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  1. Can't be a rolling stone if you live in a glass house
  2. Are you ready for Dua's Artpop? I'm calling it now. I love her but I'm getting a feeling this is her artpop. But the question remains...who is gonna bring the prism?
  3. How can half of someone's heart be in Havana if they didn't have one to begin with?
  4. Songwriters do neither and they have music careers
  5. YouTube stars are gonna start putting out music ddd Get ready for Logan Paul to debut on the Top Ten
  6. So you're saying her co-writers, musicians, producers, merch designers, music video directors, choreographers, and her agent should have starved instead because she should have not made any music at all.
  7. @Lover @Aidan. @Sylk @Dr. Slay I'm about to pull a hypocrite but



  8. I get that maybe they don't like that she's not a great singer or performer or doesn't have a range, but I feel like maybe there's a sense of jealousy because homegirl is famous? Why else would a grown man be fuming at a young woman with lupus.
  9. I haven't touched my Samsung gifted free copy in ages.
  10. They also took Bebe's vocals from her demo of The Monster and uncredited her in the Eminem ft. Rihanna version. Rihanna is being used as a weapon!
  11. Heyea

    1. Entea


      Omfg, you've been resurrected cry7

      Where the f have u been? rav2

  12. I love you dad

    1. P.O.P


      Love you too babe 😍

  13. But I can't work for free

  14. If only she knew how to spell, she could tell us on Twitter
  15. Are you actually straight btw
  16. girl bye I've been thiefoncé-ing for years now
  17. Imagine loathing a woman of color so much you call her useless and a scammer
  18. We all can't randomly bitch about Lupus patients for weeks and then act surprised when we get called out on it