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  1. Joanna


    I heard Future played at my local store yesterday that was surreal
  2. Joanna


  3. Joanna


  4. Joanna


    Yes, meaning almost twice as much now, it’s quite a lot for her
  5. Joanna


    Wow. I wonder why LIB is suddenly getting so many views
  6. She already changed the start time from 8:30 to 10:30 and still being two hours late IS just disrespectful. There’s no excuse for that. Plus her reaction being this instead of just apologizing
  7. Bitch has officially lost her mind. The concert ended at 2:45am
  8. Joanna

    I feel like I heard the Angelfire rumour years and years ago already Someone’s bored spreading that around again
  9. How high did she chart with it last year then?
  10. Joanna


    Everyone on twitter is going all ”I thought that was Jeffree Star”
  11. This, had no idea she’s still in the business
  12. Joanna

    I feel like everyone used to do it though