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  1. Discussion Lanamosity

    ok i just spent my life savings on an iphone x, whew i... ig i did that?
  2. Discussion Lanamosity

    oh my god what do you think it means.soundbite
  3. Achievement Lust for Life is #32 on Pitchfork's AOTY list!

    clever, you really did that glad they stanned for heroin
  4. Album BØRNS | Blue Madonna | January 12, 2018

    not chuck, the nepotism, stay away from album covers+general photography you are sick trying to ruin more album covers
  5. Discussion Lanamosity

    beat me to it
  6. Discussion Lanamosity

    it's not even her best demo compilation album, but I digress
  7. Discussion Lanamosity

    If I'm reading this right Sirens is better than the rest of her discography bar BTD? anyway
  8. Tove Lo (2014-2017)

    a 3 year old legend?
  9. Achievement Lust for Life nominated for a Grammy!

    oh wow, justice for uv though
  10. Discussion Lanamosity

    i just dropped and then accidently midair kicked my phone across a flight of stairs.... it's a mess so yeah im gonna try my best to get the X tomorrow to replace, we love a bandwagon
  11. Discussion Best semi-political song on Lust for Life?

    WTWWAWWKD easily
  12. Discussion Best semi-political song on Lust for Life?

    he hit me and it felt like a kiss harvey's in the sky with diamonds intergalactic travel is just more interesting to me
  13. Rumor Lana reportedly releasing mini-album in mid 2018

    I see her calling it Lost For Life even if it doesn't make sense because she seems to like that play on it
  14. Rumor Lana reportedly releasing mini-album in mid 2018

    Mini album? if only there was a name for such a thing... Hyped though, it would prob be a re-release in that case, glad she has plans and it actually sounds feasible unlike her currently ditched unreleaseds album
  15. General News Charles Manson FINALLY dies at 83

    omg isn't this the guy @Chris Morlock stans?? fuck so sad... RIP!