guess you lose @Madonna
  11. Wow I can't imagine being so bothered by literal letters (in a language you can barely type in) about a girl who doesn't even know you exist that it causes you to stalk someone's every move.
  12. Only 4? That's sad. I speak 12 languages. Maybe if your ego wasn't so big you could fit more in it.
  13. Sounds like we aren't the ones living in a cave
  14. I'm The absolute shamelessness Not her team spending 50 bucks on an airbnb to record this at Girl can't even afford alcohol for her vids, that's straight up apple juice What kind of last minute school project teas