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  1. Asylum Coven Murder House Cult 1984 Apocalypse Hotel Roanoke Freakshow
  2. Joanna

    Just Dance vs I Kissed a Girl Bad Romance vs California Gurls Born This Way vs Part Of Me Applause vs Roar Perfect Illusion vs Chained to the Rhythm Stupid Love vs Daises Gaga: 2 Katy: 4
  3. Joanna

    Everybody vs ...Baby One More Time Like a Virgin vs Oops!... I Did It Again Live to Tell vs I'm A Slave 4 U Like a Prayer vs Me Against The Music Vogue vs My Prerogative Erotica vs Gimme More Secret vs Womanizer Frozen vs 3 Music vs Hold It Against Me American Life vs Work Bitch Hung Up vs Make Me... Madonna: 8 Britney: 3
  4. It’s alright. I feel like Britney really outshines Madonna on this one lol. I’m glad they collabed though
  5. Joanna


    Mankind is the worst of them all really can’t wait to hear what they made of this album
  6. Joanna


    ”When I listen to We Are Chaos now, it seems like just yesterday or as if the world repeated itself, as it always does, making the title track and the stories seem as if we wrote them today” Kinda cool and spooky
  7. Joanna


    I think someone in the comments on youtube said it pretty well, ”this song makes it feel like everything’s fucked but it’s still okay” That’s what I like about it plus that video is interesting
  8. Wow, she really needs to think before she posts, she’s such a mess at times
  9. Joanna


  10. I remember seeing Human Nature on MTV and thinking how cool she is lol
  11. Why is exile so good I’m obsessed