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  1. For some reason I feel Madonna really likes people like that cos they push her instead of saying yes to everything she says because they’ve been stanning since the beginning
  2. 1. Blackout 2. Glory 3. ITZ 4. Femme Fatale 5. Circus 6. Britney 7. BOMT 8. Oops 9. BJ (basically never listen to it)
  3. Pls we’ve been waiting for 84 years
  4. Joanna


    I love her
  5. Joanna


    Amazing is annoying
  6. Joanna


    Music vs. American Life Impressive Instant vs. Hollywood Runaway Lover vs. I'm so Stupid I Deserve It vs. Love Profusion Amazing vs. Nobody Knows Me Nobody's Perfect vs. Nothing Fails Don't Tell Me vs. Intervention What It Feels Like for a Girl vs. X-Static Process Paradise (Not for Me) vs. Mother and Father Gone vs. Die Another Day American Pie vs. Easy Ride Music: 4 AL: 7
  7. Even with my sad 10% discount that is way too expensive