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  1. Joanna


    That video was so hard to watch...
  2. Joanna


    Damn he even made the Confessions disco ball amazing
  3. Not her randomly dropping the title in the middle of a rant again
  4. Joanna


    Cruel World vs. Norman fucking Rockwell Ultraviolence vs. Mariners Apartment Complex Shades of Cool vs. Venice Bitch Brooklyn Baby vs. Fuck it I love you West Coast vs. Doin' Time Sad Girl vs. Love song Pretty When You Cry vs. Cinnamon Girl Money Power Glory vs. How to disappear Fucked My Way Up To the Top vs. California Old Money vs. The Next Best American Record The Other Woman vs. The greatest Black Beauty vs. Bartender Guns and Roses vs. Happiness is a butterfly Florida Kilos vs. hope is a dangerous thing for awoman like me to have-but I have it 7 vs 7 so a tie
  5. Joanna


    i love her
  6. Joanna

    She really needs to log off and stop making it worse, wtf is with her
  7. I already forgot this was supposed to happen
  8. ”To qualify for full membership status, Madonna would in fact need to be an actual country, and we're not exactly sure how she'd go about reinventing herself as such.” I wanna move in
  9. Joanna


    Wow, queen saving the world
  10. Joanna


    That’s a seperate donation to what she gave before to Gates’ foundation right?
  11. This is such bullshit
  12. Joanna


    Also I’ll be waiting