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  1. "In my feelings we can make a change in my feelings real is what you feel in my feelings something strange is happening In my feelings we can make a change, we can make a change In my feelings nothing ever stays the same, one day I strive to #MakeAmericaGreatAgain the next #I'mWithHer One day the devil owns Katy Perry the next she owns my heart #CoachellaLez4Life" I'm sleep deprived, I'll try making some actual ones tomorrow
  2. Hm now that I think about it, since it's after TNC, it's probably more on the happy-acoustic vibe maybe something like "Wanna feel like this everyday, the way I feel with you, nothing else for miles, just us......and heroin? " // OR how about the twist is she's singing about heroin but never mentions the drug in the lyrics and it just sounds like a guy but she's actually enjoying the company of the narcotic! Never been done amazing talented showstopping legendary etc
  3. Ok now I'm considering Heroin is gonna be more about a guy and his heroin on second thought... "You say you love me... every single day, but you don't love me, like you love your heroinnnnn your herooooin, mmm " // "my baby is gone to desire, wanna be his drug of his choice but his heart has but one space for... his herooooooin" oh good point
  4. I'm actually so excited for 13 beaches because it feels like quite a circle from the billion paparazzi beach pics during Honeymoon, but I can't think of any good lyrics "13 beaches............BUT NOT ENOUGH TIME.......................to swim away from the sharks, 13 beaches! hunting for silence like a (insert something that hunts for silence )
  5. A lot of this reads more like a poem, she really snapped though
  6. It is! I used google, "Flop of the pops honeymoon predict lyrics"
  7. It was just a simple search... took 10 seconds, I linked it in the op too!
  8. Get Free A Swan Song type dreamy track about letting go ig? idk bit of an odd title "Get me free with you, let me out let's get free, let's get free, F R E E freeeeeeee" OR Lana snaps in this political tune about freedom in which she questions the western's 21st century true freedom "Time to get free! go out in the streets let's be done with peace! kill the police, I'm super hip! let's all go to outer space in a ship~~~~!"
  9. From Honeymoon's predict the lyrics!
  10. Get Free reminds me of this random piece by @Hunty Bear
  11. It would be an amazing twist if the political tracks are all trump love songs though! she really had the gays fooled!
  12. Groupie Love Lana drags her fans to the pits as she name drops her russian stalkers and home invasion fan in an airy track full of play words and irony that only made sense in Lana's head "Bit too much... bit too much you love me, a bit too much, groupie love, but you know I couldn't live without you" Heroin A Religion type experience, Lana reminding us to #AlwaysExpectTheExpected "I love you more than heroinnnnnnn, shoot you up to my veins like a veteran, addicted to you like a junkie is to heroooooooinnn, you're my drug of choice, boy"
  13. Welcome to the second edition of Predict The Lyrics! Honeymoon's Predict The Lyrics Take a wild shot at predicting the lyrics from the alleged tracklist of Lust for Life! use your imagination if this tracklist turns out fake, a 2nd edition of this thread will be made Tracklist 13 Beaches White Mustang Summer Bummer Groupie Love In My Feelings God Bless America - And All The Beautiful Women In It When The World Was At War We Kept Dancing Beautiful People Beautiful Problems Tomorrow Never Came Heroin Change Get Free (Optional: Yosemite) Love Lust for Life (ft. The Weeknd) Cherry Coachella - Woodstock In My Mind
  14. Oh mess, also #HalseyIsOver is trending worldwide, exciting times ~ Lmao I was debating if to, alright I can just make a 2nd version if it's fake