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  1. It's gonna get harder every round... Yeah I shouldn't have even made it an option... seems like 5v7 now, I'll announce the leading time tomorrow I think so it's not too last second
  2. screaming at making the show even later being in a tie rn...
  3. Royale @Freaky Prince @parker.aus @Lachlan @Tyler @Vintage Music @Radio @Kristina @Beyoncé Knowles @RihannaRTT @SANDCASTLES @Bambi @Reverie @Diamond @Zachary @Count Olaf @PhCh @Shiver @fab @Sylk @Nightmare @Hylia @blankdreams. @Sean @H.O.N.E.Y @Anna-wa @Milk @Chris Morlock @Limn @Entea Please vote in the new poll above for the time best fitting for you for our Remixing Shows https://www.timeanddate.com/time/aboututc.html (final reminder for the poll sorry) Day 3/7 reminder, please submit your answers Royale @parker.aus @Lachlan @Tyler @Vintage Music @Radio @Kristina @Bambi @Diamond @PhCh @fab @Nightmare @blankdreams. @Sean @H.O.N.E.Y @Anna-wa @Entea Trait reminders: @Nightmare You may choose one member to receive their answers via PM to you @Diamond You may mind control and make the trait decision for one member, you cannot choose yourself for anything @Milk You may make a wish @Beyoncé Knowles You may choose a member to put up for elimination, you can choose now or at our next remixing show @Kristina If you plan on absorbing someone's trait and share it with them get to begging @Shiver If you plan on cancelling someone's trait, choose a member Zachary's Lottery Bet: 1st place: Bambi 2nd: Diamond 3rd: Hylia You can make your decision either in this thread or via PM
  4. Celeb News

    The filter is probably just Love promo and I bet you she won't use the snapchat for like a month now and then she'll just post the more weird-for fan videos she usually posts on the HM account on snapchat instead and abandon the HM insta and nothing else comes from this... staying positive though!
  5. Celeb News

    The flower crown filter
  6. "Lust" could actually possibly be a better title waiT
  7. I can't wait for "For" to enD MY LIFE omfg though
  8. If they're lowered any more... nothing will remind
  9. Ohh yeah you're the wisher in the final list, forgot dd
  10. wtf
  11. Same and it better fucking come with the pre order jroijj43
  12. 10 points will be deducted from your score and added to @Kristina's score in our scoreboard next show.