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    1. Elusive

      Please do! I sent you an important PM

  2. Not the first pop up career I’ve seen
  3. Take me away lover

    1. Joel

      Ok but you have to consent first or else it’s kidnapping jj5 

    2. Sylk

      yes i give you my consent take me now

    3. Hex

      How can you consent to a kidnapping? mad5

  4. Joel here

    They literally found a truck of bodies near the city I was in at Mexico dead2 

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    2. Superficial

      7 minutes ago, Urbanov said:

      He was locked in my basement

      OMG, the case of the basement sex slave.lmfao2

    3. Joel

      @Simón. yeah I visited Monterrey first and then Guadalajara but I was in the “safe zones” with the American/European tourists mostly stayed but it was still sketchy AF. 

  5. You're back! oprah10

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    2. Joel

      My ancestors homeland 

    3. Hex

      You better stan the fact I welcomed you back 5 seconds after you got online. dead7

    4. Joel

      You have gained quite the karma for your next life my friend jj2 

  6. FOTP won't be the same without your thirsty-ness and Kiis sis 

    come back giveup1

    1. Hex

      Where did he go? oprah10

    2. Elusive

      He hasn't visited the site in a week

  7. Been stalking your profile TBH. tay2

  8. I'm falling in love with the guy in your profile photo. oprah2

  9. Joel

    We out here in the real world
  10. When lambs became the good side
  11. This performance CHANGED my life it’s nothing short of amazing
  12. It’s ariana, followed by nick (those funny as hell twitter memes, and Taylor for the occasional “I went to Taylor Swift’s concert!” that everyone posts on Instagram. Everyone else is not relevant.