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  1. Do you ever feel a crossroads in your life between living your 90s/early 2000s fantasy or conforming to the future

  2. We had such a fun thing going on honey. We were three little sapphires in the sky. But I neglected both of you and I see now that you two are right for each other. But it's too late to have the bond we had once again. I hope you the best and I hope you don't get pushed out of the love you have.



  3. The Drop Zone

    5 hours?
  4. Psss... not everyone here is against u

    1. Nautica

      You're doing great sweetie. You wouldn't have this much heat if you weren't doing something right. 

    2. Nautica

      Know your rights. You have just as every right to post on this forum as anyone else and everyone's opinion is an objectional thing. They only affect you however you want them to and you can affect them just as much.

  5. Marilyn Monroe in a monster truck 🚘

  6. I want to fuck u so hard your penis squirts out my cum

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    2. Nautica

      Do u like having ur balls licked

    3. Gemma Collins

      who doesn't sorry1 

    4. Nautica

      I think we would get along together. ;)

  7. Come to Chicago so I can suck off that big Latino dick papi

    1. Javi

      Jumping on a plane as we speak 

  8. Edgiest thing your fave has done

    Mine cut her hair