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    Ghosttown for movie Orlando concept. I know that most people want to Ghosttown Music video going to shoot in New York city with Black and white screen. But I really want to to see Ghosttown with this movie Orlando concept. I can easily imagine Madonna as a man and woman and go throughout times and visit very violent and sad histories. And be a lonely but wise witness. worst Ghosttown M/V scenario gonna be she just walk in front of cheap CG. (for example love profusion) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OVCO_F0fUas
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    OMG I love Living for Love performance!!!! Much much much better camera angle than french TV. Very dramatic camera angles I love it!!!
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    if Madonna wear Han Bok and shoot music video or do performance then whole Korean getting excited and praise her. There's only one group will be feel getting offended by this. It will be "some" very ignorant American which fantasize themselves as smart one in their ignorant head.
  7. Queen_madonna

    This!! As a Asian I really appreciate all these artist, for example Madonna, Katy perry, gwen stefani, Avril Lavigne, christina aguilera and etc. When they wear costume which influenced by Asian culture, we are getting so excited. Not just me and some fans whole national media praised them because we think that it's the one of the proof that our culture is recognized by the whole world. But it looks like "most ignorant" people are getting offended by "everything" in now a days. For example ohnotheydidnt trolls. I saw these white and black people keep saying that "Oh she wear gimono! it's very unrespectful thing to japanese people! She is rasist!" "Oh she wear india coustum! she is unrespectful Indian people!" "oh she wear qipao!! it's very unrespectful to chinese people! she must be rasist!!" "Oh she wear han bok it's fucking unrespectful to korean people she is a rasist!!" Are you fucking kidding me? We feel very honored and proud that our culture to be introduced to whole world by major pop star!
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    Armani, if you're gonna act like a bitch. Then you're gonna die like a bitch!!!!
  10. That was kind of disappointing because I don’t think I was difficult to work with. I never blamed my cape for not being able to untie it. In fact, the day after it happened, I posted a drawing, a beautiful drawing, of the cape and thanked them for my costume. I didn’t blame what happened on anyone, so I don’t really know why they did that. I think that was a knee-jerk reaction on their part thinking they were going to get criticism, so they just had to make me the bad guy. Not very elegant, I don’t think.
  11. Queen_madonna

    if she will perform just two song then I think that she will perform Ghosttown and Holy water. This Jonathan ross dance move give me that idea. (I know that this is Living for love dance move but it also fit perfectly with Holy water)
  12. Well she certainly will perform Ghosttown because it's next single. And if she will perform another upbeat song I think that it would be Holy water. Because this vogue dance move give me that vibe. I know that this is for Living for love dance move for Jonathan ross show. But it also perfect fit for Holy water vogue mix part. And she is constantly talking about Holy water so maybe if she drop Living for love then I bet that she will be perform Holy water with more upbeat remix version.
  13. Queen_madonna

    oh I think that it is about iheart award and ellen show.
  14. Queen_madonna

    Oh my god Thank you! you saved my day!! She should be No.1 Period.