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  1. i hope the word you're referring to is Naked cause i'm not wearing anything

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    1. The N Word

      Don't worry man you'll be wearing me on ur back soon ;)

    2. Sylk

      i see you blowin me a kiss it doesn't take a scientist to understand what's goin on baby 

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  2. @Station to Station you can go shave your back now
  3. What do you mean "finally links her family to the KKK?" Because she's white? Do you realize what making a blanket statement like that is promoting? We are all linked to evil persons. If you are German chances are you are related to a Nazi. Does that person's decisions in life cancel out your decisions as good as they may be as an autonomous and independently functioning human being?
  4. I read every word of your post sweetie, I can't read your mind for some hidden narrative I'm suppose to follow. I gave you a link to one of the international organizations hun. So you're telling me that if you saw someone getting abducted, tortured and killed for being gay, you would perform a concert in the same house they were killed in because "ThErE's No InTeRnAtIoNaL bOyCoTt!!!!"11 and because the people who lived in that house didn't tell you to stop them. What kind of logic is that?
  5. Discussion

    You can have authentic music from any genre. People have a right to have opinions on the music you create just as much as you have the right to make that music. If you don't agree with someone's opinion then show them modern day examples of music that is electronic, is rapped and encourages people to shake their asses that is authentic rather then not so subtly calling them a white supremacist. Bleh.
  6. She's playing in Russia where gays are being killed. So just because Russia isn't making money off of the gays they are killing, it means that they are better right? If it's common knowledge that Russia is violating basic human rights then why is that not hypocritical for someone to not perform there just because you don't "see" an organization trying to stop them. On Amnesty.org it's clearly advocating the world to urge the Chechen authorities to stop their actions. So yes people understand very well whats going on politically in a country where gay men are being ABDUCTED, TORTURED AND MURDERED. https://www.amnesty.org/en/get-involved/take-action/chechnya-stop-abducting-and-killing-gay-men/
  7. You're right that they are different types. it's worse in Russia for us as homosexuals than it is in Israel since we would be killed even if we personally didn't do anything to the Russian government or threatened the Russian government in any way with our sexual orientation, or if leaders of gay rights in Russia didn't even threaten the Russian government with violence or terrorism. And nowhere in being a homosexual does it say that we kill non homosexuals or enslave them or make them pay a special tax for not being homosexual. And nowhere in the history of homosexuality have a group of homosexuals force people of other sexualities to becoming homosexuals with the sword or persecute them out of thier homeland. I agree with you one hundred percent that it is a hypocritical marketing decision.
  8. I think this comes to an issue of fan vs Stan. Most people are fans where they purchase artists music (or stream) and simply want to hear it live so they pay for it to be performed live like if you were paying for a ticket to see a screening of a film. The problem is Lorde didn't skip Israel, she ANNOUNCED a Tel Aviv date, fans purchased tickets to see her perform her music live, and she withdrew with the explanation that by going to perform a concert that her fans would enjoy and paid to see, she was somehow supporting Israel because she felt they were violating human rights. Lorde as an autonomous human being has every single right to decide where she performs, that I agree with. No one should perform where they don't want to. The Israelis aren't forcing her to come to Israel. They are simply saying that it's hypocritical of her to exclusively do that to Israel and not to Russia, the USA or the rest of the Middle East. Being a hypocrite isn't a crime so she has nothing to worry about and no one is gonna force her to perform there, it's just something people will remember her by and call her out for.
  9. 1. How is that a hyperbole? 2. You're exactly right. The Israeli fans can buy plane tickets. You know who else can buy plane tickets? Fans from Russia, Fans from The USA, and the other fans from the middle East. 3. "real fans should agree with her", so if I disagree with someone on an issue does that mean that I can't pay them my money out of my choice to watch them perform songs at a concert? How will her career last if everyone who disagreed with her didn't go to her concerts?
  10. The problem is when you cancel a concert for FANS who support your career because you give into political pressure, they are going to by logical and reasonable nature call you out when you don't apply the same scrutiny you had of them to other countries. If you have two sons and you tell one son to stop leaving his room messy and punish him if he does, and your other son has a messy room and you don't tell him anything about it or punish him, it's only reasonable to expect your son to tell you that you're not being impartial and fair to him.
  11. But SEE, thats the point people are trying to make. She is a hypocrite because she withdrew from a concert due to what she concluded to be human right violations yet that's exactly what is going on in Russia which is killing innocent individuals who are not actively attacking the Russian government. I have the right to draw a conclusion based on the facts that are present toward me just like how individuals here convince themselves of another interpretation. Russia has violated BASIC human rights. Lorde's message is simply her narration, just as the other billions of people on this Earth have. She is not brave. She is feeding into the far leftist thinking that despises the only democracy in the middle East not subjected to cruel shariah law like the rest of the Middle East is. Look up how homosexuals are treated in those countries and Israel and tell me who is violating human rights.
  12. What is this myth about "not being able to tour" bullshit? There's still Chile Paraguay, Bolivia, Peru, Haiti, the Dominican republic, Jamaica, Aruba, Greenland, Iceland, Estonia, Barbados, Costa Rica, Andorra, Monaco, Morocco, Madagascar, Tonga, and countless other countries that are not accused of human right violations that are across all seven continents that she can still visit. She could give fans enough notice and they could make the necessary travel plans like some fans from other countries already have to do. But nah she'd rather protect her career. But she didn't think twice about performing where I as a homosexual would be killed by the government without hesitation.
  13. When you realize this thread stopped being funny 5 pages ago