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  1. Lust


    like the fact it was scrapped though? i thought it was still the working title
  2. Lust


    i made some posts hope i saved the site xxxo welcome in advance
  3. Lust


    wait whaat where did she say that? missed it
  4. Lust


    white hot FEVER make it happen, change the title track, change it arouuund
  5. no she isnt fuck off1!!! literally MOST celeb figures are somewhat characters and the ones who live their lives publicly conjoined with their fame are the fucking fake ones who use that shit for publicity and financial gain n success and as if every bad bitch singing about sex, drugs etc are truly singing about their lives and as if ANY OF US EVEN KNOW and as if any artist releasing music pronounces their music as anything more than a piece of art which is open to interpretations and shit, METAPHORS BITCH!!! LIFE IS A SHOW ANYWAY she is a QUEEN i love her n this post and also this rant was unneeded but let me have my fun like fave like stan jesus!!! just hope shes not dropping xtc every week again and just keeping to amphetamines clearly she is turnT
  6. Hey sis long time no see sia1

    1. Lust

      Heyyy! the longest, how's it going? gaycat1

    2. Bambi

      Im doing good wbu!! 

  7. i find it hard to believe she's stupid enough to not realize how that can sound to some considering she hates being misinterpreted... so idk obv it's clear what's it actually means but yeah..
  8. shit hopefully not anyway this is really cute!
  9. Lust here

    what'd i miss wendy3

    1. fab

      bitch welcome back  oprah13

      nothing tbh kesha5 

  10. I don't entierally believe she didn't do it on purpose if even just for attention or to be cutesy but can't be proven as meant as messy
  11. Obviously the worst song so far but really cute and captures the emotional vibe the album is likely to have... though the lyrics are pretty a lot of them give me Change vibe as in they feel tacky and too straightforward... can't be too mad when she's having her best era in years though!
  12. Lust


    bitches im back back back again
  13. Lust


    well thats over and cancelled i was already picturing the album, jumping the shotgun? jumping the whale? yes
  14. Lust


    it's giving me ultraviolence tease the strikingess of it and also im reading the wiki page and its a lot of things that dont make any sense but i love words that acknowledge reality doesnt make any sense so im down for this album!
  15. Lust


    WAIT IM SCREAMING there's already a thread opened before LFL released? talk about jumping the shark? also i think im thinking about jumping the gun not the shark